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September 3/21 20:51 pm - Watersley Ladies Challenge: Stage 1 results REVISED, Bradbury 2nd

Posted by Editoress on 09/3/21

Results from the Watersley Ladies Challenge, Junior Women's Nations Cup in the Netherlands

Stage 1: Tom Dumoulin Bike Park Criterium, 57 km
1 Makayla MacPherson (USA) LUX/Sideshow 1:24:09
2 Nicole Bradbury (Can) Canada National Team
3 Babette van der Wolf (Ned) WV Schijndel
4 Selma Lantzsch (Ger) Germany National Team
5 Mijntje Geurts (Ned) WV Schijndel
6 Cecilia van Zuthem (Ned) Mix Team NXTG Racing
7 Zoe Backstedt (GBr) British National Team
8 Lisa van Belle (Ned) Talent Cycling U19
9 Imani Pereira-James (GBr) British National Team
10 Isla Walker (Can) Canada National Team
11 Julia Grégoire (Bel) Belgian National Team
12 Carola van de Wetering (Ned) Talent Cycling U19
13 Iris Timmermans (Ned) Watersley R&D Cycling Te
14 Grace Lister (GBr) British National Team
15 Flora Perkins (GBr) British National Team
16 Johanna Martini (Aus) Austrian National Team
17 Jade Linthoudt (Bel) Van Assche - Veloloft CT
18 Britt de Grave (Ned) Watersley R&D Cycling Te
19 Katherine Sarkisov (USA) LUX/Sideshow
20 Oda Laforce (Nor) Norway National Team
21 Leila Gschwentner (Aus) Austrian National Team
22 Millie Couzens (GBr) British National Team
23 Maureen Arens (Ned) Mix Team NXTG Racing
24 Madelaine Leech (GBr) British National Team
25 Tereza Kurnická (Svk) Slovakia National Team
26 Ambre Radadi (Fra) French National Team
27 Britt Kerste (Ned) WV Schijndel
28 Julie Hendrickx (Bel) Belgian National Team
29 Nienke Dullemond (Ned) Restore Cycling
30 Ruth Decuypere (Bel) Van Assche - Veloloft CT all s.t.
31 Elissa Proulx (Can) Quebecor Stingray Womens 0:09
32 Karlijn Koop (Ned) Mix team SWABO Dames CYC
33 Laura Lizette Sander (Est) Estonian National Team
34 Sophia Zwaan (Ned) Wielerzone Nederland
35 Karin Soderqvist (Swe) Swedish National Team
36 Febe Jooris (Bel) Belgian National Team all s.t.
37 Maurene Tregouet (Fra) French National Team 0:15
38 Antonia Niedermaier (Ger) Germany National Team s.t.
39 Linda Riedmann (Ger) Germany National Team 0:00
40 Mirre Knaven (Ned) Mix Team NXTG Racing 0:50
41 Carmen van der Veen (Ned) Watersley R&D Cycling Te s.t.
42 Scarlett Souren (Ned) WV Schijndel 0:00
43 Olivia Cummins (USA) LUX/Sideshow 0:00
44 Fien Masure (Bel) Belgian National Team 0:00
45 Nienke Vinke (Ned) Mix Team NXTG Racing 0:00
46 Anniina Ahtosalo (Fin) Team Rytger Development 0:00
47 Maud Oudeman (Ned) Talent Cycling U19 1:01
48 Emma Brouwer (Ned) Wielerzone Nederland
49 Coralie Andre (Fra) French National Team
50 Cassidy Hickey (USA) LUX/Sideshow
51 Kirke Reier (Est) Estonian National Team
52 Coralie Houde (Can) Canada National Team all s.t.
53 Justine Thomas (Can) Quebecor Stingray Womens 1:18
54 Solbjørk Anderson (Den) Denmark National Team 2:01
55 Bente van den Nouweland (Ned) Watersley R&D Cycling Te
56 Ilona Feytou (Fra) French National Team
57 Victoria Lund (Den) Denmark National Team all s.t.
58 Ida Mechlenborg Krum (Den) Denmark National Team 1:01
59 Cleo Kiekens (Bel) Belgian National Team 2:01
60 Jazmine Lavergne (Can) Quebecor Stingray Womens
61 Wilma Aintila (Fin) Restore Cycling
62 Coline Raby (Fra) French National Team all s.t.
63 Elina Tasane (Est) Estonian National Team 2:09
64 Dewy van Gijsel (Ned) Restore Cycling
65 Nina Maathuis (Ned) Talent Cycling U19
66 Noemie Daumas (Fra) French National Team
67 Anouk van Leest (Ned) Wielerzone Nederland
68 Shania de Prijck (Bel) Van Assche - Veloloft CT
69 Jony van den Eijnden (Ned) WV Schijndel
70 Cassandra Bloch (Ger) Germany National Team
71 Felicia Bengtsson (Swe) Swedish National Team
72 Norah Minck (Ned) Talent Cycling U19
73 Birte Tellegen (Ned) Team Rytger Development
74 Kristy Ton (Ned) Team Rytger Development
75 Yilla Threels (Ned) Wielerzone Nederland
76 Lilly Ujfalusi (Can) Canada National Team
77 Emma Risnes (Nor) Norway National Team
78 Daniela Schmidsberger (Aus) Austrian National Team
79 Bethany Barnett (GBr) AWOL Worx
80 Amalie Christensen (Nor) Norway National Team
81 Jennie Olsson (Swe) Team Rytger Development
82 Dylan Baker (Can) Canada National Team
83 Miriama Cisecká (Svk) Slovakia National Team
84 Indy van Os (Ned) Wielerzone Nederland
85 Felicia Israelsson (Swe) Swedish National Team
86 Tess de Visser (Ned) Mix team SWABO Dames CYC
87 Elisa Winter (Aus) Austrian National Team all s.t.
88 Victoria Fløysvik (Nor) Norway National Team 4:36
89 Kiara Lylyk (Can) Canada National Team 2:41
90 Alma Johansson (Swe) Swedish National Team 4:36
91 Jacqueline Kinsey (GBr) AWOL Worx s.t.
92 Femke Thoolen (Ned) Restore Cycling 2:52
93 Eline Skjevdal (Nor) Norway National Team 4:36
94 Natasha Badertscher (Can) Restore Cycling
95 Laura Puype (Bel) Van Assche - Veloloft CT both s.t.
96 Laura Auerbach-Lind (Den) Denmark National Team 2:52
97 Anne Flora Robert (Can) Quebecor Stingray Womens 4:36
98 Silke Blei (Ned) Mix Team NXTG Racing
99 Charlotte McGreevy (GBr) AWOL Worx
100 Maya Teufel Tarlton (GBr) AWOL Worx
101 Denise Mertens (Ned) Watersley R&D Cycling Te
102 Indy Baas (Ned) Mix team SWABO Dames CYC
103 Demi Konst (Ned) Mix team SWABO Dames CYC all s.t.
104 Kristína Tichá (Svk) Slovakia National Team 9:01
105 Eva Gabelier (Can) Quebecor Stingray Womens 2:52
106 Annabrit Prants (Est) Estonian National Team 4:36
107 Andreani Chatzigeorgiou (Ned) Restore Cycling 9:01
108 Henrieta Bukovenová (Svk) Slovakia National Team s.t.
DNF Julie Uhre (Den) Denmark National Team
DNF Senne Knaven (Ned) Mix Team NXTG Racing
DNS Mikka Holm (Den) Denmark National Team


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