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April 7/01 10:50 am - Napa World Cup Day 1 Reports, Results and Photos

Posted by Editoress on 04/7/01

5pm EDT - Napa World Cup Report

The women's time trial has started. We are awaiting the first report of who the leaders are. The top ranked riders will be going last.

The weatherman has been calling for 'miserable' weather but, fortunately for the riders and spectators, it has failed to materialize. It is about 12 degrees and while there are clouds, blue sky is very visible.

The racers will cover 1 lap of tomorrow's race course, with the short loop at the Shimano Psychedelic Flyover not included.

For a look at the course go to Map
Map courtesy Galeforce

43 women started and there will be 121 men.

Canadian Men starters
Roland Green (Can) Trek/Volkswagen
Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Subaru-Gary Fisher
Geoff Kabush (Can) Kona Ford Focus
Peter Wedge (Can) Kona Ford Focus
Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain
Seamus Mcgrath (Can) Haro Lee Dungarees
Chris Sheppard (Can) Haro Lee Dungarees
Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Ford/Devinci
Julian Hine (Can) Gears Racing
Matthew Decore (Can)
Adrian Elzinga (Can)
Menno Hubregtse (Can) -Trek Can
Carter Hovey (Can)
Greg Penner (Can)
Osmond Bakker (Can) Gears Racing

Canadian Women starters
Alison Sydor (Can) Trek/Volkswagen
Chrissy Redden (Can) Subaru-Gary Fisher
Lesley Tomlinson (Can) Rocky Mountain
Trish Sinclair (Can) Ford/Devinci
Marie-Helene Premont (Can) Oryx/Procycle
Kiara Bisaro (Can) Comox Valley CC
Linda Robichaud (Can) Shimano Canada
Claire Townsend (Can) Oryx/Procycle
Ann Yew (Can) Trek Canada

5:25pm - Napa World Cup Report - Chrissy Redden has won the time trial

Chrissy Redden will be the first woman rider called to the start line at tomorrow's World Cup season opener by virtue of having won today's time trial.

1.Chrissy Redden (Can) Subaru-Gary Fisher 16:39
2. Alison Dunlap (USA) GT 16:39
3. Barbara Blatter (Sui) Specialized 16:50

Results and times unofficial

6:15pm - Napa World Cup Report - Marco Bui wins time trial, but Canadians take 2 and 3

1. Marco Bui (Ita) A.S. Marin Helly Hansen 13:39
2. Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Subaru-Gary Fisher 13:49
3. Roland Green (Can) Trek/Volkswagen

8:20pm - Napa World Cup Report - Results from Todays Time Trial

1. Chrissy Redden (Can) Subaru-Gary Fisher 16:39.37
2. Alison Dunlap (USA) GT at 0:00.33
3. Barbara Blatter (Sui) Specialized 0:12.70
4. Caroline Alexander (GBr) Specialized 0:14.14
5. Jimena Florit (Arg) RLX Polo Sport 0:14.47
6. Annabella Stropparo (Ita) Be-One 0:17.73
7. Sabine Spitz (Ger) Merida International 0:19.31
8. Alison Sydor (Can) Trek/Volkswagen 0:22.83
9. Corine Dorland (Ned) Be-One 0:23.51
10. Regina Marunde (Ger) Focus 0:23.87
20. Lesley Tomlinson (Can) Rocky Mountain 1:25.08
26. Marie-Helene Premont (Can) Oryx/Procycle 1:50.47
27. Kiara Bisaro (Can) Comox Valley CC 1:52.16
31. Ann Yew (Can) Trek Canada 2:09.76
34. Claire Townsend (Can) Oryx/Procycle 2:24.44
35. Trish Sinclair (Can) Ford/Devinci 2:31.88
36. Linda Robichaud (Can) Shimano Canada 2:45.36
37. Heather Cole (Can) Soul Craft 2:54.31

1. Marco Bui (Ita) A.S. Marin Helly Hansen 13:39.14
2. Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Subaru-Gary Fisher at 0:10.07
3. Roland Green (Can) Trek/Volkswagen 0:14.55

4. Bart Brentjens (Ned) Giant 0:16.84
5. Cadel Evans (Aus) Volvo Cannondale 0:18.64
6. Ludovic Dubau (Fra) Orbea 0:20.07
7. Michael Rasmussen (Den) Haro Lee Dungarees 0:20.78
8. Chris Sheppard (Can) Haro Lee Dungarees 0:21.53
9. Jose Antonio Hermida (Spa) Bianchi Motorex 0:21.80
10. Christophe Dupouey (Fra) Giant 0:22.69
11. Miguel Martinez (Fra) Full Dynamix 0:24.36
12. Hubert Pallhuber (Ita) Diamond Back 0:24.36
13. Bas Van Dooren (Ned) Specialized 0:25.17
14. Cedric Ravanel (Fra) Scott Usa 0:26.13
15. Seamus Mcgrath (Can) Haro Lee Dungarees 0:27.98
26. Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain 0:40.82
30. Geoff Kabush (Can) Kona Ford Focus 0:43.66
71. Carter Hovey (Can). 1:16.98
84. Julian Hine (Can) Gears Racing 1:27.64
95. Peter Wedge (Can) Kona Ford Focus 1:39.54
97. Osmond Bakker (Can) Gears Racing 1:41.59
106. Matthew Decore (Can). 2:01.47
112. Adrian Elzinga (Can). 2:01.47
113. Menno Hubregtse (Can) Trek Can 2:26.85
115. Greg Penner (Can). 2:52.80
117. Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Ford/Devinci 4:19.88

Napa World Cup - Photos from Time Trial

Roland Green.

Ryder Hesjedal.

Chrissy Redden.

Chrissy Redden.


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