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January 31/98 9:59 am - Worlds, New Look, Interesting Link, Letter

Posted by Editor on 01/31/98

`Cross Worlds We are all anxiously waiting to see how Peter Wedge and the other members of the Canadian team do at the World‚s this weekend - check back through the next 2 days for updates. The New Look We are busy working on our new and (we hope) improved website. We plan to have it up and running by Sunday evening, so don‚t be surprised by the new look...The sometimes sporadic news posting of the past week has been a reflection of this, as we try to switch over every link, news item, classified, etc., etc. So far, everything is going well (except for the amount of time that I get to ride my bike...), and we are still on schedule to have the new format up and running tomorrow (Feburary 1st). Vintage Velos Peter McCaffrey passed on this website address for aficionados of vintage European racing bicycles - Do Your Piece... The people at EMP (Extreme Mountainbike People) asked us to post this letter for all you lower mainland readers (you know who you are!) to copy and send to the Burnaby Parks and Rec department. If you want to keep trails open in the Burnaby area, it is time to stand up and be counted... Kate Friars Director, Burnaby Parks & Recreation 101-4946 Canada Way Burnaby, BC V5G 4H7 29 January, 1998 To the Board of Parks & Recreation, Burnaby; As a mountain biker who enjoys riding the trails of Burnaby Mountain, I would like to add my name to the list of people who want to see the new park on Burnaby Mountain remain open to mountain bikers. I believe that mountain bikers who ride recreationally, commute, or train on Burnaby Mountain comprise the vast majority of trail users in this area and their needs must be addressed. Mountain bikers have equanimously shared the trails with hikers, runners, dog walkers and residents for more than 10 years with very little conflict. Mountain bikers, through the Burnaby Mountain Bike Club, have been voluntarily maintaining the trails without funding to acceptable standards for riding, until recently ordered to stop by your department. Burnaby Mountain is the Lower Mainland's most popular, year-round mountain biking destination for all levels of riders, despite a lack of trail maintenance and legal permission to ride. Burnaby lags far behind other municipalities in the GVRD with respect to providing trails for mountain biking with 3.3% of parks available for this purpose. Compare this to North Van/West Van at 30%, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Poco at 55%, Richmond at 67% and Vancouver at 94%. More than 30% of recreationalists in this area are mountain bikers - this represents approximately 500,000 active riders. Most of these people ride at Burnaby Mountain. Burnaby Mountain already exists as a mountain biking park. I urge you to officially open this park to mountain bikers and other trail users and to keep the trails in as natural a state as possible. I urge you to involve non-profit organizations such as Burnaby Mountain Bike Club and EMP to help with trail design and maintenance. I believe time is of the essence in this situation so I would like to see this public process accomplished as soon as possible. Sincerely, Name:_________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________City:______________Postal:______________ Contact Number: _______________________________________________________________ Burnaby Mountain Bike Club 2063 Birch Grove Place Burnaby, BC V5A 4A3 P: 420-4359 Extreme Mountainbike People 5008 St Catherines Street Vancouver, BC V5W 3E8 P: 327-2547 E:


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