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August 17/21 19:34 pm - BC Road Championships

Posted by Editoress on 08/17/21

After a 2-year pandemic delay, the BC Road Championships returned last Sunday to one of its largest attended races in years.  Taking place in Hatzic Valley, Mission, home to previous BC Championships, the course dished up a great selection of climbs, long descents and flat approaches to help feed bike race starved riders.

With the cancellation of the BC Championships Road race, previously scheduled for August 8, the threat of no provincial championship race prompted Local Ride Racing to offer up their scheduled August 15th Hatzic Valley Road Race for the event.

The current pandemic has put a huge strain on race organizers.  Challenges included getting permits to finding volunteers and resources are a logistical battle. Simple things that used to be readily available: race motos, traffic marshals, officials, and first aid are now in limited supply.  There is even a lack of portable toilets!  Combined with all this, the two year lay-off has made everyone involved, even the riders, a bit rusty with re-figuring things out on the fly.   "I literally had 2 weeks to put together a championship race but in the end, making the race happen was well worth all the challenges," explains race organizer Barry Lyster.

Just days before the race, smoke from BC wildfires rolled into the area, threatening a cancellation if air quality did not improve by race day. "First COVID, now wildfires producing toxic air quality.  If the race was to happen the day before, we would have been forced to cancel.  Fortunately, the smoke cleared, and the race was on," commented race director Barry Lyster.

The races were as hotly contested as the weather.  All championship categories were included, with riders from the Yukon, Saskatchewan and Alberta making the trek to take part in some long awaited racing.

In the Elite Men's race, Sam Morris  (Mighty Riders), followed-up his July 18 Jeremy's Roubaix win by taking the victory from a 3-rider break.  A cramped-up Alex Murison (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) limped across the line on his 2 feet in warrior-like fashion to secure second place with U23 rider Evan Russell (TaG Cycling Race Team), rounding out the podium in 3rd.

The Elite Women's race saw a break go away with Holly Simonson (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes), taking the win with a powerful up-hill sprint with Krista Mathews (Glotman Simpson) finishing second and Sonia Taylor (The Cyclery Racing) taking third.

It was great to see our Juniors back and racing strong, a group who were greatly impacted by the pandemic.  Isla Walker (Tripleshot Cycling) took the Junior Girls win followed by Lilly Ujfalusi (Escape Velocity Society/DEVO) in second and Ana Large (TaG Cycling Race team) in third.  Luke Hubner (Zone 2 Podcast) won the Junior Boys race followed by Luca Veeman (Cycledelia) and Marc Sato (Devo Cannondale). 

Local Ride Racing would like to thank Born Superior Sportscare, Power2Max, Cycling BC, Doma Cycle, race staff, volunteers and the wonderful residents of Hatzic Valley for making this special day possible.

Local Ride Racing switches to gravel for their Gravel Omnium on August 28 and 29 which includes Rock the Ridge and Jailhouse Rock.  For information and registration, go to


Elite Women Cat 1/2 /3
1 Holly Simonson (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 2:28:17
2 Krista Matthews (Glotman Simpson) 2:28:19
3 Sonia Taylor (The Cyclery Racing) 2:28:22
4 Jenna Nestman (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 2:29:37
5 Keisha Besler (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 2:29:37
6 Gillian Ellsay (InstaFund Racing) 2:29:40
7 Michele Schaeffer (Fleuvog's Crit Nasty) 2:29:48
8 Esta Bovill (Independant) 2:29:55
9 Brenna Pauly (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosiac Homes) 2:29:58
10 Ariane Bonhomme (The Cycler Racing) 2:30:02
11 Fiona Majendie (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 2:34:04
12 Pamela Troyer (Mighty Cycling) 2:36:30
13 Annabel Irwin (TaG Cycling) 2:36:31
DNF Jennifer Gerth (Fluevog's Crit Nasty)
DNS Sarah Van Dam (Trek Red Truck Racing)
U23 Women
1 Micaiah Besler (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 2:29:37
2 Elizabeth Gin (Instafund La Prima) 2:41:14
Elite Men Cat 1/2/3
1 Sam Morris (Mighty Cycling) 3:00:25
2 Alex Murison (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 3:00:54
3 Matt Usborne (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World) 3:01:12
4 Bradley Bickley (Fulgas) 3:01:12
5 Amiel Flett-Brown (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 3:01:12
6 Chris Macleod (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 3:01:15
7 Alexander Fraser-Maraun (RED TRUCK RACINGP/B MOSAIC HOMES) 3:01:24
8 Jordan Cheyne (Elevate-Webliplex) 3:01:26
9 Andrew Jonker (Independant) 3:01:27
10 Patrick Riddell (RedKilo) 3:01:29
11 Kyle Buckosky (Red Truck Racing p / b Mosaic Homes) 3:01:30
12 Craig Luinstra (Royal City Cycling) 3:01:37
13 Christopher Bradbury (JUKEBOX PRINT) 3:05:24
14 Nigel Kinney (Langlois Brown Racing) 3:09:18
15 Kevin Park (Riverway Dental Racing) 3:22:05
16 Alexander Hutchinson (RedKilo Racing) 3:23:27
NA Ryan Jonker (Independant)
DNF Brett Wakefield (Giant Vancouver)
DNF Jude Sands (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World)
DNF Aidan Oliphant (Independant)
DNF Declan Kelly (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)
DNF Sherwood Plant (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF Daniel Fraser-Maraun (TaG Cycling Race Team)
DNF Zachary Michaels (Independant)
DNF Nick Jones (Lbr)
DNF Jackson Bocksnick (Tag Cycling Race Team)
DNF Brendan Cowley (Above and Beyond Cancer)
DNF Ryan Olson (Privateer)
DNF Blair Benjamin (Phoenix Velo)
DNF Angus Kilpatrick (Mighty)
DNF Ethan Abbott (Victoria Wheelers)
DNF Jonathan Johnson (ThrillTeam)
DNF Cole Glover (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)
DNF Nicholas Monette (Mighty)
DNF Michael Van Den Ham (Easton Overland p/b Giant)
DNF Colin Eriks (Red Kilo)
DNS Seth Cowie (Fulgas)
DNS Samuel Hogman (Hewdog Racing)
DNS Samuel Horn (Mighty)
DNS Arthur Nargaud (independant)
DNS John Willcox (langlois brown racing)
DNS Cory Ostertag (Langlois Brown  Racing)
U23 Men
1 Evan Russell (TaG Cycling Race Team) 3:01:11
2 Braden Kersey (TAG Cycling Race Team) 3:01:12
3 Nathan Pruner (Steed cycles) 3:01:13
4 Caleb Bender (TaG Cycling Race Team) 3:05:42
DNF Erik Diertens (Cycles West)
DNF Sage Deluce (TaG Cycling Race Team)
DNF Dylan Kerr (Oak Bay Bikes)
DNF Brayden Windsor (Team Sask)
DNF Evan Mcbeath (Thrillteam)
DNF Evan Richardson (Devo Cannondale)
Junior Girls
1 Isla Walker (Tripleshot Cycling) 1:54:04
2 Lilly Ujfalusi (Escape Velocity Society/DEVO) 1:55:25
3 Ana Large (Tag Race Team) 1:55:27
4 Elizabeth Khrisanova (DEVO) 1:57:33
5 Ava Irving-Staley (Team Yukon/U Kon Echelon) 1:59:51
Junior Boys
1 Luke Hubner (Zone 2 Podcast) 2:23:20
2 Luca Veeman (Cycledelia) 2:23:20
3 Marc Sato (DEVO Cannondale) 2:23:21
4 Fergus English (Team Saskatchewan) 2:23:21
5 Remy Garrison (Tripleshot Youth Team) 2:23:22
6 Thomas Terblanche (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 2:23:22
7 Liam Sargent (WestShore Bike Racing) 2:23:23
8 Marshall Moussavi (Independant) 2:23:23
9 Manu Moore (Cannondale) 2:23:37
10 Carson Ritter (Sask Cycling) 2:25:20
11 Will Mitchell (Team Saskatchewan) 2:30:52
12 Nicolas Lutz (Devo Cannondale) 2:30:56
DNF Parker Swanstrom (Capital City Cycling)
Cat 3/4 Women
1 Caileigh Filmer (Independant) 1:54:11
2 Diane Snobelen (Independant) 1:55:25
3 Kaelen Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Race Team) 1:55:27
4 Mirtha Gamiz (Independant) 1:55:27
5 Jessica Yeoman (Glotman Simpson) 1:55:27
6 Sidney Swierenga (DEVO) 1:55:28
7 Charlotte Kennedy (Mighty) 1:55:29
8 Alanna Janz (Independant) 1:55:30
9 Maja Woolley (TaG Cycling) 1:57:29
10 Zoey Bourgeois (Team Sask) 1:57:34
11 Morgan Sherley (Meralomas) 1:57:35
12 Bronwyn Posynick (Independant) 1:57:36
13 Justine Calder (Element Race Team) 1:57:42
DNF Ange Quapp (United Velo)
Master Women A - 35 to 44
1 Solveig Stoebe (Independant) 1:54:06
2 Lianne Leblond (Gastown Cycling) 2:04:44
DNS Laura Fluit (Element Racing)
Master Women B - 45 to 54
1 Carolyn Russell (Independant) 1:54:05
2 Debra Parker (Watt Riot Cycling Team) 1:54:05
3 Janna Gillick (Glotman Simpson) 1:55:26
4 Jacqueline Ciampi (Independant) 1:55:27
5 Dominique Eustace (Element Race Team) 1:57:31
6 Sandra Schinnerl (Escape Velocity Cycling Club) 1:57:37
7 Shannon Baerg (Element Race Team) 1:57:39
DNF Kristine Thody (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
Master Women C - 55+
1 Stephanie Brown (Lotus) 1:57:34
2 Christine Neal (Element Race Team) 1:57:36
3 Barbara Morris (Escape Velocity) 2:07:23
Master Men C - 55 to 64
1 Andrew Tuovinen (Tri Cities Cycling) 2:20:10
2 Matthew Cooperwilliams (Cooperwilliams Law) 2:23:07
3 Pedro Peralta Elgueta (United Velo) 2:23:57
4 Bart Gould (Steed Cycles) 2:24:14
DNF Alek Laursoo (Steed Cycles)
Master Men D - 65+
Joe S Barrett (Tripleshot)
Robert Lang (unattached)
Bill Macmillan (Pinoy Velo Racing)
Cat 4 / 5 Men
1 Connor Willson (Lakeshore Cycling Club) 1:35:04
2 Dustin Quigley (Chainline Cycle) 1:35:04
3 Alex Timmer (escape velocity) 1:35:09
4 Deon Nel (Fulgas) 1:37:20
5 Forrest Simpson (Independant) 1:37:21
6 Chris Delabastide (Independant) 1:37:22
7 Benjamin Etkin-Goulet (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:37:22
8 Robin Stockill (Meraloma) 1:37:22
9 Kristian Biela (Independant) 1:37:23
10 Clayton Toews (Red Kilo) 1:37:23
11 Jonas Cuypers (Independant) 1:37:23
12 Taylor Mccoll (Hewdog Racing) 1:37:23
13 Logan Driedger (Tri-City Cycling) 1:37:23
14 Tyler Chuang (Glotman Simpson) 1:37:24
15 Josh Boyer (Meraloma) 1:37:25
16 James Whateley (Independant) 1:37:26
17 Nik Ottenbreit (Independant) 1:37:26
18 Mark Martone (Lakeshore Cycling Club) 1:37:26
19 Nicholas Ridenour (Independant) 1:37:27
20 Chad Regehr (Independant) 1:37:29
21 Kristian Davis (United Velo) 1:38:01
22 Michael Martin (UV) 1:38:01
23 Thomas Flower (Steed) 1:40:46
24 Jeff Kuby (ThrillTeam) 1:41:15
25 Kevin Armstrong (Independant) 1:41:27
26 Monty Rigby (Devo Cannondale) 1:42:41
27 Ethan Mclaren (Independant) 1:42:48
28 Blake Bowell (Escape Velocity) 1:42:54
29 Sean Conner (RedKilo) 1:44:18
30 Rob Mcgowan (Independant) 1:44:24
31 Alexander Spraggs (Meraloma Race Team) 1:44:52
32 Dean Brandt (Independant) 1:44:58
33 Kevin Kirk (Glotman Simpson) 1:45:24
34 Santana Chew (escape velocity) 1:45:58
35 Jack Hindmarsh (Glotman Simpson) 1:45:59
36 James Bremner (Independant) 1:45:59
37 Brian Vandegriend (Tri-Cities Cycling) 1:46:01
38 Hugo Pollock (ThrillTeam) 1:46:40
39 Peter Ferrucci (RedKilo) 1:49:54
40 Eric Ito (Cooperwilliams Law) 1:49:55
41 Paul Rigby (Escape Velocity) 1:49:56
42 Terry (Po Chuan) Chen (Meraloma) 1:49:56
NA Lachlan Hotchkiss (Capital City Cycle)
DNF Stefan Boudreault (Lotus Cycling)
DNF Jean Boily (BU611)
DNF Conan Shing (Morning Glory Cycling Club)
DNF Jan Snarski (Independant)
DNF Mack Jenner (Independant)
DNF Matt Atkinstall (Mighty)
DNF James Mccann (Independant)
DNF Josh Stiller (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
DNF Roberto Cordero (Pinoy Velo Racing)
DNF Gary Cauilan (Independant)
DNF Colin Gray (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Alexander Hansen (Independant)
DNF Adam Chambers (Independant)
DNF Irvin Hoover (Independant)
DNF Alexander Lebarge (U Kon Echelon)
DNF Micah Goldberg (Independant)
DNF Tom Baker (Gastown Cycling)
DNF Dionisio Villa (Independant)
DNF Brein Cunningham (Independant)
DNF Dmitry Khrisanov (Escape Velocity)
DNS Jonn Axsen (Independant)
DNS Brian Dougherty (Horizon Landscape)
DNS Tom Gibson (Fulgas)
DNS Jonathan Hanvelt (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNS David Jackson (Capital City Cycling Dr Walker)
DNS Trevor Kelly (Independant)
DNS Wiley Khou (ThrillTeam)
DNS Jared Lynd (Lotus Cycling Club)
DNS Aaron Mcclure (Independant)
DNS Devin Morrison (Independant)
DNS Mike Norsworthy (Independant)
DNS Mitchell Sayers (Independant)
DNS Daniel Smyth (United Velo)
DNS Jeremie Stephenson (Meraloma Racing)
DNS Ee Ken Tay (Meraloma)
DNS Daniel Wang (Independant)
DNS Teru Yoshizawa (Independant)
Master Men A - 35 to 44
1 Joseph Mcnally (Victoria Wheelers) 2:40:45
2 David Gerth (LBR Racing) 2:40:46
3 Richard Costello (Steed Cycles) 2:40:46
4 Clayton Hiltz (Victoria Wheelers) 2:40:46
5 Ashley Weber (Fulgas) 2:42:08
6 Jeffrey Werner (Langlois Brown Racing) 2:42:18
7 Daniel Owsiany (Isetta Race Team) 2:42:18
8 Emmanuel Sanchez (Independant) 2:42:18
9 Colby Large (Giant Bicycle) 2:42:19
10 Jesse Klassen (United Velo) 2:42:20
11 Martin Caron (Independant) 2:42:21
12 Drew Nelson (United Velo) 2:42:21
13 Paul Moffat (Bici Factory Racing) 2:42:23
14 Taylor Little (Bici Factory Racing) 2:42:23
15 Wai-Ben Wong (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 2:42:25
16 Ben Siepermann (Independant) 2:46:35
17 Michael Briones (Pinoy Velo Racing) 2:48:25
DNF Sean Rodgers (Daryl Evans Racing)
DNF Neil Brown (BICICLETTA Factory Racing)
DNF Sunil Jagadish (Independant)
DNF Vincent Marcotte (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF David Miller (SplitMango Racing)
DNF Michael Wegner (Langlois Brown)
DNF Matthew Van Nostrand (Fulgas Cycle Club)
DNF Lee Drescher (Independant)
DNF Brian Delisser (United Velo)
DNF Michael Dawson (Victoria Breakaway Cycling)
DNS Jaymi Dumper (Independant)
DNS Owen Vermeulen (Jukebox)
Master Men B - 45 to 54
1 Jon Bula (Bicicletta Factory Racing) 2:42:17
2 Chris Worsfold (Hew Dog Racing) 2:42:18
3 Maurice Worsfold (Hewdog racing) 2:42:18
4 Marty Heck (Fulgas) 2:42:19
5 Brent Mussato (United Velo) 2:42:20
6 Manny Delos Reyes (Pinoy Velo Racing) 2:42:21
7 Coby Cragg (United Velo) 2:42:21
8 Scott Goguen (United velo) 2:42:22
9 Eugene Hahn (Wheelers) 2:42:24
10 Paul Beard (LBR) 2:42:28
11 Shane Savage (Independant) 2:42:34
12 Jeffery Kowalenko (Manteo Cycling) 2:45:03
13 Jordan Nicolussi (Sibola Mountain Falling Ltd) 3:00:52
DNF Jeffrey Scott (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
DNF Joji Ishikawa (Tripleshot)
DNF Shaun Greffard (Independant)
DNF Stephane Tran (Victoria Wheelers)
DNF Jonathan Wood (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF Kevin Ford (Victoria Breakaway Cycling)
DNF James Barry (Tripleshot)
DNF Desi Sansalone (INDEPENDENT)
DNF Nick Hanni (Northshore Roadbike)
DNF Lance Huber (Fulgas)
DNF Philip Coldrey (Isetta Race Team)
DNS Matthew Brown (Fulgas)
DNS Matthew Cox (United Velo)
DNS James Hyndman (TaG Corsa)
DNS Paul Mccloskey (Independant)
DNS Laurence Munn (Independant)


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