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May 18/01 12:14 pm - Canadians at Milk Ras, Ontario News, Shep Photo, Saskatchewan News, Avro Sold

Posted by Editor on 05/18/01

FDB Milk Ras
Courtesy Dave Butler

The Fuel Coffee team has made its way over the pond to Ireland. The team's in Dublin right now preparing for Sunday's starts.

Actually right now we're at fixing a fork that was mangled on the flight over. Remember to use those plastic fork spacers on all international flights. The shop is owned by two time Milk Ras winner Phillip Cassidy so we're getting some good background info on the race.

The team is ready to roll. With 38 teams of 5 riders 190 riders will be winding their way through some narrow roads, things will be interesting. As Phillip warned us the Irish riders will be stressed from day one to perform well, things will be happening from the gun.

Our team for this race; Peter Wedge, Joe Giuliano, Josh Hall, Jason Crookham and Brendan Cameron will be ready to race on Sunday. Our Irish helper Kieran has warned the boys to race well since caravan positions are determined by GC placing after every stage and he doesn't want to be watching the race from the back of the caravan.

This will be our last race in Jet Fuel Coffee clothing since our new clothing arrives next week. But we figured we'll go out in style and this race is a great way to do it.

We'll be sending in regular updates whenever we can find internet access. By the way, downtown Dublin is very cool.

Flamborough Road Race - Ontario

The Flamborough Road Races are set to go on Sunday, May 27th. A 20 km citizens race is offered at 9:30am for those who want to give the course a try. The 5.1 km loop with three good "rollers" each lap is perfect for beginners. Fat tires are welcome, and may even be appreciated on the "rough" section of the course.

OCA Licensed Categories will race for points and cash. The following start times have been scheduled, Masters BCD 10:30am, Masters A 11:45am, Senior 3 1:00pm, Senior 1/2 2:15pm. Senior 1/2's will race 12 laps, all others will race 8. Modest distances after what is sure to be lasting pain from Niagara. We apologize for the bit of "rough" road, but what classic is without it?

Race Flyer (PDF)

Directions to Registration:

From Toronto, QEW to 403 Hamilton. North Hwy # 6. West Hwy # 5, just past Sydenham Rd., turn left on Ofield Rd., Parking/Registration on right about 500m.

From London, 401 East to Hwy # 8 South to Hwy # 5 East, Just past Brock Rd., turn right on Ofield Rd., Parking/Registration on right about 500m.

To join our race crew contact Chris Kiriakopoulos -

Iron Lung Photo

I took this photo of Chris Sheppard at the Pedalhead Iron Lung XC Mountain Bike race at COP in Calgary last weekend - he rode over 2 laps (15km) without a tire and continued to open up his lead on the rest of the field. I read the blurb someone sent in and thought you'd enjoy this...

Steve Hubbard


2001 Tri-Province Road Race Series
Courtesy Saskatchewan Cycling Association

Plan: Each province (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta) will assign one race weekend on their calendar as the Series events. The race dates are:

May 19-22 - Bikes on Broadway, Saskatoon
June 23-24 - Headwinds Stage Race, Lethbridge
June 30-July 1 - Winnipeg Stage race

Only the road race will count for points. Points will be assigned as follows:

1st 20 points
2nd 18
3rd 16
4th 14
5th 12
6th 10
7th 9
8th 8
9th 7
10th 6
11th 5
12th 4
13th 3
14th 2

All Other Finishers 1pts

Riders will accumulate points from their best two road races. A rider can accumulate points in only one category. Points will be collected for the following five rider categories: cat 1&2 combined, cat 3, cat 4, cat 5 and women. Categories maybe combined at certain events, but points will always remain separate. The Saskatchewan Cycling Association will record the points for the Series.

Series Prize List
The following prize list will be used for each category 1&2 and 3:

1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $150
4th $150
5th $100
6th $100
7th $100

The following prize list will be used for each category 4, 5 and women:

1st $200
2nd $100
3rd $75
4th $75
5th $50
6th $50
7th $50

The prizes will be awarded at the end of summer.

Avro Rims Sold

Avro Rims, Canada's only bicycle rim manufacturer, has been sold.

Founded in 1998 by John Devon the firm produced the first durable downhill rim a 44 mm wide model.

With limited resources the firm was unable to evolve and most recently deliver product.

The firm was purchased by a group headed by Steve Kushneryk. It was Kushneryk who in the 90s introduced Nokian Tyres and the 3.0 Gazzaloddi to the North American market.

The new ownership was able to retain the Avro brand and also acquire the factory intact. New machinery will be added to increase capacity.

John Devon has assumed all debt, however repayment is not expected.

Avro will move forward quickly and introduce a dual slalom rim and bmx rim to its line up. Also to be added as soon as the beginning of June are downhill pedals and hubs. The hubs will enable Avro to commence long awaited complete wheel set production.

Avro had shipped product previously to the U.S., U.K., France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and Ecuador.

Avro will re-evaluate it distributor network and determine those with which to move forward. They will be informed next week.

Racers that have previously ordered product and not yet have been shipped will be contacted and delivered product in the next two weeks.

The company web site is locate at


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