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April 14/01 5:37 am - Trinidad GP Day 1, Good Friday (Full Results)

Posted by Editor on 04/14/01

Trinidad Easter Grand Prix
Courtesy Kurt Innes

For this Easter weekend, Tyler, Steen, and Jim are the International representatives, with Keith, Lars, and Alex representing Canada in the Category 1 field. Three new athletes arrived into Trinidad for the Easter weekend all from the USA. The arrivals included reigning Olympic Champion, Marty Nothstein (Mens Sprint Olympic Champion).

Flying 200 Meter T.T.
1. Marty Nothstein USA 11.25
2. Steen Madsen CAN 11.33
3. Tyler Hansen CAN 11.68
4. Clinton Grant TRI 11.69
5. Jim Fisher CAN 11.76
6. Josh Weir USA 11.79
7. Keith Bruneau CAN 11.81
8. Azi Kellar TRI 11.87
9. Elijia Green TRI 11.88
10. Sean Kelly BAR 11.88
11. Ako Kellar TRI 11.91
12. Lars Madsen CAN 11.93
13. Alex Maurais CAN 11.98

The Canadian crew again qualified the most athletes for the sprint tournament, with 5 moving on to the quarter finals. Steen had another strong showing, ending up only .08 behind the reigning Olympic Champion in the event.

International 5 Lap
2 laps to go Marty went to front and really opened up, creating a huge lead out for the entire field. Jim reacted immediately (to 3rd place). Marty rode all but 1 trini rider off his wheel. Jim was unable to hold the speed, and drifted off the wheel, then was caught by the pack finishing 8th. Steen and Tyler finished in the pack.

Marty rode close to 60 Km/hr for approximately 800 Meters, totally stringing out the field.

Cat 1, 3 lap
The race started off very slow, going into the bell one trini rider escaped alone. With the bell Lars was in 3rd, then Keith led going around turn 2, as the finish approached Alex came around both riders and took 3rd. Two riders were ahead (breakaway). Alex finished 3rd, Keith 5th, and Lars in the pack.

International elimination.
Jim and Tyler rode very well in the elimination tonite, improving greatly on their performances last weekend in this same event. Jim lasted 15 laps, with Tyler lasting a couple more laps then getting trapped at the back with no room to sneak in.

International 1 Lap heats:
Steen won his heat, with another strong start (as last week). Tyler finished 4th, easing up just at the finish line and having 1 rider sneak by him for the 3rd qualification spot. Jim finished 4th missing out on a berth in the final.

Cat 1, 5 lap:
As in the other cat 1 race tonite, the pace started off very slow. Alex sat near the front for the opening 3 laps. As the riders approached the bell a Trini rider attacked off the front. Keith was the first to respond, and he moved to the front taking up the chase. Keith caught the lead rider at 100 Meter to go, but as Keith caught the leader 2 riders passed him and Keith ended up in 3rd, with his first medal of the weekend. Lars and Alex ended up in the pack.

International 1 Lap final:
Steen had a fairly good start, and sat 5th entering the first corner. Marty came over the top entering turn 2, and the race was to get onto Marty's wheel. As the riders entered the final corner there were 6 riders stacked up the track. Steen ended up 5th.

Cat 1, 15 Lap:
Alex was aggressive again in this race for the opening 14 laps ending up in a 3 person break for laps 9-14, but as the finish approached the jockeying for position caught him off guard, and he was left to another pack finish. Keith dropped off the pace after 4 or 5 laps. Lars DNS.

International 20 Lap:
Tonites 20 lap event lasted just over 11.5 minutes, with an average speed of 48 km/hr. The pace was fairly relaxed for the first 5 laps, then the attacks started. Jim and Tyler were well within their limits, staying close to the front, never seeming to be in too much trouble. With 6 laps to go, Marty and 2 other riders were off the front. As these 3 entered the next lap 2 more riders joined, then with 4 laps to go the pack caught the break. With 4 to go the pace picked up considerably, and the lead outs began. Marty again showed his dominance with his 4th win of the night, Jim and Tyler were well placed in the final lap and ended up in the top 8. The pace for the last 2 laps was well over 55 km/hr, and at the finish the speed approached 60 km/hr.

That's all for tonite, more results after Saturday night racing...


Good Friday Road Race - Guelph, Ontario
Courtesy OCA/Hamilton CC

Junior & Cadet (U17) Men
1Ryan RothMississauga BRC1:05:41
2Warren TilbrookSt Catharines CCat 0:10
3Mark Pozniak (U17)St Catharines CC2:50
4Tyler Holtzman (U17)St Catharines CCs.t.
5Andrew WatsonInd.4:40
6Matt DouglasBay Cycle
7Andrew Wilson (U17)NARC
8Brendon Buckler (U17)Team Hardwoodall s.t.
9Bryan MantleInd.4:55
10Ryan DeBoerMississauga BRCat 1 lap
11Daniel ClarkeNewmarket Eagles
12Doug Shankland (U17)Ziggy's CC
13Brenden HurleyInd.
14Taras KlebanInd.
15Chris CrawfordZiggy's CCall s.t.
Senior 3 Men
1Dan StaffoInd.1:04:29
2Scott WoodPeterborough CC
3Jason MaclarenInd.
4Hans UlrudInd.
5Bobby MrveljMississauga BRC
6Andrew ElgarOakville CC
7Matt PyattZiggy's CC
8Brendan DuffHalton R&T
9Trevor KokerTrue North
10Brett MacCanneilHalton R&T
11James TaylorMississauga BRC
12Carlos BarrosInd.
13Noel SavagePeterborough CC
14Wynn LegonInd.
15Christopher AtkinsMississauga BRC
16Philip EdamuraToronto CC
17Attila HajduLCW Merrill Lynch
18Rhys SpencerD'Ornellas CC
19Steve AmosWaterloo Flying Dogs
20Joe LepineBicycles Plus
21Andrew DobleTeam Hardwood
22Jason SweersInd.
23Duncan JacksonNARCall s.t.
Master A 30-39 Men
1Keith PeckZiggy's CC1:02:45
2Garnett AbbeyHalton R&T
3Lee FraserMulti-Laser Racing
4Greg PalmerLCW Merrill Lynch
5Tom GramegnaMississauga BRC
6Jeff SharafbayaniInd.
7Curtis GloadeWaterloo Flying Dogs
8Ed MakarchukHalton R&T
9Andrew HoedlmoserInd.
10Robert MannKHS
11Chris KiziakHalton R&T
12Mark DwyreMulti-Laser Racing
13Chris HooperLCW Merrill Lynch
14Brent TomlinsonWaterloo Flying Dogs
15Jason VinczeKHS
16Fulvio CubelloRacer Sportif
17David DermontTrue North
18Greg CushingMulti-Laser Racing
19Daniel SalterD'Ornellas CCall s.t.
Master B/C/D 40+ Men
1Fred Campbell (C)Bicycles Plus1:05:50
2Tim Farrar (B)Atlantaat 0:25
3Allan Stolaryk (B)Bicycles Plus
4Chris Ford (B)Waterloo Flying Dogs
5Mark Shaw (B)Ind.
6Rob Good (B)Waterloo Flying Dogs
7Iain Allen (B)Newmarket Eagles
8Mike Viel (B)Ind.
9Gordon Avann (B)Newmarket Eagles
10Tony Abramavicius (B)Racer Sportif
11Jerry Garrard (C)Bicycles Plus
12Dave Woolley (B)Halton R&T
13Dave Viney (C)Team Hardwood
14John Rasmussen (B)Hamilton CC
15Gordon Clarke (B)Newmarket Eagles
16Neil Henry (B)Newmarket Eagles
17Gary Scully (B)Halton R&T
18Grant Strahl (B)Newmarket Eagles
19Craig Doucet (B)LCW Merrill Lynch
20John Parkinson (D)Newmarket Eaglesall s.t.
Senior Women
1Amy JarvisRona1:05:42
2Susan Palmer-KomarHamilton CCs.t.
3Julia FarellAsteria-Freewheelat 2:50
4Julia BradleyInd.2:55
5Linda SimonsenOakville CC3:10
6Susan PortengenInd.
7Tereza MacelInd.both s.t.
8Maogosha 1 lap
9Kirsten RobbinsKHS
10Pamela MudarBuffalo CC
11Paula GrabhamBicycles Plus
12Leslie GreeneGT Canada/Hardwood
13Lori PolLCW Merrill Lynch
14Zuzana EcerovaEspoirs de Laval
15Cydney Galbraith (Jr)Asteria-Freewheel
16Heather JohnstonInd.all s.t.
17Helena Coney (Jr)Team Hardwoodat 2 laps
18Barbara BzezickiInd.
19Andrika BoshykInd.both s.t.
Stephanie TarltonRocky MountainDNF
Celine ForehtInd.DNF
Senior 1/2 Men
1Heath CockburnSympatico Jet Fuel1:17:50
2Michael MooreGears Racing
3Kevin SpeachtGo
4Matthew HansenSympatico Jet Fuel
5Osmond BakkerGears Racing
6Patrick SheaAtlas C.S. Ital Pastaall s.t.
7Josh HallSympatico Jet Fuelat 1:15
8Daniel MaggiacomoSympatico Jet Fuel
9Greg ReainGears Racing
10Michael LutherInd.all s.t.
11Peter MorseGo1:20
12Hans StrasserBuffalo CC
13Michael DennisGears Racing
14Paul RegoGears Racing
15Buck MillerSt Catharines CC
16John RodenBuffalo CC
17Andrew HickmanGears Racing
18Dean PeddleInd.
19Enrico TrainiToronto CCall s.t.


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