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April 8/01 10:48 am - Napa World Cup Story & More Photos, BMC Grand Prix from Texas

Posted by Editoress on 04/8/01

Napa World Cup TIme Trial

It was Canada 1-2-3 for the opening round of the Mountain Bike World Cup in Napa, California today. One was Campbellville, Ontario's Chrissy Redden in the women's time trial, a scant 0.33 seconds ahead of American Alison Dunlap. Two was Victoria's Ryder Hesjedal, 10.55 seconds behind Marco Bui of Italy in the men's event, and three was fellow Victoria native Roland Green, a further 4.29 seconds behind Hesjedal.

The time trial is a new event in the World Cup, and will take place before each cross-country race. The event will be used to seed riders on the start line, and points will be kept to determine the overall leader in the time trial competition.

"It was great!", said Redden. "I went out as hard as I could and tried to maintain my form throughout. This event will definitely add to the difficulty of the World Cup, because now you have to try and recover after it before the cross-country the next morning."

Ryder Hesjedal, a team mate of Redden on the pro Subaru-Gary Fisher squad, felt the pressure to match. "Me and Chrissy have been finishing the same (positions) all spring, so I knew that I wanted to match her. Unfortunately I was one spot behind. This will mean that I start on the front row in the cross-country, which is perfect. I would have to rate this my best result as a pro, by far."

Green, the silver medalist at the world championships in 2000, and one of the strongest riders thus far in the season, was also happy with his result. "I like the idea of the time trial - you can work hard to get a good start, and use that to your advantage. Plus, it's good to have two days of racing instead of just one."

Other top Canadian results include Chris Sheppard (Kamloops, B.C.) in 8th and Seamus McGrath (Waterdown, Ontario) in 15th for the men, and Alison Sydor (Victoria) 8th in the women.

Napa World Cup - More Photos from Time Trial


Alison Sydor.

Alison Dunlap.

Barb Blatter.

Leslie Tomlinson.

Marie-Helene Premont.

Kiara Bisaro.

Ann Yew.

Claire Townsend.

Trish Sinclair.

Linda Robichaud.

Heather Cole.


Chris Sheppard.

Seamus Mcgrath.

Peter Wedge.

Mathieu Toulouse.

Canadian Cyclist of the Year Awards

We were finally able to catch up with 2 of the winners for the 2000 Canadian Cyclist of the Year Awards and made presentations to them before yesterdays time trial.

Roland Green.

Alison Sydor.

And last but not least... Paola Pezzo poses beside her "Special Edition" Gary Fisher that has been covered in gold leaf.........

Paola Pezzo.

BMC Software Downtown Criterium
Austin, Texas

1. Vassili Davidenko, Navigators
2. Baden Cooke, Mercury-Viatel
3. Charles Dionne, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
4. John Peters, Mercury-Viatel
5. Jason Waddell, Mathis
6. Trent Klasna, Saturn
7. Graeme Miller, NetZero
8. Phil Zajicek, Mercury-Viatel
9. Oscar Pineda, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
10. Hilton Clarke, NetZero
13. Mark Walters, Navigators

1 Ina Teutenberg, Saturn
2 Anna Millward, Saturn
3 Sarah Ulmer,
4 Joanne Kiesanowski, Proctor & Gamble
5 Petra Rossner, Saturn
6 Kristy Scrymgeour, Saturn
7 Suzanne Sonye, Saturn
8 Tina Mayolo,
9 Andrea Hannos, VeriZon Wireless
10 Jenny Eyerman, Jane Cosmetics
16. Gina Grain,


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