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May 1/01 5:32 am - Midweek Novice, B.C. Warp Speed Results

Posted by Editor on 05/1/01

La Bicicletta Midweek Novice Series 2001

Sponsors: Schwinn Canada, Trillium Foundation, City of Mississauga
Organizers: Peter Morse, Amit Ghosh
Event # 2 April 30, 2001 Hershey Centre 28.0 km
Conditions: Clear and Sunny 17 deg C, wind: SSE 16 km/h

Dan Zucconi - Ind. Cat. 3 50:40
Axel Bergman - Ind. Cat. 3 at 0:03
Monir Taha - Ind. Cat. 3
Adam Lucas - U of T Cat. 3
Stuart McKay - Gears Cat. 3
Alex Pond - Ind. MA all s.t.

Team Competition Winner: 300's
Sock Prime: 1) Adam Lucas 2) Ian McKay 3) Axel Bergman

The second race in the Midweek Novice Race series was won by last week's winner and points leader Dan Zucconi (Ind.) who managed to hold off a small but hard charging chase group in the final two laps. The sprint for second was taken by Axel Bergman (Ind.). Adam Lucas (U of T) faded to fourth after taking the fiercely fought sock prime with 3 laps remaining. Action in the field was enlivened by the season's Midweek debut of veteran rider Peter McCaffery, who we hope will become a fixture in the pack.

Special Thanks to Rider Coaches: Ann Turrin, Pierre Perrin, Jeff Archbold and Kevin Speacht. Thanks to Peter McCaffery and Peter Hurley for help in setting up the course and putting on the race. Thanks to Schwinn Canada and La Bicicletta for providing prime and draw prizes.

Warp Speed TT Results - B.C.
Courtesy Jonathan Wornell

This past weekend over 40 B.C. junior/espoir athletes took to the roads of North Vancouver and Langley, B.C., to gain points which will help them secure one of the 6 positions (6 men/6 women) available on Team B.C.'s Canada Summer Games team.

Both races were held under slightly less than optimal conditions as torrential rain fell both nights before each of the Time Trial and the Criterium and, for some unlucky riders, during their races! In the Time Trial less than 20 seconds separated the top three CSG men with Ian Condron pulling in just ahead of both Cameron Evans and Clayton Hiltz. For the women Erica Drew squeezed in just ahead of Sandra Walter to take the top CSG placing for the day. Suzanne Macht came in a little over a minute later to round out the top three.

The next day, with yet more rain, on a criterium course in beautiful Langley, B.C., Lisa Sweeny joined the top three women in the standings to put up a fight for her own spot on the team. Lisa not only took the top CSG placing, but also the top woman overall for the day, with Sandra and Erica taking 2nd and 3rd overall.

The next selection race takes place on May 13th over on Vancouver Island at the Gary Lund Classic. This should prove to be a very exciting conclusion to the road portion of the selection races!

Category 1 - Men
1Svein Tuft27:46.6
2Jesse Keefer28:33.1
3Andreas Hestler28:51.7
4Min VanVelzen28:59.8
5Murray Solem29:24.5
6Richard Minichiello29:32.2
7Sean Dawson30:04.2
8James Neil30:24.5
9Jay Murray30:39.9
10Adam Faulkner32:04.6
11Scott Goguen32:19.9
12Scott Williams32:40.7
13James Shaw32:43.4
Category 2 - Men
1Steven Kalin29:15.6
2Paul Blanchette29:16.0
3Sam Whittingham29:21.7
5Peter Odegaard31:22.4
6Gerry VanGaans31:32.0
7Benjammin Sigston31:53.0
8Jamie Grant32:13.8
9Dave Vunic32:18.5
10Duncan Gavin32:18.5
11Terry Garnett32:34.5
12Roger Bing Wo35:56.1
Category 3 - Men
1Ian Condron30:26.9
2Cameron Evans30:39.9
3Clayton Hiltz30:44.3
4David Trickett31:12.1
5Bryan Moffatt31:20.3
6Ethan Meginnes31:21.2
7Aaron Menenberg31:46.9
8Will Routley31:47.3
9Par Beard31:58.7
10Jeff Sherstobitoff32:02.6
11Nicholas Bradley32:09.4
12Chris Lamb32:10.3
13Eric VanVean32:10.7
14Jeff Baudura32:20.8
15Quinn Anderson32:21.0
16Tim Sherstobitoff32:28.0
17Ryan McNamara32:28.9
18Stephen Paetkan32:35.1
19Scott (Mystery Man!)32:40.7
20Duncan Steele32:45.0
21Peter Kerklaan32:51.1
22Andrew Cartwright33:10.0
23Marsh Cooper33:12.0
24Michael Boehm33:18.2
25Greg Day33:19.7
26Matthew Green33:28.2
27Doug Mulder33:39.9
28Doug Jenson33:46.9
29Shaun Greenaway33:58.7
30Matthew Harriman34:21.3
31Paul Klimczak34:24.0
32Mark Emery34:41.7
33Tyler West34:56.6
34Owen Scott34:57.8
Category 4 - Men
1David Haywood31:37.9
2Scott Slater31:39.5
3Neil Carson31:44.5
4Bradley Fairall32:22.7
5Michael Grace32:30.6
6Gerald Sawatsky32:59.0
7Tony Routley33:16.6
8Steve Engh33:16.8
9Brian Storey33:24.5
10Jeff Loughran33:43.8
11Micheal Haywood33:56.5
12Clark Cochran34:08.7
13Suke Claire34:17.5
14Giles Redston34:22.7
15Stephen Pipkey34:26.2
16Nikolai Hungr34:38.8
17Jordan Giesbrecht34:46.8
18Mike Murphy34:54.8
19Matt Parr34:54.9
20Geoff Arge35:41.9
21Tsicl Yearwood36:14.0
22Jeffeey Ho36:54.6
23Jay Peterson37:59.0
24Gordon Hinkson39:57.4
Category 5 - Men
1Jordan Marr32:04.3
2Jordan Rasmussen32:10.8
3Paul Pierobon32:31.8
4James Woodworth33:13.3
5Jim Tsilemos33:16.9
6Morgan Koren33:25.7
7Sean Graham33:33.8
8Derek Sakamoto35:50.0
9David Smart36:02.1
10Charles Lee36:34.0
11Benjamin Schmidt36:47.4
12Daniel Vizzutti36:57.7
13Alain Scotto37:08.5
14Steve Olmstead37:24.3
15Giovanni Bitelli38:42.9
16Brendon Edgar38:44.6
17Sandro Stefanucci38:59.1
18David Woolford42:33.0
Category 1/2/3 - Women
1Leah Goldstein31:40.0
2Stephanie Hannos32:11.9
3Erica Drew 33:51.0
4Leigh Anne Collis34:04.7
5Lesley Tomlinson34:10.3
6Sandra Walter34:11.3
7Barb Belcher34:47.0
8Marnie Prazsky34:50.0
9Selena Lawrie35:13.8
10Suzanne Macht35:30.9
11Lisa Sweeny35:44.0
12Moriah Beattie35:45.1
13Meghan Cressman36:28.2
14Noelle Phillips37:58.5
15Andrea Scott38:30.0
Category 4 - Women
1Tracy Hall35:09.4
2Dawn Berg35:39.5
3Jessica Hannah35:55.8
4Pam Crowley36:19.7
5Tanya Berg37:00.2
6Holland Gidney38:12.4
7Krista Morrison39:15.6
8Kati Henry39:58.1
9Jessica Anderson40:38.5
10Lindsay Belfry41:10.5
11Michelle Anderson41:32.8
Men CSG Standings
1Ian Condron
2Cameron Evans
3Clayton Hiltz
4Peter Odegaard
5Bryan Moffatt
6Marsh Cooper
7David Haywood
8Will Routley
9Duncan Gavin
10Tim Sherstobitoff
Women CSG Standings
1Erica Drew
2Sandra Walter
3Lisa Sweeny
4Suzanne Macht
5Jessica Hannah
6Kati Henry
7Heather Parrott
8Krista Morrison
9Jessica Anderson
10Lindsay Belfry


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