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April 7/01 10:39 am - Trinidad Project Report

Posted by Editoress on 04/7/01

Night # 1 West Indies vs - The World Cycling Series
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Courtesy Kurt Innes

Racing was very fast and furious for night # 1, highlighted by many exciting finishes and one crash during the 2nd International race of the night. Two Scottish riders were involved in a mid race crash during the elimination event, both riders rode into the railing as the riders crowded around the finish line as one of the elimination laps was happening. Both were okay, but the scare set the tone for the evening of races as all of the international riders were a bit on edge and took the remainder of the night to relax and get down to racing.

Steen Madsen had the best result of the night in the international field with a 4th place in the 1 lap final, with Jim Fisher in 5th in the same final. Steen had a bit of bad luck during the first race of the night, riding off the track (onto the grass infield) and double flatting both wheels as he exited the track (flatting on the edge of the concrete track). Steen maintained both wheels under him, but later realized he had in fact destroyed both of his racing wheels in the process. Jim Fisher and Lars Madsen finished in the pack in the first race of the night (5 lap), and Jim also held on in the last race of the night (20 lap) to finish well up in the pack. In the men's Category 1 field, Tyler Hansen scored the first Canadian win of the weekend (15 lap event) by coming from behind during the last lap and winning the sprint ahead of the rest of the cat 1 field. Alex Maurais, and Keith Bruneau finished well up in the pack in all 3 of the cat 1 races.

After a late night (11:30 PM) last night, the riders gathered at the track early on Saturday morning (7:30 AM) for the 200 Meter time trial. 20 riders started the event, and our Canadian riders filled 5 of the 8 top positions, and 3 of the top 4 when it was all said and done. (top 12 qualify for the finals, with 3 up races then best of 3 for the semi and final rides).

Flying 200 Meter T.T.
1 Steen Madsen 11.31
2 Clinton Grant 11.62
3 Tyler Hansen 11.74
4 Jim Fisher 11.78
5 Ezekua Keller 11.87
6 A. Keler 11.87
7 Lars Madsen 11.93
8 Alex Maurais 11.95
9 Dion Akerstom 11.96
10 Elijia Green 12.07
11 Shawn Kelly 12.13
12 John Van Den Abellee 12.18
13 Keith Bruneau 12.2

The racing resumes tonite at 7 PM with a 6 lap, sprint finals, an elimination, and then a 25 lap event finishing off the evening.

The heat continues to be super hot, with 30 degree temp first thing each morning. For the first night of racing there was an estimated 2500 spectators in the crowd, a very good start for the opening night of the 3 week competition !

More news tomorrow morning.



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