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May 14/01 6:58 am - Iron Lung Results (Alberta)

Posted by Editor on 05/14/01

Iron Lung Alberta XC #2
Courtesy ABA

Open Women Under 18
1Kenny, Danielle0:36:12
Open Women 18 and up
1Downey, LoriEVCCDNS
Open Men Under 18
1Strom, Per0:25:50
2Jebson, Michael0:30:41
3Alison, MichaelBow Cycle0:33:24
4Davies, BrendanBow Cycle0:34:40
5Johns, Andrew0:35:42
Open Men 18 and up
1Sara, Beavan0:47:45
2Stappler, Craig0:49:53
3Leeds, Rob0:50:52
4Richard, Jean-PaulBoat Anchor Cycling Club0:51:05
5Smith, KellyBoat Anchor Cycling Club0:53:35
6Gibson, John0:53:58
7Sorensen, Don0:54:23
8Cormier, Dan0:57:12
9Dok, Mark0:57:46
10Louis, Stewart1:00:12
11Titmus, Jim1:04:21
12Magnan, Patrick1:08:10
13Brown, LesliePedalhead Bike Works1:31:08
14Cooper, JohnSingle Track CycleDNF
Under 15 Men
1Bowser, KevinNational0:47:54
2Anderson, RyanSt Albert Trail Riders/Norco0:49:33
3Willoughby, JustinDynamic Cycle0:51:33
4Pauly, MattCABC0:55:52
5Lacourciere, LeoCafé Racers1:00:40
6Bell, WrileyCentral Alberta Bike Club1:02:27
7Churchill, MatthewPedalhead Racing Club1:03:39
8Matthews, BrendanDynamic Cycle1:22:08
9McPhalen, RobertDynamic Cycle
Under 17 Sport Men
1Schaffer, MartyBicycle Café1:06:41
2Abbott, PhilippeOlympic Oval1:09:06
3Yau, StevenDeadgoat Racing1:13:08
4de Benedetti, Peter1:13:51
5Grant, ZachSt. Albert Tratil Raiders1:15:18
6Scigliano, VincentBike Pedlars1:18:26
7Bain, BrianBow Cycle/CMC1:18:35
8MacDonald, MarkIndependent1:20:22
9Sparling, JeffOlympic Oval/Bike Shop1:25:25
10Adamson, ShaunUnited Cycle 1:27:00
11Lindsay, DrewIndependentDNF
11Hildebrandt, RobbieOlympic Oval/ Bike ShopDNF
12Hennessy-Moore, JohnBryan's Ski and Cycle/SpecializedDNF
13Sherman, BlaineHardcoreDNF
Under 17 Expert Men
1Whitten, AlanSport Shack Croakers1:02:08
2Eastmead, KeeganSport Shack Crockers1:03:27
Junior Sport Women
1Thompson, ChristineHardcore Mountain Bike Team1:24:28
Junior Sport Men
1Bell, JustinBike Peddlers1:24:40
2St Denis, MikeSt Albert Trail Riders1:37:37
3Riske, DustinSt Albert Trail Riders1:36:40
4Sparling, JamesOlympic Oval/Bike Shop1:43:26
5Krzepkowski, JacquesIndependent1:49:13
6Mortimer, SeanSingle Track Cycle1:53:39
7Dittrick, ChrisBow Cycle/CMC1:57:00
8Corrigan, ChrisBoat Anchor Cycling Club2:30:11
9Davies, LiamBow CycleDNF
10Nemish, MichaelDNF
11Cochrane, SteveRidley's Cycle
Junior Expert Men
1Morrison, CarlSport Shack Crockers1:12:24
2Sherman, EvanHardcore1:13:24
3Little, TaylorUnited Cycle1:18:21
4Sieben, RyanUnited Cycle1:18:26
5Acheson, JaySport Shack Crockers1:19:56
6Hunter, CarsonEurotech Cycle1:31:26
7Stachura, DamianSport Shack Crockers1:39:51
8Stenberg, KurtSt Albert Trail Riders1:50:11
Senior Sport Women
1Zwarich, NolaGruppo Sportivo Campione1:00:15
2Sarnowski, KristyBoat Anchor Cycling Club1:01:24
3Wong, SilpingPedalhead1:04:01
4Ayre, SandyPedalhead1:06:09
5Nicol-Jones, SherriDeadgoat Racing1:16:43
6Angus, TinaHardcore1:26:29
7Foster, MelanieUnlimitedDNF
8Proulx, DebbieOlympic OvalDNS
Senior Sport Men
1Sudlow, PaulCalgary Cycle1:30:27
2Snowdon, DylanJuventus1:32:32
3Myers, CraigJuventus1:33:11
4Daykin, EdwardJuventus1:33:49
5Ogryzlo, TimPedalhead1:34:09
6Robichaud, KonradBICI Sport1:35:15
7Martins, SteveHardcore1:35:27
8Royds, SpencerBow Cycle/CMC1:36:26
9Kennedy, GordBow Cycle/CMC1:36:50
10Woodman, PeterFort McMurray Bike Club1:36:54
11Seaborn, JeffTerrascape Racing1:38:47
12Utting, NicholasBow Cycle/CMC1:39:35
13Nethery, RobertSoma Cycle1:39:37
14Vande Beek, DavinFort McMurray Bike Club1:39:48
15Chambers, GaryRaptor Racing1:40:38
16Jones, DarrenDeadgoat Racing1:43:30
17Maxwell, AndrewPedalhead1:43:30
18Mueller, HerbertRiver Valley Cycle1:45:33
19Farion, ChrisBICI Sport1:45:44
20Moore, SteveDeadgoat Racing1:49:09
21Custodio, RoyBICI Sport1:52:55
22Wu, TimBow Cycle/CMC1:55:59
23Rasmussen, JamesIndependent1:56:17
24Ewanuk, RobSt Albert Trail Riders1:56:36
25Patton, MikeOlympic Oval/Bike Shop1:57:26
26Frank, JasonAlberta Bicycle Club2:07:40
27He, HanSingle Track Cycle2:07:53
28Archibald, MichaelDeadgoat Racing2:10:12
29Hedgeland, IanBike Pedlars2:17:43
30Kennedy, DaveBow Cycle/CMC2:27:27
31Nadeau, Mark2:52:32
32Robertson, PaulTerrascape RacingDNF
33Davis, ByronPedalheadDNF
34Hubbard, StevePedalheadDNF
Senior Expert Women
1Bouz, MadelaineUnlimited Bike Club1:18:01
2Lavoie, NicoleSt Albert Trailraiders1:23:50
3Whitehead, LauraBike Pedlars1:26:26
Senior Expert Men
1Draper, RyanRebound Cycle1:08:01
2Sutton, AndreHC Mountain Bike Team1:09:40
3Ontkean, Travis1:09:52
4Fawcett, BobRebound Cycle1:11:41
5Lawford, MikePedalhead1:13:55
6Castle, RyanHeadwinds1:15:02
7Johns, GeoffIndependent Fabrication/Campione1:16:15
8Wederhoff, Rich1:20:18
9Keats, JonathanPedalhead1:28:05
10Check, ChrisPedalhead1:35:17
11Shields, BrianHeadwindsDNF
12Robinson, AndrewRocky Mountain Bike and BoardDNF
13Zayac, MarvinPedalheadDNF
Master 30+ Women
1Licis, LisaSport Shack Crockers1:23:10
2Grajczyk, TrishDeadgoats1:29:26
3Lane, JenniferDeadgoat Racing1:30:13
4Ericksen, Anne-BrittTerrascape Racing1:30:46
5Dorscht, PamDeadgoat Racing1:40:23
6Dacruz, MariaReb Bike1:47:48
7Mooney, ColleenEurotech1:49:34
8Franklin, JulietteDeadgoat RacingDNF
9Chek, LaraPedalheadDNF
10Rachar, HeatherRocky Mountain Bike and BoardDNF
11Sutherland, SusanEurotech1:29:40 (?)
Master Sport 30-39 Men
1Prinz, MichaelSingle Track Cycle1:23:54
2Pogson, JohnBike Pedlars1:26:03
3Dagg, Don1:27:36
4Bate, LonnPedalhead1:28:47
5Creighton, GavinDeadgoat Racing1:30:22
6Nadeau, Jason1:31:32
7Andersen, RossJuventus1:32:08
8Kovacs, FrankSoma Cycle1:32:28
9Licis, BrianSport Shack Crockers1:33:26
10Zychowicz, WiesliwIndependent1:33:35
11Muenzer, KaiDeadgoat Racing1:33:40
12VanDyk, JackCampione1:34:40
13Russell, ClaytonBICI Sport1:35:01
14Kullman, BrianEurotech1:35:33
15Cramer, EricCalgary Cycle1:36:39
16Simister, BryanRidley's1:39:11
17Thomas, HowieBICI Sport1:42:48
18Ford, DavidDeadgoat Racing1:52:53
19Nash, BruceDeadgoat Racing1:54:64
20Clarry, MichaelSoma Cycle1:56:20
21Power, JamesDeadgoat Racing1:57:36
22Ward, GlenDeadgoat Racing1:57:41
23Foltz, DavidDeadgoat Racing2:01:19
24Reichert, DonEurotech2:02:31
25McKelvie, AlanPedalhead2:19:43
26Kangles, JohnBike ShopDNF
27McNair, BillIndependentDNF
28Murray, DrewSingle Track Cycle
29Cristensen, PaulDeadgoat Racing
30Conroy, JeffBike Pedlars
31Woodhouse, NickSoma Cycle
32Clark, GeoffIndependent
Master Expert 30-39 Men
1Smith, RodCalgary Cycle1:10:41
2Magee, StanBICI Sport1:10:54
3Doiel, PatDeadgoats Racing1:11:25
4Bayly, KeithSingle Track Cycle1:11:46
5Gasienica, RobertGruppo Sportivo Campione1:13:24
6Sylkerman, Derek1:14:32
7Schmiedge, KirkSoma Cycle/Gary Fisher1:14:42
8Hambleton, BrentBICI Sport1:19:12
9Harich, Andrew1:20:09
10Brodzinski, TomDeadgoats Racing1:22:08
11Achtem, GregBow Cycle/CMC1:25:15
12Golinoski, RodBICI Sport1:26:58
13Shearer, TracySt Albert Trail Riders1:35:49
14Boer, MikeEurotech CycleDNF
15Liebrecht, JackIndependentDNF
16Quinney, BillGruppo Sportivo CampioneDNF
17Osinchuk, ScottPedalheadDNF
18Bilous, KenBowcycleDNF
Master 40+
1Brezsnyak, TimDeadgoat Racing1:39:12
2Dearing, GaryBow Cycle/CMC1:41:26
3Funk, JackTerrascape Racing1:43:24
4Short, Lorne1:43:24
5Jones, DarcyDeadgoat Racing1:43:37
6Cockshutt, DeanSoma1:43:53
7Bergen, GaryDeadgoat Racing1:46:43
8McMillan, DaveDeadgoat Racing1:47:29
9Breau, ClaudeBICI Sport1:50:48
10Sansom, MikeDeadgoat Racing1:52:55
20Lemmon, PeterDeadgoat Racing1:52:56
11Mak, TommyIndependent1:54:22
12Stenberg, EricSt Albert Trail Riders1:56:48
13McPhalen, DonDynamic Cycle1:57:22
14Keller, LawrenceDeadgoat Racing1:59:26
15Pelletier, BarrySt Albert Trail Riders2:03:36
16Yau, HenryDeadgoat Racing2:03:38
17Zelensky, MichaelPedalhead2:11:07
18Rachar, StanRocky Mountain Bike and Board2:26:02
19Mayer, JoelDeadgoat Racing
Senior Elite Women
1Kaoaerber, Willow (out of prov)Cane Creek1:13:02
2Demars, JessicaBike Shop1:25:15
3Schroeder, AnniePedalhead1:36:32
4Reimer, JenniferEurotech1:55:22
5Hangord, MarthIndependentDNF
Senior Elite Men
1Sheppard, Chris (out of prov)Haro-Lee Dungarees1:42:35
2Cooke, Brian Bicycle Café1:44:58
3George, Gregory (out of prov)Radical Edge1:47:00
4Ward, DanielBike Shop1:48:59
5Webster, MarkDagourt1:51:08
6Lynem, NickBike Pedlars1:54:39
7Collins, PatDeadgoat Racing1:56:57
8Orr, DerekTerrascape Racing1:59:59
9Leibel, Pete (out of prov)Gerick Cycle2:03:31
10Amberiadis, TomIndependentDNF
11Daggett, EricOlympic Oval/Bike ShopDNF
12Kuncewicz, RafalSport Shack CrockersDNS


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