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August 27/21 9:16 am - Coles-Lyster and Roberge Top Canadians after Stage 1 of Joe Martin

Posted by Editoress on 08/27/21

Results from the first stage of the Joe Martin Stage race in Fayetteville, AR (USA) on August 26th

Stage 1: Mount Gaylor road race
Elite Women, 94 km
1 Skylar Schneider (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles Wm 2:51:22
2 Heidi Franz (USA) Rally Cycling
3 Veronica Evers (USA) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank both s.t.
4 Clara Honsinger (USA) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 0:02
5 Anet Barrera Esparza (Mex) 3T/ Q+M Cycling s.t.
6 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Can) DNA Pro Cycling Team 3:13
7 Rachel Langdon (GBr) InstaFund Racing s.t.
8 Olivia Ray (NZl) Rally Cycling 3:16
9 Samantha Runnels (USA) 3T/ Q+M Cycling
10 Florence Howden (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line
11 Emma White (USA) Rally Cycling
12 Erica Clevenger (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team
13 Kaitlyn Rauwerda (Can) Team-Desjardins Ford
14 Allison Mrugal (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line
15 Julyn Renee Aguila Hernandez (Mex) L39ION of Los Angeles Wm
16 Sara Poidevin (Can) Rally Cycling
17 Sommers Creed (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line
18 Lauren Stephens (USA) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
19 Nicole Shields (NZl) DNA Pro Cycling Team
20 Maddy Ward (USA) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
21 Emma Delisle (Can) Team-Desjardins Ford all s.t.
22 Isabella Bertold (Can) InstaFund Racing 3:21
23 Yael Klein (Can) Automatic Racing
24 Kira Payer (USA) LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized
25 Madeline Bemis (USA) Rally Cycling all s.t.
26 Emma Langley (USA) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 3:25
27 Margot Clyne (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team 3:26
28 Holly Henry (Can) InstaFund Racing 3:28
29 Kathryn Aman (USA) 3T/ Q+M Cycling 3:31
30 Gillian Ellsay (Can) InstaFund Racing 3:41
31 Emily Marcolini (Can) 3T/ Q+M Cycling s.t.
32 Christie Tracy (USA) 3T/ Q+M Cycling 3:43
33 Holly Breck (USA) Rally Cycling 4:01
34 Elizabeth Gin (Can) InstaFund Racing 8:33
35 Noemie Fortin (Can) Team-Desjardins Ford 11:15
36 Kimberly Lucie (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team
37 Camille Primeau (Can) Team-Desjardins Ford
38 Brenna Wrye-Simpson (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team
39 Claire Windsor (USA) LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized
40 Iris Gabelier (Can) Team-Desjardins Ford all s.t.
41 Casandra Cardoza (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line 11:20
42 Kaitlin Keough (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles Wm 11:26
43 Caitlin Conyers (Ber) LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized 11:35
44 Nicole Frain (Aus) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 13:51
45 Jane Tullis (USA) ROXO Racing
46 Jaime Larmer (USA) ROXO Racing
47 Kara Lilly (Can) Automatic Racing all s.t.
48 Merrill Thierman (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line 15:54
49 Hannah Dalsing (USA) ROXO Racing 17:31
50 Whitney Surgenor (Can) Automatic Racing
51 Staci Mccudden (Aus) LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized
52 Maeghan Easler (USA) LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized all s.t.
53 Rachel Jordan (USA) 3T/ Q+M Cycling 17:37
54 Alison Merner (USA) Automatic Racing 19:27
55 Leah Thorvilson (USA) 3T/ Q+M Cycling 27:24
56 Amber Smolik (USA) ROXO Racing 29:06
57 Lucy Hempstead (Can) Team-Desjardins Ford 31:10
58 Katy Sorrell (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line s.t.
59 Tracy Carrington (USA) ROXO Racing 42:26
DNF Heather Fischer (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team
DNF Kendall Ryan (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles Wm
DNF Amber Joseph (Bar) L39ION of Los Angeles Wm
DNS Cara Oneill (USA) Automatic Racing
Elite Men, 185.3 km
1 Tyler Williams (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles 4:07:57
2 Gage Hecht (USA) Aevolo at s.t.
3 Oscar Miguel Sevilla Rivera (Esp) Team Medellin EPM 0:01
4 George Simpson (USA) Project Echelon Racing 1:25
5 Adam Roberge (Can) Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling s.t.
6 Alec Cowan (Can) L39ION of Los Angeles 2:29
7 Scott Mcgill (USA) Aevolo
8 Hugo Scala Jr. (USA) Gateway Devo
9 Brody Mcdonald (USA) Gateway Devo
10 Evan Hartig (USA) Project Echelon Racing
11 Nicolas Cote (Can) Desjardins-Ford
12 Tyler Stites (USA) Aevolo
13 Pablo Andres Alarcon Cares (Chi) Canels - Zerouno
14 Vivien Rindisbacher (Can) Foundation CCB
15 Jose Tito Hernandez Jaramillo (Col) Team Medellin EPM
16 Eder Frayre Moctezuma (Mex) L39ION of Los Angeles
17 Cade Bickmore (USA) Aevolo
18 Anton Varabei (Can) Toronto Hustle
19 Conor Schunk (USA) Aevolo
20 Gabriel Mendez (USA) Foundation CCB
21 Ethan Sittlington (Can) Toronto Hustle
22 Taylor Warren (USA) CS Velo Racing
23 Richard Arnopol (USA) Project Echelon Racing
24 Freddy Ovett (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles
25 Alexander Amiri (Can) Team California
26 Sean Guydish (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli
27 Matthew Zimmer (USA) Project Echelon Racing
28 Jack Bardi (USA) Gateway Devo
29 Cristhian Montoya Giraldo (Col) Team Medellin EPM
30 Jarret Oldham (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling
31 Tanner Ward (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling
32 Jordan Cheyne (Can) Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling
33 Spencer Miller (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli
34 Innokenty Zavyalov (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli
35 Evan Bausbacher (USA) Gateway Devo
36 William Cooper (USA) CS Velo Racing all s.t.
37 Eduardo Corte Cordero (Mex) Canels - Zerouno 2:39
38 Sean Hollenbeck (USA) Team California
39 David Dube (Can) Desjardins-Ford
40 Tim Mcbirney (USA) Team California
41 Robinson Eduardo Chalapud Gomez (Col) Team Medellin EPM
42 Tyrel Fuchs (USA) Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling
43 Edward Ouellet (Can) Yoeleo Test Team pb 4MIND
44 Fabio Andres Duarte Arevalo (Col) Team Medellin EPM
45 Walter Alejandro Vargas Alzate (Col) Team Medellin EPM
46 Aidan Mcneil (USA) Aevolo
47 Sean Gardner (USA) CS Velo Racing
48 John Borstelmann (USA) Gateway Devo
49 Jared Scott (USA) Foundation CCB all s.t.
50 Chaz Hogenauer (USA) Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team 2:46
51 Cristhian David Ravelo Avila (Col) CS Velo Racing 2:51
52 Stephen Vogel (USA) Project Echelon Racing 3:01
53 Samuel Boardman (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles 4:23
54 Zach Gregg (USA) Project Echelon Racing 13:35
55 Henry York (USA) Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team 17:34
56 Ignacio Prado Juarez (Mex) Canels - Zerouno 17:41
57 Gabriel Guay (Can) Desjardins-Ford s.t.
58 William Goodfellow (Can) Yoeleo Test Team pb 4MIND 17:48
59 Ryan Primeau (Can) Yoeleo Test Team pb 4MIND s.t.
60 Matti Rowe (USA) Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team 19:52
61 Andrew Giniat (USA) CS Velo Racing 20:13
62 Leonel Palma Dajui (Mex) Canels - Zerouno
63 Caleb Langley (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling
64 Ryan Knapp (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling
65 Robert Sroka (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling all s.t.
66 Nathan Surowiec (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli 25:05
67 Patton Sims (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli s.t.
68 Zed Masse (Can) Yoeleo Test Team pb 4MIND 26:16
69 Torbjorn Andre Roed (Nor) Above and Beyond Cancer
70 Sindre Hvesser Brein (Nor) Above and Beyond Cancer both s.t.
71 Liam Flanagan (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli 26:28
72 Jovanni Stefani (USA) Team California 33:28
73 John Becker (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling 34:20
74 Cory Williams (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles
75 Eddy Huntsman (USA) Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling both s.t.
76 Tyler Magner (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles 34:22
77 Erik Hammerquist (USA) Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team s.t.
78 Ryan Rudderham (Can) Toronto Hustle 35:18
79 Peter Behm (USA) Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team 41:57
80 Brad Bradford (Can) Toronto Hustle
81 Isaac Bryant (USA) Gateway Devo both s.t.
82 Cooper Johnson (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli 41:59
83 Efren Santos Moreno (Mex) Canels - Zerouno 42:02
84 Jeremy Obrand (Can) Toronto Hustle 48:03
85 David Greif (USA) Project Echelon Racing 48:05
86 James Hilyer (USA) Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team 54:20
87 Daniel Kalichman (Can) Toronto Hustle 1:00:37
88 Andrew Frank (USA) Team California 1:02:00
89 Christopher Rowley (Can) Yoeleo Test Team pb 4MIND 1:15:05
DSQ Sean Mcelroy (USA) Aevolo
DNF Samuel Bassetti (USA) Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling
DNF Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Mex) Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling
DNF Grant Simonds (USA) Above and Beyond Cancer
DNF Adam Schwendt (Svk) Above and Beyond Cancer
DNF Lucas Strain (USA) Above and Beyond Cancer
DNF Sean Burger (USA) CS Velo Racing
DNF William Gleason (USA) CS Velo Racing
DNF Thomas Nadeau (Can) Desjardins-Ford
DNF Victor Marchand (Can) Desjardins-Ford
DNF John Purvis (USA) First Internet Bank Cycling
DNF Caleb Classen (USA) Foundation CCB
DNF Ethan Craine (NZl) Foundation CCB
DNF Keelan Ontiveros (USA) Gateway Devo
DNF Alexander Marr (USA) Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team
DNF Finn Thomsen (USA) Team California
DNF Kobi Gyetvan (USA) Team California
DNF Theodore Kincaid (Can) Toronto Hustle
DNS Heiner Rodrigo Parra Bustamante (Col) Canels - Zerouno
DNS Francisco Lara Carbajal (Mex) Canels - Zerouno


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