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May 23/01 11:07 am - Canadians in Columbia, Saskatchewan, Teams 2001, Midi-Libre, Birthdays

Posted by Editor on 05/23/01

Canadian Team in Columbia

Kurt Innes is reporting from the Track World Cup in Cali, Columbia, where the Canadian team has just arrived.

Greetings all,

Our Canadian entourage arrived into Cali, Colombia around 9PM local time last night, after a fairly long travel day From Montreal, PQ. Like most international flights , some of our bikes and equipment didn't make the trip with us. We are hopeful to receive it later this afternoon , prior to our training session at 5PM tonite.

The flight was fairly busy from Miami, airport and included many teams travelling down for the world cup. Germany, USA, France, Suisse and our Canadian team were all on the plane. ... understandable that all of our bikes didn't make it when you actually see the quantity of equipment that many athletes travels with!

The hotel we are at is quite nice. It is same location as last year, and the track is in very good shape as well. The weather is normal for Cali, with 25 degrees currently.

We are training this afternoon, from 5-6:30 PM. Very excited to get the show on the road and see how everyone is riding after the winter of training and pre season events!!

More news later,

Bikes on Broadway 2001 - Saskatchewan
Courtesy Denise at Saskatchewan Cycling

Race Results for stage race held May 19-21, 2001.

NameStage 1 TimeStage 1 PlacingStage 2 TimeStage 2 PlacingStage 3 Time BonusStage 4 TimeStage 4 Prime/BonusStage 4 PlacingGC TimeGC PlacingHome Town
Cat. 1-2
Duncan Clarke3:02:0120:12:5120:00:201:00:4254:15:141Calgary
Murray Carter3:01:3210:13:1430:00:101:00:4364:15:192Winnipeg
Bob Veroba3:13:2640:12:1011:00:4374:26:193Calgary
Jesse Collins3:13:1930:13:4850:59:300:00:1514:26:224Calgary
Neil Grover3:13:2850:13:4640:59:320:00:0534:26:415Winnipeg
Dave Jetz3:13:3970:14:1270:59:320:00:2024:27:036Calgary
Jeff Smith3:13:4180:14:2890:59:3244:27:417Calgary
Kevin Weberbauer3:13:4190:13:5061:00:4384:28:148Saskatoon
Leith McLeod3:13:3060:14:2880:00:151:00:4394:28:269Winnipeg
Darcy Hertzberg3:19:07100:14:36101:04:13124:37:5610Calgary
Jason Grundahl3:27:06110:14:59111:00:43104:42:4811Saskatoon
Edmond Blanchette3:31:42120:15:30121:00:43114:47:5512Winnipeg
Cat. 3
Shane Armstrong2:32:0620:13:3610:53:513:39:331Saskatoon
Greg McKee2:32:1930:14:0540:53:510:00:1023:40:052Saskatoon
Derek McMaster2:31:5810:14:48140:53:513:40:373Moose Jaw
Newell Hedstrom2:32:2740:14:37110:53:513:40:554Saskatoon
Dave Crewe2:38:4580:14:0660:00:200:53:513:46:225Calgary
Kevin Williams2:38:55100:14:0550:00:100:53:510:00:053:46:366Calgary
Ted Dahms2:38:3560:14:2480:53:513:46:507Wetaskewin
Scott Cranston2:38:4690:14:47130:53:513:47:248Saskatoon
Andrew Walker2:39:12110:15:02150:00:150:53:513:47:509Calgary
Ian Case2:41:29120:14:33100:53:513:49:5310Winnipeg
Mark Fewster2:41:29130:14:39120:53:510:00:053:49:5411Edmonton
Joep Beurskens2:38:3770:14:2270:57:203:50:1912Red Deer
Will Schenn2:41:29140:15:33180:53:513:50:5313Saskatoon
Todd Barraclough2:46:13170:14:0430:53:510:00:1513:53:5314Edmonton
Justin Gullickson2:46:13180:15:03160:53:510:00:0533:55:0215Calgary
David Perks2:46:56190:14:3090:53:513:55:1716Calgary
Francis Clark2:46:13160:15:41190:53:513:55:4517Saskatoon
Matt Gemmel2:48:38230:15:10170:53:513:57:3918Winnipeg
Daryl Beler2:47:07200:15:56200:57:254:00:2819Calgary
Marian Pyszczcek2:47:25210:19:18220:53:514:00:3420Winnipeg
Blaine Melnyk2:48:12220:24:51230:53:514:06:5421Saskatoon
Sean Gabora3:15:15240:17:37210:59:394:32:3122Saskatoon
Cabrel Boucher2:38:3550:13:502DNFWinnipeg
James Spooner2:41:2915DNSDNSDNSSaskatoon
Diana Bladon2:47:4620:16:1220:00:150:45:470:00:1523:49:151Calgary
Sarah Robbins2:47:3710:17:4080:00:200:45:520:00:0543:50:442Saskatoon
Kelly Barnett2:48:4930:16:0010:00:100:46:1573:50:543Calgary
Adele Grundahl2:51:5340:16:1830:46:1583:54:264Regina
Shannon Hood2:53:0560:17:5190:46:1463:57:105Saskatoon
Leslie Lukan2:59:4270:16:2750:45:460:00:1514:01:406Debden
Petrina Tulissi3:00:0980:17:3470:45:470:00:0534:03:257Calgary
Brynn Kvinlaug3:05:4490:18:55150:46:5694:11:358Saskatoon
Corinne Sielski3:06:03100:17:57100:49:46164:13:469Saskatoon
Kylie Case3:08:54120:18:10110:46:56104:14:0010Winnipeg
Chloe Gendron3:07:43110:20:14190:51:06184:19:0311Regina
Rae Anne Hardie3:15:38130:18:14120:49:46174:23:3812Winnipeg
Erica Musyj3:19:03150:18:34130:46:56114:24:3313Saskatoon
Amanda Reimer3:18:31140:19:12170:46:56124:24:3914Saskatoon
Ginette Bazin3:19:40170:19:07160:46:56134:25:4315Winnipeg
Colleen Baldwin3:33:22190:16:5860:47:46154:38:0616Edmonton
Sian BarracloughDNF220:16:1940:46:115Edmonton
Christine ShiachDNF210:18:46140:46:5614Winnipeg
Sarah Williams3:19:16160:19:1518DNSSaskatoon
Sarah Figley4:02:17200:20:5920DNSSaskatoon
Sarah Morris2:52:525DNSDNSRegina
Tammy Done3:28:5918DNSDNSSaskatoon
Cat. 4-5
Adam Coates2:27:3810:14:5860:00:200:44:090:00:1523:26:101Saskatoon
Jeff Hehn2:28:1140:14:2420:44:093:26:442Saskatoon
Blair Chapman2:28:0230:14:3330:44:093:26:443Saskatoon
Chris Staniforth2:27:5220:15:3490:44:093:27:354Winnipeg
Tyler Rolheiser2:29:4960:14:1710:00:150:44:093:28:005North Battleford
Simon Toon2:29:4650:14:4640:44:093:28:416Saskatoon
Jimmy Oneschuk2:29:5570:15:0570:44:093:29:097Saskatoon
Rob Britton2:30:2080:15:0980:44:093:29:388Reginqa
Graham Tkachak2:35:4190:14:4850:00:100:44:090:00:0533:34:239Prince Albert
Dan Dyck2:36:14140:15:41110:44:090:00:2013:35:4410Estevan
Bradley Kerr2:36:13130:15:53140:44:093:36:1511Regina
Douglas Fox2:36:37160:15:55150:44:093:36:4112Calgary
David Dyck2:36:25150:16:15190:44:093:36:4913Saskatoon
Fraser Sprigings2:35:58100:17:42290:44:093:37:4914Saskatoon
Murray Drew2:40:14170:15:58160:44:093:40:2115Calgary
Daniel Tomczak2:43:48180:16:38230:44:093:44:3516Regina
Byron Davis2:48:40220:16:12180:44:093:49:0117Calgary
Kyle Halstead2:51:02240:16:58250:44:093:52:0918Saskatoon
Hans Roeger2:43:53190:17:30280:51:093:52:3219Saskatoon
Mike McKague2:54:40250:16:11170:44:093:55:0020Saskatoon
Chris Yeo2:55:10270:16:25210:45:253:57:0021Saskatoon
George Kokonas2:54:22260:16:22200:46:413:57:2522Regina
Kevin Sutton2:36:04110:15:3810DNSSaskatoon
Bob McKerrrell2:50:08230:15:4512DNSRed Deer
Joey Brassard2:47:02200:15:4813DNSP.A.
Derek Mitchell2:36:09120:16:2822DNSRed Deer
Ron Cooley3:08:46280:16:4624DNSSaskatoon
Sheldon McLeoddnf 0:17:0626DNSWinnipeg
Brent Caron2:47:04210:17:2627DNSRegina

Team Bolla-Bianchi

The Bianchi-W Mountain Bike Racing Team is thrilled to announce the addition of Bolla Wines of Italy as the team’s title sponsor. The team will now be known as Team Bolla-Bianchi.

Now entering its third season, Team Bolla-Bianchi is breaking out on the U.S. and Canadian National scenes. Seattleites Eric Wallace and Robert Dunn-Ballinger founded the team with a two-man cyclo-cross effort in 1999. With help from Bianchi distributors Peter Kukula and Eric Solberg of EP Productions, and David Reed of Bianchi USA, Eric and Robert have carefully built a strong, truly international team.

Team Bolla-Bianchi comprises riders from Canada, Germany, and the United States. Top-level riders to watch include former Canadian Junior National Champion Carter Hovey, Canadian National Team member Troy Woodburn and rising U.S. Semi-Pro star, Jason Jablonski. These riders will be representing Team Bolla-Bianchi at NORBA National races, North American UCI World Cup stops, the Canada Cup Series and everything in between.

Team Bolla-Bianchi Roster:

Carter Hovey (CAN), Pro
Troy Woodburn (CAN), Pro
Jason Jablonski (USA), Semi-Pro
Chris Snyder (USA), Semi-Pro
David Alvarez (USA), Expert
Joseph Brown (USA), Expert
Trevor Keen (USA), Expert/Single Speed
Jeannette Nussbaum (GER), Expert
Matt Willbrand (USA), Expert

GP du Midi Libre - France

Stage 2 - Saint-Cyprien to Pézenas 190 km

1 Jan Svorada (Cze) Lampre-Daikin 4:43:43
2 Nicola Loda (Ita) Fassa Bortolo
3 Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz) Team Deutsche Telekom
4 Iker Flores (Esp) Euskaltel-Euskadi
5 Fabrizio Guidi (Ita) Mercury-Viatel
6 Christophe Moreau (Fra) Festina
7 Bram De Groot (Ned) Rabobank
8 Grzegorz Gwiazdowski (Pol) La Francaise Des Jeux
9 Didier Rous (Fra) Bonjour
10 Gerhard Trampusch (Aut) Team Deutsche Telekom all s.t.


1 Jan Svorada (Cze) Lampre-Daikin 9:13:42
2 Jérôme Bernard (Fra) Jean Delatour s.t.
3 Nicola Loda (Ita) Fassa Bortolo at 0:10
4 Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz) Team Deutsche Telekom 0:12
5 Fabrizio Guidi (Ita) Mercury-Viatel 0:14
6 Iker Flores (Esp) Euskaltel-Euskadi 0:16
7 Bram De Groot (Ned) Rabobank
8 Gerhard Trampusch (Aut) Team Deutsche Telekom
9 François Simon (Fra) Bonjour
10 Leonardo Giordani (Ita) Fassa Bortolo all s.t.

Happy Birthday To...

David Cathcart (Intersports manager) and downhiller Andrew Shandro (last Sunday) and Dave Watson, today.


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