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May 17/01 10:00 am - B.C., Alberta, Quebec, Dorion Wins, Dev. Camps, Midweek, Kelso, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 05/17/01

Gary Lund Classic Results - B.C. Team Standings Update
Courtesy Jonathan Wornell

Sunday, May 13 marked the annual pilgrimage of riders from all over B.C. to the picturesque shores of Sooke (on the west coast of Vancouver Island) for the Gary Lund Classic Road Race. Unlike previous years, this year would see the strongest junior and Espoir riders attempting to qualify for the B.C. Team at the Canada Summer Games in this third, and final, road selection race.

The weather was kind again this year towards the riders, giving them nothing but pleasant temperatures and partly cloudy skies. Shortly after the Category 1/2/3 men's field began their early morning trek to Port Renfrew and back (~140km), the male B.C. Team "hopefuls" set out on an abridged (85km) version of the course. This would be the same course that the women, master's men, and category 4/5 men would use.

The pack (of 21) stayed together until the first serious climb of the day, which came at approximately the 17km mark. It was here that Cameron Evans (Trek/VW) attempted the first break from the pack however, after a short gap, the attack was countered by Jamie Douglas (Rocky Mountain) with Cameron's teammate, Ian Condron (Trek/VW), firmly on his wheel. Almost immediately a chase group of three formed - Will Routley (Rocky Mountain), Marsh Cooper (Devo), and Cameron Evans (Trek/VW) - and they set to work to chase down the lead duo. The chase and the break merged by the base of the long, fast, and bumpy descent into Jordan River at the 23km mark and, together, they worked on putting more time into the pack as they climbed back out of the Jordon River basin on their way to the turn-around. This surge of attacks and chasing had its effect on the pack as only 12 riders remained in the pack by the turn-around.

As the five leaders began their return to Sooke for the finish, their lead was at 1:30. The pack worked hard to hold the gap steady but the gap would continue to widen until the finish. The lead group worked hard all the way back along the undulating highway to Sooke. It was only with about 8km to go that one of the break's "workhorses", Marsh Cooper, cracked and would be reeled in by the pack.

The four remaining leaders would battle out the finish in a sprint with Ian Condron taking the win from his teammate, Cameron Evans.

The women's field, numbering an impressive 35, saw the Canada Summer Games candidates mixed with some of B.C.'s toughest women's competitors. All the CSG women stayed active near the front of the pack during the early goings of the race, and it wasn't until shortly before the first major climb of the day at the 17km mark that the attacks started to happen.

The first to go was Erica Drew (Speed Queens) with 800.COM trying to keep her under control. As she was absorbed into the pack before the climb, Gina Grain (800.COM) and Mandy Poitras (800.COM) worked to control the pack for their lead rider, Leah Goldstein (800.COM).

Part way in to the climb Leah attacked the pack and quickly opened up a 50m gap. A small quartette of Lesley Tomlinson (Rocky Mountain), Trish Sinclair (Ford/Devinci), Eron Chorney (Rocky Mountain), and Marni Prazsky (Trek VW) led the pack in a strong attempt to draw Leah back to the pack. However, it was an attack from the middle of the pack by Darnelle Moore (Team Soliton) that saw the only successful bridge up to the powerful Leah. With Leah driving the pace the two worked hard to stay away for the remainder of the race with Darnelle conceding the sprint to the hard-working Leah.

In the disintegrating pack, the CSG women continued to work hard even after a small chase group - Lesley Tomlinson, Trish Sinclair, Marni Prazsky, and Kiara Bisaro (Trek) - had broken away. These four women would go on to close the gap to the two leaders with Lesley just out-sprinting Trish for third.

Sandra Walter (Speed Queens) took over the top spot in the CSG competition from Erica Drew by leading home the other CSG women in an impressive 8th place finish. Heather Parrott and Erica Drew rounded out the top three for the CSG athletes with Heather moving from 7th to 5th in the overall competition.

The final selection race for all of the Team B.C. hopefuls will be held on June 23rd at the infamous Squamish Test of Metal mountain bike race. This will be the athletes last chance to secure a spot on Team B.C. for these Games.

Men 1/2/3
1. Svein Tuft (Broadmark)
2. Rod Cunningham (Broadmark)
3. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain)
4. Matt Decore (Victoria Elite)
5. Nick Rowe (Trek VW)
6. Jesse Keefer (Broadmark)
7. Darren Vogler (Trek VW)
8. Bryce McCallum (Hammergel/ECaps)
9. Jason Crookham (Sympatico/JetFuel)
10. Matt Usborne (Victoria Elite)

1. Leah Goldstein (800.COM)
2. Darnelle Moore (Team Soliton)
3. Lesley Tomlinson (Rocky Mountain)
4. Trish Sinclair (Ford Devinci)
5. Marni Prazsky (Trek VW)
6. Kiara Bisaro (Trek)
7. Claire Townsend (Oryx/Procycle)
8. Sandra Walter (Speed Queens)
9. Claire Hall-Patch (Norco)
10. Eron Chorney (Rocky Mountain)

Men Category 4/5/Masters
1. Ian Smith (Nanaimo BC)
2. Steve Dinning (Crystaal)
3. Ryan McNamara (PVL-Forte)
4. Gerry Van Gaans (Campione)
5. Martin Willock (Victoria Wheelers)
6. Mike Grace (Schwalbe)
7. Mike Charik (National Earth)
8. Murray Drew (Victoria Wheelers)
9. Dan Molgat-Roy (Bike Cellar)
10. Dave Bergman (Tantalus)

Men CSG Standings
1. Ian Condron 28 pts
2. Cameron Evans 26
3. Clayton Hiltz 14
4. Peter Odegaard 13
5. Will Routley 11
6. Bryan Moffatt 9
7. Marsh Cooper 8
8. Jamie Douglas 8
9. Benjammin Sigston 7
10. Terry Garnett 7

Women CSG Standings
1. Sandra Walter 26 pts
2. Erica Drew 24
3. Lisa Sweeny 20
4. Suzanne Macht 19
5. Heather Parrott 14
6. Jessica Hannah 14
7. Kati Henry 6
8. Jessica Anderson 6
9. Krista Morrison 4
10. Lindsay Belfry 3

Svein Tuft

Top Summer Games woman Sandra Walters

Men's Canada Summer Games Break

Prairie Steamer Combined Road-MTB Stage Race - Calgary, Alberta
Courtesy CP Walsh

Calgary's Eurotech Cycle is pleased to host the third annual Prairie Steamer Stage Race on May 26 and 27. The Steamer is a bolshie attempt to combine interests in road racing and mountain biking into one stage race. Riders compete on their road bikes over a rolling course west of Cochrane, Alberta on the first day and then take to their mountain bikes for a hilly ride of the Canada Olympic Park Canada Cup course on day two. The top 20 riders in each category are awarded placing points in each race and after the MTB race thepoints are tallied and we hail the most versatile riders are Bolshevized!

2001 Prairie Steamer Combined Road-MTB Stage Race, 26-27 May, Calgary, Alberta


- Elite (Road 1/2 and/or MTB Elite), 115 km Road Race, 35 km MTB Race
-Womyn (all womyn, women, wimmin), 85 km Road Race, 28 km MTB Race
- Expert (Road 3 and/or MTB Expert), 85 km Road Race, 28 km MTB Race
- Sport (Road 4 and/or MTB Sport), 85 km Road Race, 28 km MTB Race

Prizes: $2800 in cash plus draw prizes!
Cost: $46
Details: CP Walsh

Coupe du Möme - Quebec
Courtesy Josée Robitaille

3rd race of the series

1 Lucien Courtemanche Brossard
2 Alex van Den Eynde Volskwagen les Ailes
3 Hubert Fratelli Volkswagen Les Ailes

Pee Wee Filles
1 Lysanne Fratelli Lapraicycle
2 Catherine Couture Lapraicycle
3 Anne Marie Cöté Brossard

Pee Wee Garçons
1 Thomas Fortin Volkswagen Les Ailes
2 carl Mossinko Dynamicks
3 Guillaume Charest brossard

Minimes Garçons
1 Alexandre Charest
2 Tommy Barriault Dynamicks
3 Jordan Simard Dynamicks

1st VeryFine GP - Littleton, Massachusetts
Courtesy veriZon Wireless women's team

May 13, 2001

Men - 100 km
1 John Lieswyn (7UP/Colorado Cyclist) 2:33:37
2 Adam Hodges Myerson (Mengoni-CRCA)
3 Josh Hall ( both s.t.

Note: The rest of the field was disqualified due to yellow line violations. Prior to the dq, Andrew Randall, Dominique Rollin, and Joe Guiliano were 7th, 9th, & 11th respectively

Women 67 km
1 Melanie Dorion (Andre Colander Sports) 2:00:38
2 Jody Diemar (Ind.) s.t.
3 Robin Gilmore-Barnes (NEBC/CycleLoft) at 3:43

7 Sophie St-Jacques (Team Volkswagen) s.t.

Melanie Dorion also won a race in Sterling, Massachusetts the day before.

Pre-World Cup MTB Development Camps
Courtesy CCA

The Canadian Cycling Association is organizing two training camps immediately prior to the two Canadian rounds of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cups. These camps will be open to all athletes, but development athletes, aged 17 to 22, will be given priority in case of maximum enrollment. Athletes must be nominated by the Provinces, by the Training Centers or by personal coaches by direct arrangement with National Coach Yury Kashirin. Athletes will be accepted for these camps in the order that they are nominated.

The objective of these camps is to aid mountain bike athletes in developing their understanding of training methods and nutrition, as well as honing their fitness and skills. Athletes will be introduced to physiological testing methods using the CompuTrainer. The camp's instructors will be aided by local professional athletes. A mechanic will also be in attendance at some specific periods.

The Western Camp will be held at the Pacific Sport National Training Centre in Victoria, from June 30 to July 6, ending just before the Grouse Mountain World Cup. This camp will be led by Yury Kashirin, National Team Coach, who will be assisted by Michel Leblanc, Quebec Provincial Coach. This camp will be open to 20 athletes. The cost of this camp will be $300 and will include all accommodations at the University of Victoria, three meals per day, expert coaching and training education.

Athletes will receive transport from the Victoria airport or ferry to the training center. There will also be the opportunity for 10-15 athletes to receive transportation to Grouse Mountain Cup and receive free lodging with a host family. This will be on a first come first served basis. The deadline for registering will be June 14th. Please contact Yury Kashirin directly to register.

The Eastern Camp will be held at the Bromont National Training Centre in Bromont, Quebec, from August 19 to 24, ending just before the Mont-Ste-Anne World Cup. The instructor for this camp will be Michel Leblanc, Quebec Provincial Coach, with assistance from Neil Ross, Ontario Provincial Coach. The cost of this camp will be $150 and will include all accommodations at the Bromont center, expert coaching and training education. Cooking facilities will be available for athletes to prepare their own meals.

Athletes will receive transport from Dorval airport to the training center and from the training center to Mont-Ste-Anne for the World Cup as well as race support during the event, if needed. The deadline for registering will be Aug 5th. Please contact Michel Leblanc directly to register.

For the Western Camp, please make cheques payable to Pacific Sport National Training Center and for the Eastern Camp, please make cheques payable to the Bromont National Training Center.

Contact Information:

Yury Kashirin
Pacific Sport National Training Centre
Suite 100, 4636 Elk Lake Dr.
Victoria, BC V8Z 5M1
(250) 744-1385
fax (250) 744-3542

Michel Leblanc
Centre National Cyclisme de Bromont
400 rue Shefford
Bromont, PQ J2L 3E7
(450) 534-1560
fax (450) 534-1563

La Bicicletta Midweek Series - Mississauga, Ontario
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Event #5
51.25 km

1. Paul Rego (Ital Pasta) 1:08:49
2. Heath Cockburn (Jet Fuel Sympatico) s.t.
3. Peter Morse (GO) 1:09:10
4. Don Zuck (Pavan)
5. Craig Webster (Ind)
6. Barry Reid (Maple Leaf)
7. Greg Cavanagh (Oakville/Cyclepath)
8. Mark Shaw (Ind)
9. Michael Moore (Gears)
10. Garnet Abbey (HRT) all s.t.

Series Standings
1. Heath Cockburn 44pts
2. Peter Morse 42
3. Jeff Hansen 35
4. Barry Reid 33
5. Marcel Zeirfuss 32
6. Enrico Traini 31
7. Paul Rego 27
8. Andrew Randall 18
9. Paul Hornack 17
10. Roy Zacchetto 16

Thanks again to our regular marshall, Peter Hurley and to the riders for stacking cones and staying on the course. Don't forget Downsview in only 2 weeks.

Kelso Photos

Men's XC Podium

Women's XC Podium

Happy Birthday To...

Melanie McQuaid, today.


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