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May 16/01 10:21 am - Willock Second, B.C. News

Posted by Editor on 05/16/01

Prix des Dames - France

This event took place May 1st.

1 Zlatica Gavlakova ES Gervais-Lilas 2:29:00
2 Erinne Willock Canada
3 France-Line Catherine US Métro-Transports
4 Mélanie Morenvillez EC Rantigny
5 Anne Colin VC Arpajon - St Chéron - Breuillet

6 Julie Hutsebaut Canada
11 Julia Farrell Canada
21 Katherine White Canada

Vancouver Island News
Courtesy South Island Mountain Bike Society

1. Park Use Permits for Hartland
The South Island Mountain Bike Society (SIMBS) helps Capital Regional District Parks to manage the Hartland section of Mount Work Park under the terms of a license agreement. As part of our management responsibility, we have been given the role of issuing Park Use Permits for Hartland.

We would like to invite anyone planning a race, instructional clinic, tour, promotion, film, or other event at Hartland to obtain a park use permit from SIMBS. Permits are required for events that attract participants and / or spectators.

You can get the application forms, guidelines, and fee schedule by clicking "PERMITS" at

The criteria we use for assessing permit applications relates to the impact of the event on the trails and the effect on other park users. The funds from the fees go towards trail maintenance, tools, signs and education.

Please support SIMBS by informing all relevant parties of this permit process.

2. Fundraising for the Technical Training Area
We have estimated we will need about $1700 to build the Technical Training Area. ( a terrain park at Hartland for bikes). SIMBS already has $700 we have committed towards earth moving so we can level the site and get construction started. Any help we can get with earth moving equipment would be appreciated. We are now fund raising so we can pay for the materials. Can you contribute? We will be approaching bike shops and businesses with requests for funds. If we can sell enough $100 Corporate memberships it would go a long way towards getting us to our goal. See the complete plans at target=_blank>

3. Tzouhalem Alert
SIMBS received this E-Mail from a reliable source: " I was up in Duncan riding Tsuhalem on the weekend and spent some time jawing with a local. It seems the home owners at the top of the hill have a problem with people parking in the col de-sac by the fire gate. Mountain bikers (not all) pull up, have their stereos cranked and change their clothes as well as relieve themselves in this area. Needless to say the residents are a little pissed. If you could pass on a message to park at the bottom and take the trail from the playground up it would be greatly appreciated! Best Regards. "

SIMBS thanks this person for reporting a problem and providing a constructive solution. Please let us know of situations that need advocacy attention to preserve and extend trails.

Jim Richardson, Director
Box 215 - 2680 Quadra St. Victoria, BC, V8T4E4

North Shore Mountain Bike League
Courtesy Jill Warland

Future World Cup Riders - Local Kids take on Province's Best

On behalf of the riders and coaches of the North Shore Mountain Bike League (NSMBL) we invite you to attend the 4th annual BC High School Invitational Mountain Bike Championship on Saturday, May 26. This exciting event will take place on a challenging new course in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver. (Maps and other info can be found at out league website at )

The following categories will be contested:
Bantam - boys & girls grade 8
Juvenile - boys & girls grade 9
Junior - boys & girls grade 10
Senior - boys & girls grades 11/12

Date, Place & Time:
Date: Saturday, May 26, 2001
Place: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) North Vancouver, BC
Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Order of Races:
11:00 am - Bantam boys
11:05 am - Bantam / Juvenile girls
12:00 noon - Juvenile boys
12:05 pm - Junior / Senior girls
1:00 pm - Junior boys
2:00 pm - Senior boys

1. Individual: Medals and prizes will be awarded to the top 6 finishers in each age division.
2. Awards will be presented one half hour following each division race.
3. Division Team Championship standings will be based upon four best finishers from a school. A school must have a minimum of three riders in order to qualify for a Division Team Championship.
4. Aggregate team standings are based upon top four finishers from a school in each division.
5. Trophies will be presented to schools in first place in each age division and aggregate team

Park at the Ranger parking lot at the top of the road. A shuttle bus will give you a ride from the parking lot to the Scout Camp (Staging area).

NSMBL Final Individual Standings (6 race series)

Senior Boys
NameSchoolTotal Points
Ben SigstonArgyle98
Andrew CartwrightHandsworth88
Michael SimpsonCollingwood67
Craig WalshWVSS64
Kyle GuaySutherland62
Colin KerrWVSS61
Bryan KellyHandsworth61
Blake BurgonSutherland61
Kirk BraratenWVSS52
Terry GarnettArgyle49
Scottie StubbsSutherland46
Chad CousinsSutherland39
Eric RingroseHowe Sound32
Grant McDonaldSutherland20
Chris BrownSutherland20
Michael WarrenArgyle14
Bryn HammettHandsworth12
Ryan AndersonWindsor12
Jason MurleySeycove11
Marc StokesWindsor11
Lucas HenneckerArgyle10
Tomas EskelinSutherland8
Sean NelsonHowe Sound7
Ryan CrossHandsworth7
Paul HodgsonChatelech6
Matt NobleArgyle6
Mark BlaxlandArgyle5
Brenden GahanSutherland5
Ross DunnetSeycove5
Ryan deJongArgyle5
Stephen ShoellerWVSS5
Mike LawHowe Sound5
Dan SmithChatelech4
Erin GavelSutherland4
Filip MatousArgyle4
Matt HawkinsSeycove3
Nick HebertCollingwood3
Mike KroghArgyle3
Matt McCabeHowe Sound3
Graham RobergeHowe Sound3
Trevor SmithArgyle3
Scott TolanCollingwood3
Farbod GharbiArgyle2
Chris MacartherCollingwood2
Harley MercerWVSS2
Matt OslerCollingwood2
James BeckSutherland1
Shane CarmichaelHowe Sound1
Randy EnglehartHowe Sound1
Doug GowHowe Sound1
Neal HancockCollingwood1
Todd RathieSeycove1
Quinn SadlerSutherland1
Senior Girls
NameSchoolTotal Points
Lindsay BelfryArgyle100
Clara HungrSentinel86
Tara CousinsSutherland78
Emma SeddonSutherland52
Jessica GuginsHowe Sound40
Amber HamiltonHowe Sound25
Lauren EvansonChatelech14
Caitlin GuginsHowe Sound12
Tammy LessardHowe Sound11
Taylor McKechnieHowe Sound1
Chelsea RaymondWVSS1
Laura DeCookHowe Sound0
Erin DunlapArgyle0
Megan SharpeArgyle0
Judy SwensChatelech0
Jeanine WiebeHowe Sound0
Junior Boys
NameSchoolTotal Points
Bradley FairallHandsworth100
Jim SalusburyWVSS92
Matthew RochettaBrackendale82
Steve MitchellWVSS71
Adam QuiringBrackendale64
Daryl LedukeBrackendale62
Garrett RuttonBrackendale57
Mike LaudrumRockridge51
Tyler DavenportRockridge43
Aaron KempfBrackendale42
Chris EverittRockridge37
Matt LaudrumRockridge34
Jason JacquetRockridge32
Tyler MooiWVSS27
Keely BaumgartnerArgyle23
Dallas BishopCarson21
Calvin ProcArgyle20
Eric HarrisSeycove11
Mehrad GolestaniSutherland10
Matt ChanArgyle8
Chris ValeriaBrackendale8
Hunter RiddallArgyle8
Mark WiznowyczSutherland7
JP CabralArgyle7
Gerred RushtonSeycove6
Sean GilfillanSeycove5
Jamie ManganSeycove5
Ryan DicksonChatelech5
Kyle McLawsHandsworth4
Jack DeanWVSS4
James GarrowArgyle4
Luke NevaySutherland4
Amin MenhadjiArgyle3
Tristan OlkSeycove3
Jamie WakelingSeycove3
Chris PowSeycove2
Morgan DenoBrackendale1
Al LeeRockridge1
Keith ReedHowe Sound1
Aaron ShapiroArgyle1
Junior Girls
NameSchoolTotal Points
Heather Bryce Carson96 *
Emily EwensArgyle96
Lindsey BraunBrackendale50
Nicole MatenBrackendale30
Kristen Ohm-PedersenChatelech13
Jessica KimCollingwood14
* Heather wins overall as she won the last race, beating Emily.
Juvenile Boys
NameSchoolTotal Points
Trevor MahonWVSS100
Dusty SeptChatelech84
Taka LiSutherland82
Jeff MeiklejohnCarson63
Duncan SabistonWVSS61
Kristian ShortChatelech54
Dan SteinWindsor46
Spencer LockeCarson45
Tom PartridgeRockridge43
Tyler AmbroseBrackendale43
Matt AngelArgyle41
Matthew JacquetRockridge38
Trevor GattoRockridge34
Mike MeakinHandsworth28
Travis PenroseBrackendale25
Mike ParkHandsworth18
Michael RamseyCollingwood18
Derek ThompsonHandsworth15
Lincoln GarriesSeycove13
Ryan WaltonBrackendale12
Ryan McDonaldRockridge12
Derek StevenWVSS11
Karl HansenSeycove8
Ryan OrrRockridge6
Shea McKinneyWindsor5
Andrew DuarteCollingwood5
Matt ShoemakerCarson5
Ed LeesHandsworth5
William BarrettWindsor5
Kevin AxtonCarson5
Trevor BristowRockridge5
Kevin LamArgyle5
Stewart ThomasSeycove4
Jonathan FraserHowe Sound4
Andy GavelSutherland4
Ryan ClancyCollingwood4
Rob de PhillippiCollingwood4
Scott HowieHandsworth4
Eric ThielSutherland4
Kellen VogerRockridge4
Jay BartokSutherland3
Johnathan WrightCollingwood3
Shawn SeifertCollingwood3
Erin FitzsimmonsHandsworth3
Morgan MansfieldCollingwood2
Kyle BakerChatelech2
Pat PucciArgyle1
Andrew BennettBalmoral1
David BlakeChatelech1
Juvenile Girls
NameSchoolTotal Points
Katherine ClarkHandsworth96
Jen KroghArgyle86
Heather RochettaBrackendale74
Jennifer MarchantBrackendale73
Rebecca ValleauBrackendale65
Ashley SugiyamaCarson59
Vanessa MacKayBrackendale58
Hannah PorterCarson51
Samantha CromeiSutherland48
Jessica RichardsonWindsor42
Stephanie CascanetteBrackendale17
Alex ThompsonRockridge13
Ashley CyrBrackendale7
Bantam Boys
NameSchoolTotal Points
Neal KindreeBrackendale96
Matt PenaCarson94
Chris BatesChatelech78
Kyle NelsonBrackendale65
Ryan ChungRockridge65
Tony McLaneHowe Sound63
Alan WilliamsCarson54
Ross MeasuresSeycove47
Dan LibmanSeycove43
Sean BurkeArgyle34
Chad MerkelBrackendale32
Patrick McKechnieBrackendale26
Peter LauritzenArgyle25
Kostya ChimkovitchWindsor23
Mitch DennisChatelech23
Justin NorthcottSeycove20
Kyle RitchieBrackendale18
Mike MannSeycove18
Devlin HookhomHandsworth17
Alex BarberBalmoral17
Keegan LeighRockridge11
Justin MasonSeycove10
Lucas HarleArgyle9
Todd BraratenRockridge8
Philip McKellarBrackendale8
Jeffrey WallaceRockridge8
Ben FrisbySutherland6
David MasonRockridge6
Derek DixMulgrave5
Brett WildemanChatelech5
Brad ClausenArgyle5
Matthew RyanArgyle5
Matt BeaudinArgyle5
Rhys HarderWVSS5
Tyler HallBrackendale5
Sean PorterWindsor5
Charles KwokCarson5
Donny BatistaBalmoral5
Malcolm BrodieCollingwood5
Cavan BradyHandsworth5
Jeff HartSutherland5
Kyle KennedyCollingwood5
Martin OrpenSeycove5
Pat StothersWindsor5
Bram RutherfordSeycove5
Paul BoscoBalmoral5
Craig KelvinCollingwood5
Kyle GarnettArgyle5
Kyle RosnesSeycove5
Matt TolanCollingwood5
Jack SwordCollingwood5
Greg CohemCollingwood5
Hussain DhalaArgyle5
Patrick CampbellCollingwood5
Trevor ChronisterSeycove5
Aaron MorrisArgyle5
Gordon SandsCollingwood5
Kyle StaintonHowe Sound4
Colin MurellSentinel4
Kyle KilburnSutherland4
Ryan BairdBalmoral4
Nick NgMulgrave4
James WestonBalmoral4
Stephan DumontRockridge3
Josh SamorodinSentinel3
Tyler RonaghanWindsor3
Ryan PedersenHowe Sound3
Andrew BaldwinBalmoral3
Alex GreigBalmoral3
Geoff HoughtonMulgrave3
Matthew TrudeauWindsor3
Sean WallerBalmoral3
Cam WoodRockridge3
Tyler MartinHandsworth2
Julian BellRockridge2
Andrew KimCarson2
Rick KimSeycove2
Boris MaganicCarson2
Patrick McDonaldBalmoral2
Andrew SakataCarson2
Jeffrey WalterSeycove2
Robert WatsonChatelech2
Ian BellBrackendale1
Russell CochraneSeycove1
Derek CoulombeSeycove1
Keiran GudmundsethCollingwood1
Jeff GulevichHandsworth1
Chris KingdonArgyle1
Byron KopmanRockridge1
Stephan KunnekeSeycove1
Rob PaulBalmoral1
Jonathan TamSentinel1
Wyatt TurneyBalmoral1
Bantam Girls
NameSchoolTotal Points
Lisa TasaWVSS100
Ashley RobinsonBalmoral68
Hillary RogersBalmoral36
Sarah BrykajloBalmoral2
Sasha GriffithsBalmoral1

Team Results 2001

Bantam / Juvenile Girls
1. Brackendale - 270 pts.
2. Balmoral - 107 pts.

Junior / Senior Girls
1. Howe Sound - 77 pts.

Bantam Boys
1. Brackendale - 219 pts.
2. Carson Graham - 155 pts.
3. Seycove - 128 pts.
4. Rockridge - 92 pts.
5. Chatelech - 108 pts.
6. Argyle - 73 pts.
7. Windsor - 36 pts.
8. Balmoral - 31 pts.
9. Handsworth - 25 pts.
10. Collingwood - 20 pts.
11. Sutherland - 15 pts.

Juvenile Boys
1. West Vancouver - 172 pts.
2. Chatelech - 141 pts.
3. Rockridge - 127 pts.
4. Carson Graham - 118 pts.
5. Sutherland - 93 pts.
6. Handsworth - 66 pts.
7. Argyle - 47 pts.
8. Collingwood - 16 pts.

Junior Boys
1. Brackendale - 265 pts.
2. West Vancouver - 194 pts.
3. Rockridge - 165 pts.
4. Argyle - 59 pts.
5. Seycove - 27 pts.
6. Sutherland - 21 pts.

Senior Boys
1. Sutherland - 208 pts.
2. West Vancouver - 182 pts.
3. Argyle - 171 pts.
4. Handsworth - 168 pts.
5. Collingwood - 75 pts.
6. Handsworth - 47 pts.
7. Seycove - 20 pts.


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