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January 23/98 23:08 pm - New Entries, B.C. and Quebec News

Posted by Editor on 01/23/98

New Classifieds and Links We have gotten a little behind on posting all the Classifieds and Links that have come in over the past week or so. Everything is now up to date, so be sure to check out the numerous new entries in both areas. Burnaby Velodrome These results are from last weekend (January 17-18). Thanks to „clam‰. 1. 30-lap scratch race 1st - Murray Solem 2nd - Richard Meehan 3rd - Ron Joostema 2. Devil Takes the Hindmost 1st - Tim Kilcullen 2nd - Murray Solem 3rd - Rob Mulder 3. Italian Pursuit Rob Mulder/Tim Kilcullen/Chester Lam/Randy Cunningham/Ryan Hartwell beats: Murray Solem/Ron Joostema/Richard Meehan/Steve/Chris McKay at 1:12.32 avg.speed 53.42kph 4. Sprints i) Chester Lam beats Chris McKay/Ryan Hartwell ii) Rob Mulder beats Richard Meehan iii) Chester Lam beats Rob Mulder (last 200m time-13.19) 5. 30-lap Points race 1st - Rob Mulder (15 pts) 2nd - Murray Solem (10 pts) 3rd - Ron Joostema (7 pts) 4th - Chester Lam (7 pts) 6. 50-lap scratch race 1st - Murray Solem 2nd - Richard Meehan 3rd - Ron Joostema January 17, 1998. 1. 30 lap scratch 1st - Rob Mulder (8:10.10 avg. speed 44.44 kph, last 200m 14.30) 2nd - John Warnock 3rd - Murray Solem 4th - Lido Crema 5th - Chester Lam 2. Win & Out 1st - Murray Solem 2nd - Mark Huskin 3rd - Richard Meehan 3. Sprints i) Rob Mulder beats Chester Lam (last 200m time 13.43) ii) Murray Solem beats Mark Huskin (13.66) iii) Ryan Hartwell beats Chris McKay (14.63) iv) Scott Meyer beats Richard Meehan (13.91) v) Chester Lam beats Chris Mckay/Ryan Hartwell (13.63) 4. 30-lap points race 1st - Rob Mulder (16 pts) 2nd - John Warnock (5 pts) 3rd - Mark Huskin (5 pts) 4th - Lido Crema (4 pts) 5th - Chester Lam (4 pts) 6th - Richard Meehan (4 pts) 5. 40-lap scratch race 1st - Mark Huskin (last 200m time-13.63) 2nd - Richard Meehan 3rd - John Warnock The North American Indoor Track Race Series has been cancelled. This is due to the lack of man-power for organizing the events. We will continue to hold 3-day meets about once per month, and the dates will be announced, check our website for updates( Weekly Saturday night club races will continue, and will cost $20 Cdn (about $13 US) for non-members to enter. Sorry for any inconvenience. - Chester Lam Bonjour. We are the Association régionale de vélo de montagne Québec Chaudière Appalache.We are a member of the FQSC.We help organise a "circuit régional" of around 10 XC races and half a dozen of DH or slalom (summer and winter) Our 1998 calendar along with the maps to the sites will be on our site soon. Gestev (along with 22 other clubs)is a member of this Association régionale. We would like that our high quality low key site be put on your link list. All your visitors will know about our sport here and maybe, arrive a week earlier for the Worlds and participate in one of our races. Merci Pierre Gendron prÈsident


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