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May 23/01 8:43 am - Canada Games Selection (Race of Future Champions) Info

Posted by Editor on 05/23/01

Race of Future Champions - Ontario
Courtesy Denise Kelly

Final Selection for the Canada Games

The Race of Future Champions (ROFC) May 26,27 hosted by the Cobourg Cycling Club is this weekend. OPEN TO ALL WOMEN AND ALL JUNIOR/ESPOIR MEN.

Here are the Directions for Saturday morning's RR:

To get to Warkworth on Saturday Morning take the 401 to Colborne (can't miss it as there's a big huge apple on the side of the highway) Exit 497.
Turn onto County Rd #25 and go North to Castleton. Turn right in Castleton onto County Rd #25 to Warkworth and then follow the signs to the arena.Registration opens at 8:30. Be there early so we can start on time!

Saturday afternoon the ITT will be held in Castleton and Sunday morning's MTB race will be held in Garden Hill.

If you're looking for a place to stay check out: or

Bring your legs and your lungs you're gonna need them!


1. There will be gear restrictions for ALL riders in both road events. It will be consistent with the Canada Games themselves. "For any road event, the gear ratio shall be restriced to 7.93 metres maximum (52 X 14 with 700 cc wheels)." You may use a 53 X 15 but you will loose a few gear inches. Gears may be 'blocked' off.

2. There will be bike restrictions, again consistent with the Canada Games - "Each competitor cannot use more than two (2) different bicycles - one for the road events and one for the mountain bike event. These bicycles must be registered at the time of license presentation. A seal will be applied to the main part of the bicycle and this seal will be checked at each start and finish. If the seal is not intact, the rider will be disqualified.

Some parts of the bicycle may be changed from one event to another: wheels, bars, pedals, etc. but the frame must remain the same for the road events and for the mountain bike event. In case of a structural breakdown of the frame, as recognized by the Chief Official, a replacement frame may be used. "

3. Overall GC will be determined by a points system.

For further information on the race contact Dave or Rob Naish at (905)372-9502. Check out the OCA website at for complete details on selection or contact Denise Kelly at


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