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April 18/21 20:21 pm - Otztaler Mountainbike Festival results

Posted by Editoress on 04/18/21

The Elite men's race began with the expectation of another great duel between Avancini and Schurter, but it was soon realised that it wasn't going to happen. The cold conditions were not ideal for the Brazilian, who has only been in Europe for a few weeks, and the lead was soon taken by Nino Schurter, Maxime Marotte and Mathias Fluckiger.

Nino Schurter upon realizing that Avancini was not having a good day,  tried to launch an attack shortly after the beginning of the race, but it didn't work. Fellow Swiss rider Fluckiger proved once again that he is capable of consistently staying at the top and his good form came to the fore during the race.

With Swiss riders Fluckiger, Schurter, Lars Forster, the Czech rider Ondrej Cink and Denmark's Sebastian Fini Carstensen going away it looked like any of the five could be the winner. Mathias Fluckiger pushed the pace on the last lap just enough to pull away from Schurter and Cink, and to reach the finish line with enough advantage.

Mathias Fluckiger won by just 4 seconds over Nino Schurter and 11 seconds over Ondrej Cink.

In the women's race, Dutch rider Anne Terpstra took the lead just after the start, but had to respond to a hard attack from Austrian Laura Stiger on lap 2 before she was able to take a solid lead.

At the finish, Anne Terpstra took the victory more than half a minute ahead of her country women Anne Tauber and more than 1 minute ahead of Stigger who closed out the podium.


Canadian riders are making their way to Europe as they prepare fot the start of the World Cup season. Emilly Johnston has been training at the UCI centre in Aigle and was top Canadian woman ahead of Haley Smith (Norco Factory).  Sean Fincham (Norco Factory Team XC) was the only Canadian man who was allowed to enter the COVID restricted field and finished 29th.


Results from the Ötztaler Mountainbike Festival in Austria

Elite Women, 6 laps
1 Anne Terpstra (Ned) Ghost Factory Racing 1:31:26
2 Anne Tauber (Ned) CST Postnl Bafang MTB Racing Team at 0:36
3 Laura Stigger* (Aut) Specialized Racing 1:02
4 Mona Mitterwallner (Aut) Trek | Vaude 2:30
5 Lena Gerault (Fra) Vca Anjos Asterion 2:52
6 Kate Courtney (USA) Scott-SRAM MTB Racing Team 3:10
7 Alessandra Keller (Sui) Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team 3:16
8 Sina Frei (Sui) Specialized Racing 3:36
9 Yana Belomoina (Ukr) CST Postnl Bafang MTB Racing Team 3:41
10 Evie Richards (GBr) Trek Factory Racing XC 3:48
11 Linda Indergand (Sui) Liv Factory Racing 4:10
12 Eva Lechner (Ita) Trinx Factory Team 4:24
13 Githa Michiels (Bel) Belgian National Team 4:31
14 Isla Short* (GBr) British National TEam 4:54
15 Nicole Koller (Sui) Ghost Factory Racing 5:14
16 Nina Benz (Ger) JB Brunex Superior Factory Racing 5:36
17 Caroline Bohé* (Den) Ghost Factory Racing 5:58
18 Annie Last (GBr) British National TEam 6:28
19 Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) EBE-Racing Team 6:33
20 Haley Batten (USA) Trinity Racing MTB 6:39
21 Jolanda Neff (Sui) Trek Factory Racing XC 6:50
22 Jitka Zábelická (Cze) Gapp System - Kolofix MTB Racing Team 7:10
23 Greta Seiwald (Ita) Santa Cruz FSA MTB Pro Team 7:14
24 Nadine Rieder (Ger) Ghost Factory Racing 7:37
25 Tereza Tvaruzková (Cze) Expres CZ - Tufo Team Kolín 7:42
26 Martina Berta (Ita) Santa Cruz FSA MTB Pro Team 8:31
27 Steffi Häberlin (Sui) Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team 8:40
28 Jacqueline Schneebeli* (Sui) JB Brunex Superior Factory Racing 8:46
29 Ramona Forchini (Sui) JB Brunex Superior Factory Racing 9:06
30 Tamara Wiedmann* (Aut) Racing Team Haiming 9:12
31 Virág Buzsáki (Hun) Hungarian National Team 9:29
32 Mariske Strauss (RSA) CST Postnl Bafang MTB Racing Team 9:49
33 Emeline Detilleux* (Bel) BH - Wallonie MTB Team 9:55
34 Anna Spielmann (Aut) KTM Factory MTB Team 10:18
35 Andrea Waldis (Sui) Proffix / VC Gesau 10:24
36 Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Tonis Pro Shop Kirchberg 10:32
37 Kim Ames (Ger) JB Brunex Superior Factory Racing 11:50
38 Corina Druml* (Aut) KTM Factory MTB Team 11:58
39 Emilly Johnston* (Can) UCI // World Cycling Centre 12:11
40 Tina Züger* (Sui) Swiss MTB Pro Team 12:24
41 Linda Zanetti* (Sui) Velo Club Monte Tanaro 13:08
42 Haley Smith (Can) Norco Factory Team XC 13:26
43 Cornelia Holland* (Aut) Naturfreunde Wilhelmsburg 14:12
44 Rebekka Estermann* (Sui) Grüter-Pura Bagno-Oberkirch / VC 15:05
45 Karla Stepánová (Cze) Maloja Pushbikers MTB -1 lap
46 Annika Liehner* (Sui) JB Brunex Superior Factory Racing -1 lap
47 Charline Fragnière (Sui) Team Menoud-Bike -1 lap
48 Regina Schmidel* (Hun) National Team Hungary -1 lap
49 Seraina Leugger (Sui) VC Reinach - Basel / Goldwurst- -2 laps
50 Hannah Van Boven (Ned) TalentNED -2 laps
51 Barbora Prudková (Cze) Multicraft MTB team -2 laps
52 Nina Mosser (Aut) ASVÖ ÖAMTC SC Hermagor -2 laps
53 Julia Maria Graf (Ita) ASC KARDAUN (BZ) ITALY -3 laps
DNF Barbara Benkó (Hun) Maloja Pushbikers MTB
DNF Chiara Teocchi (Ita) Trinity Racing MTB
DNF Antonia Daubermann (Ger) Trek | Vaude
DNF Anna Künig (Ita) ASC KARDAUN
Elite Men, 7 laps
1 Mathias Flueckiger (Sui) Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team 1:29:19
2 Nino Schurter (Sui) Scott-SRAM MTB Racing Team at 0:04
3 Ondrej Cink (Cze) Kross Orlen Cycling Team 0:12
4 Sebastian Fini Carstensen (Den) CST Postnl Bafang MTB Racing Team 0:33
5 Lars Forster (Sui) Scott-SRAM MTB Racing Team 0:41
6 Antoine Philipp (Fra) Giant Factory Off - Road Team 1:54
7 Maximilian Brandl (Ger) Lexware Mountainbike Team 2:07
8 Luca Braidot (Ita) Santa Cruz FSA MTB Pro Team 2:10
9 Ben Oliver (NZl) North Canterbury Cyceling MT 2:16
10 Simon Andreassen (Den) Cannondale Factory Racing 2:32
11 Gregor Raggl (Aut) Trek | Vaude 2:36
12 Karl Markt (Aut) Trek | Vaude 2:40
13 Luca Schwarzbauer (Ger) Lexware Mountainbike Team 3:02
14 Martins Blums (Lat) CST Postnl Bafang MTB Racing Team 3:42
15 Maxime Marotte (Fra) Santa Cruz FSA MTB Pro Team 3:54
16 Lukas Flückiger (Sui) Axxios-Infinity 4:01
17 Maximilian Foidl (Aut) KTM Factory MTB Team 4:14
18 Gioele Bertolini (Ita) Trinx Factory Team 4:30
19 Reto Indergand (Sui) Giant Factory Off - Road Team 4:42
20 Georg Egger (Ger) Lexware Mountainbike Team 4:50
21 Alan Hatherly (RSA) Cannondale Factory Racing 5:01
22 Vital Albin (Sui) Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team 5:22
23 Jan Vastl (Cze) Maloja Pushbikers MTB 5:40
24 Anton Sintsov (Rus) Strüby - Bixs Team 6:07
25 Christopher Blevins (USA) Trinity Racing MTB 6:24
26 Stephane Tempier (Fra) Trek Factory Racing XC 6:36
27 Henrique Avancini (Bra) Cannondale Factory Racing 6:44
28 Nick Burki (Sui) Bike Team Solothurn 6:50
29 Sean Fincham (Can) Norco Factory Team XC 6:56
30 Andrin Beeli (Sui) SCOTT development MTB Team 7:00
31 Frazer Clacherty (GBr) JB Brunex Superior Factory Racing 7:04
32 Alex Bregenzer (Ger) Eighty-Aid Racing Team 7:24
33 Pierre De Froidmont (Bel) BH - Wallonie MTB Team 7:42
34 Jan Skarnitzl (Cze) Cyklostar Trek Pirelli 8:22
35 Sascha Weber (Ger) Trek | Vaude 9:30
36 Tomás Paprstka (Cze) Gapp System - Kolofix MTB Racing Team 9:41
37 Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Ita) Specialized Racing 9:46
38 Krzysztof Lukasik (Pol) JBG - 2 Cryospace 9:54
39 Jan Rajchart (Cze) Gapp System - Kolofix MTB Racing Team 9:54
40 Julian Schelb (Ger) Stop&Go Marderabwehr MTB 10:33
41 András Parti (Hun) Hungarian National Team 10:58
42 Clément Auvin (Fra) CLUB CYCLISTE GRAND REIMS 11:46
43 Matej Ulik (Svk) Expres CZ - Tufo Team Kolín -1 lap
44 Jakub Zamrozniak (Pol) JBG - 2 Cryospace -1 lap
45 Zsombor Palumby (Hun) Hungarian National Team -1 lap
46 Moritz Bscherer (Aut) KTM Factory MTB Team -1 lap
47 Ursin Spescha (Sui) Ostschweiz Druck Cycling Tea -1 lap
48 Tomás Sevcu (Cze) AMENITY EXTREM SPORT TEA -1 lap
49 Dario Thoma (Sui) BiXS Factory Team -1 lap
50 Zdenek Vobecky (Cze) FANY CYCLING TEAM -2 laps
51 Silas Graf (Ger) TEXPA Simplon -2 laps
52 Harold Flandre (Fra) TEAM HASE VELOTOP -2 laps
53 Martin Haring (Svk) Slovak National Team -2 laps
54 David Bártek (Cze) AMENITY EXTREM SPORT TEA -2 laps
55 Armin Embacher (Aut) Schuler Sports Schwoich -2 laps
56 Fabian Giger (Sui) Maloja Pushbikers MTB -2 laps
57 Philip Handl (Aut) Trek | Vaude -2 laps
58 Matej Prudek (Cze) Multicraft MTB team -2 laps
59 Tumelo Makae (Les) UCI // World Cycling Centre -4 laps
60 Roman Bulis (Cze) 4EVER CYKLO BULIS -4 laps
61 Zdenek Morávek (Cze) SUPERIOR RIDERS -4 laps
DNF Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing
DNF Andri Frischknecht (Sui) Scott-SRAM MTB Racing Team
DNF Florian Wimmer (Aut) bimato Sports Team
DNF Josef Jelínek (Cze) Cyklostar Trek Pirelli
DNF Matthias Stirnemann (Sui) SCOTT development MTB Team
DNF Kevin Krieg (Sui) Team PEDALE SIMPLON
DNF Michael Zeták (Cze) 4EVER CYKLO BULIS


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