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May 5/01 9:17 am - Letter From France, Springbank, Canadians Wanted!

Posted by Editor on 05/5/01

Letter From Charlie Gorman

I just wanted to drop you a line to let everybody know that I'm doing OK. With two crashes, a flat tire, and a broken jaw, my trip over here is definitely one to forget. However, that's just the way it goes sometimes. I'm just looking forward to coming home now. I want to get on with my recovery and the rest of the racing season. I shouldn't be off the bike for long, if at all. The only problem is that I'm hungry all the time because I can't eat any solid foods for a little while. And the meal replacement
drinks are a lame substitute.

I'm coming home with a few good souvenirs though; which include a neckbrace, plenty of x-rays, and two metal plates in my face, which are holding my jaw together. However, I did come out of the crash better off than a few riders, so things could have been worse. That's it for now . . . . see ya'll at the races!

Charlie G.

Springbank Update - London, Ontario

The 33rd Springbank Road Race will take place tomorrow in London at Springbank Park, starting with the Masters at 9:00 am and culminating with the Senior 1-2, Pro Men at 3:00 pm.

The winner of the Senior Men's I / II / Pro Race will be awarded the Curnoe Trophy, in commemoration of London artist Greg Curnoe's role with the London Centennial Wheelers, as well as a print of his artwork from Sheila Curnoe, and a cheque for $350.00.

The winner in the Women's Race will be awarded the Labatt's Trophy, a print of Greg Curnoe's artwork from Sheila Curnoe, and a cheque for $350.00.

Previous winners of the event include Steve Bauer of Olympic and Tour de France fame, and Commonwealth Games medallists Jocelyn Lovell and Brian Fowler.

For more information, visit the London Centennial Wheelers website -

Canadian Riders Wanted!
Courtesy John Alsedek

With just over two weeks to go, one of America's most eagerly anticipated new races, the Housatonic Valley Classic, is getting into full swing. Held in Danbury, Connecticut, it's drawing some of the continent's top teams, including Saturn, Mercury, and It's also garnering serious media attention, being a true anomaly: a firebreathing road race staged within an hour of one of the world's great metropolitan centers. The race is going to be televised both regionally and on the Outdoor Life Network.

While there are only a few team spots remaining in the featured 140-mile Pro-Am Men's event, there's a lot more to the Housatonic Valley Classic than that. There are also criterium events in beautiful downtown Danbury for Women, Category 3 Men, and Masters Men; the Women's event offers National Racing Calendar points and a $3,000 U.S. prize list, while the others offer $1,000 U.S. each. Interested riders should register online at the race website or on; race-day registration is also available at an increased rate.

For more information, please check out the website at


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