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June 27/22 16:47 pm - Canadian Road Championships: Criterium results UPDATED

Posted by Editoress on 06/27/22

Results and photos from the Criterium races in Edmonton, AB


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Junior Women

Junior Men

Elite/U23 Women

Elite/U23 Men



Junior Women
1 Mara Roldan (YT) TaG Cycling Race Team 0:40:02
2 Alexandra Volstad (AB) Team Alberta
3 Penelope Primeau (QC) Equipe du Quebec
4 Kiara Lylyk (ON) Team Ontario
5 Evaelle Fortier (QC) Independent
6 Anabelle Thomas (AB) Team Alberta
7 Dylan Baker (ON) Team Ontario
8 Vanessa Montrichard (ON) Team Hamilton
9 Isabella Holmgren (ON) Team Ontario / Stimulus Orbea
10 Kimberly Chen (BC) Cycling BC
11 Mathilde Huot (QC) Equipe du Quebec
12 Astrid Wuerr (BC) Team Devo / Cycling BC all s.t.
13 Naomie Julien (QC) Espoirs Laval Planete Courrier 0:07
14 Ava Holmgren (ON) Team Ontario / Stimulus Orbea s.t.
15 Lea Gauthier (QC) Quebecor-Stingray 0:09
16 Eva Gabelier (QC) Equipe du Quebec 0:11
17 Arianne Gingras (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo
18 Coralie Houde (QC) Equipe du Quebec
19 Madeline Lebreton (ON) Team Ontario all s.t.
20 Eliane Wauthier (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo 0:19
21 Taylor Tompkins (ON) Team Ontario 0:57
22 Eloise Camire (QC) Equipe du Quebec 2:16
23 Alicia La Grenade (QC) Quebecor-Stingray lapped
24 Elizabeth Khrisanova (BC) Cycling BC lapped
25 Nora Linton (ON) Attack Racing lapped
26 Anika Brants (ON) Attack Racing lapped
27 Charlie Lemire (QC) Quebecor-Stingray lapped
28 Jade Larouche (QC) EC Subway lapped
29 Maude Brazeau (QC) Quebecor - Stringray lapped
30 Mackenzie Watson (ON) Team Ontario / Milton Revolution lapped
31 Evelyne Lacasse (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo lapped
32 Ann-Sophie Halley (QC) Independent lapped
33 Ava Irving-Staley (YT) Team Yukon lapped
34 Mathilde Roldan (YT) Charge BC XC Racing lapped
DNS Jenaya Francis (AB) Team Alberta
DNS Sophie Bradbury (ON) Team Hamilton
DNF Allison Lee-Meyer (BC) Burnaby Velodrome
Junior Men
1 Fergus English (SK) SPS Athlete Development Cycling Club 0:55:38
2 Jerome Gauthier (QC) Equipe du Quebec
3 Luca Veeman (SK) SPS Athlete Development Cycling Club
4 Justin Roy (QC) Equipe du Quebec
5 Charles Bergeron (ON) Team Ontario
6 Campbell Parrish (BC) Red Truck Racing / Cycling BC
7 Carson Mattern (ON) Team Ontario / Integrale Bicycle Club Isle Jourdain
8 Hudson Lubbers (ON) Team Ontario
9 Luke Valenti (ON) Toronto Hustle
10 Manu Moore (BC) Cycling BC
11 Louis Raymond (QC) Independent all s.t.
12 Alexis Bouchard (QC) Equipe du Quebec 0:04
13 Carson Ritter (SK) SPS Athlete Development Cycling Club
14 Jayden Mcmullen (ON) KW Cycling Academy
15 Thomas Perigny (QC) EC Subway
16 Julien Boule (QC) Velo 2000 - Rhinoback
17 Samuel Couture (QC) Independent
18 Sasha Renaud-Tremblay (QC) Equipe du Quebec
19 Gavin Hadfield (ON) Toronto Hustle all s.t.
20 Felix Hamel (QC) Equipe du Quebec 0:08
21 Adamo Giammarella (QC) Equipe du Quebec lapped
Brady Stewart (ON) Team Hamilton lapped
Will Mitchell (SK) SPS Athlete Development Cycling Club lapped
Remy Garrison (BC) Cycling BC lapped
Marc Sato (BC) Cycling BC lapped
Kaden Colling (AB) Team Alberta lapped
Nicolas Meurer (AB) Team Alberta lapped
Aaron Stagg (AB) Team Alberta lapped
Matthaeus Dyck (MB) Team Manitoba lapped
Aiden Gauthier (MB) Team Manitoba lapped
Tyler Hartle (MB) Team Manitoba lapped
Adam Smith (MB) Team Manitoba lapped
Adam Znamierowski (ON) Team Ontario / Milton Revolution lapped
Theron Inglis (ON) Toronto Hustle lapped
Nathan Martin (ON) Toronto Hustle lapped
David Olejniczak (ON) Toronto Hustle lapped
Sam Shein (ON) Toronto Hustle lapped
Alexander Woodford (ON) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme lapped
Zeke Miller (ON) National Cycling Center Hamilton lapped
Henrique Martins (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club lapped
Aidan Sebel (BC) Phoenix Velo lapped
Benjamin Sweet (ON) Hardwood Next Wave lapped
Joshua Cooper (ON) Attack Racing lapped
Christophe Blais (QC) EC Subway lapped
Samael Fleury-Nadeau (QC) Velo 2000 - Rhinoback lapped
Clovis Roy (QC) ZVP-Opto Reseau lapped
Etienne Gagne (QC) Independent lapped
Simon Gingras (QC) Independent lapped
DNF Quentin Henon-Boyer (QC) Independent
DNF Patrick Harris (ON) Morning Glory Cycling Club


Elite Women
1 Maggie Coles-Lyster (BC) DNA Pro Cycling 1:10:30
2 Alison Jackson (AB) Liv Racing Xstra
3 Holly Simonson (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
4 Ariane Bonhomme (QC) The Cyclery Racing
5 Marie-Soleil Blais (QC) Team Farto-BTC
6 Lily Plante (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo
7 Emily Flynn (ON) La Sweat
8 Isabella Bertold (BC) Instafund Racing
9 Ngaire Barraclough (AB) The Cyclery Racing all s.t.
10 Helena Coney (BC) Instafund Racing 0:04
11 Jazmine Lavergne (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo 0:05
12 Yael Klein (ON) Ascent Cycling 0:09
13 Coralie Levesque (QC) Equipe du Quebec s.t.
14 Noemie Fortin (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo 0:11
15 Elissa Proulx (QC) Team Macadam Cowboys
16 Emma Scott (AB) Manteo Cycling
17 Hayley Basterash (AB) The Cyclery Racing
18 Iris Gabelier (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo
19 Jackie Peters (QC) Team VSV
20 Victoria Dupont (QC) Equipe du Quebec all s.t.
21 Camille Primeau (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo 0:15
22 Annie Scott (AB) The Cyclery Racing lapped
23 Brenna Pauly (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes lapped
24 Holly Henry (BC) Instafund Racing lapped
25 Justine Thomas (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo lapped
26 Sarah Hamel (QC) Equipe du Quebec lapped
27 Sidney McGill (AB) Pedalhead Race Room lapped
28 Caileigh Filmer (BC) The Cyclery Racing lapped
29 Whitney Surgenor (ON) The Cyclery Racing lapped
30 Erin Attwell (BC) The Cyclery Racing lapped
31 Nadia Gontova (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes lapped
32 Emma Dressler (ON) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme lapped
33 Elizabeth Gin (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo lapped
34 Hannah Allen (USA) Fount Cycling Guild lapped
35 Samantha Hargreaves (AB) Team Alberta lapped
36 Elizabeth Archbold (YT) Team Yukon lapped
37 Allyson Webb-Charland (QC) Team Macadam Cowboys lapped
38 Jessy Carveth (ON) Project Dialed In lapped
39 Jenna Nestman (BC) Independent lapped
40 Christiane Bilodeau (AB) Juventus Cycling Club lapped
41 Megan Poulin (QC) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme lapped
42 Sarah Mcmaster (AB) Pedalhead Road Works lapped
43 Kaelen Coles-Lyster (BC) Local Ride Race Team lapped
DNF Skye Pellerin (ON) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme
DNF Skyler Goudswaard (ON) University of Toronto Road Racing
DNS Kathryn Ayroud (AB) Pave76
DNS Katelyn Walcroft (ON) Hardwood Next Wave
DNS Mairen Lawson (AB) Team Alberta
DNS Isla Walker (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNS Sarah Van Dam (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNS Lilly Ujfalusi (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNS Josephine Peloquin (QC) Emotional.Fr Tornatech Gsc Blagnac
DNS Kelsey Duffield (AB) Peloton Racing p/b Momentum Cycling
DNS Ruby West (ON) Jukebox Factor
Elite Men
1 Michael Foley (ON) Toronto Hustle 1:10:30
2 Alexander Cowan (AB) L39ion of Los Angeles
3 Sam Morris (BC) Above + Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World
4 Evan Burtnik (AB) X Speed United Continental
5 Pier-Andre Cote (QC) Human Powered Health
6 Nicolas Cote (QC) Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4mind
7 Charles Duquette (QC) Equipe du Quebec
8 Derek Gee (ON) Israel Cycling Academy
9 Thomas Schellenberg (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team
10 Philippe Jacob (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo
11 Amiel Flett-Brown (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
12 Matthew Sherar (ON) Ascent Cycling
13 David Dube (QC) Toronto Hustle
14 Lukas Conly (SK) TRA/Mandevco
15 Nathan Pruner (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team
16 Edward Walsh (NS) Toronto Hustle
17 Arnaud Beaudoin (QC) Equipe du Quebec
18 Tristan Jussaume (QC) Equipe du Quebec all s.t.
19 Evan Russell (BC) Saris Rouvy Sauerland Team 0:06
20 Braden Kersey (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team
21 Reilly Pargeter (ON) Attack Racing
22 Laurent Gervais (QC) Cannondale Echelon p/b 4iiii
23 Ethan Sittlington (ON) Toronto Hustle
24 Ethan Pauly (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team
25 Matisse Julien (QC) Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project
26 Alexander Fraser-Maraun (BC) Red Truck Tracing p/b Mosaic Homes
27 Craig Luinstra (BC) Hewdog Racing all s.t.
28 Robin Plamondon (QC) Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project 0:17
29 Carson Miles (ON) Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project
30 Matteo Dal-Cin (ON) Toronto Hustle
31 Lukas Carreau (QC) Equipe du Quebec all s.t.
32 Reid Kinniburgh (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team 0:34
33 Axel Froner (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team 1:02
34 Mark Fagnan (AB) The Bike Shop Racing 1:23
35 Daniel Fraser-Maraun (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes 1:36
36 Aidan Oliphant (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team 9:32
37 Chris Ernst (ON) Xspeed United Continental 9:39
38 Mason Burtnik (AB) Juventus Cycling Club lapped
39 Nicolas Rivard (QC) Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project lapped
40 Riley Pickrell (BC) Israel Cycling Academy lapped
41 Adam De Vos (BC) Human Powered Health lapped
42 Jean Michel Lachance (QC) Equipe du Quebec lapped
43 Quentin Cowan (AB) Team Alberta lapped
44 Luke Hubner (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes lapped
45 Eric Berg (AB) Team Alberta lapped
46 Jamin Soehn (AB) Manteo Cycling lapped
47 Simon Dubuc (QC) TRA/Mandevco lapped
48 Brett Stoppa (ON) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme lapped
49 Leonard Peloquin (QC) Equipe du Quebec lapped
50 Francis Juneau (QC) Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project lapped
51 Nicholas Menegon (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team lapped
52 Jakob Claffey (AB) Edmonton Road And Track Club lapped
53 Joseph Lupien (QC) Team Skyline lapped
54 Zakariya Jackson (ON) Team Ontario / United Nation Of Cyclists lapped
55 Christopher Rowley (QC) Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4mind lapped
56 Samuel Hogman (BC) Hewdog Racing lapped
57 Etiene Dugre-Arcand (QC) EC Subway lapped
58 Joel Plamondon (QC) Equipe du Quebec lapped
59 Brad Bickley (BC) Hewdog Racing lapped
60 Raphael Parisella (QC) B&B Hotels-KTM lapped
61 Thomas Nadeau (QC) Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau Velo lapped
62 Emile Hamm (ON) Toronto Hustle lapped
63 Erik Diertens (AB) Cycles West lapped
64 Daniel Kalichman (ON) Toronto Hustle lapped
65 Oliver Dowd (ON) United Nations of Cyclists lapped
66 Hayden Mayeur (AB) Peloton Racing p/b Momentum Cycling lapped
67 Erik Haaheim (BC) Independent lapped
68 Theodore Woodford (ON) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme lapped
69 Daniel Gregory (USA) United Nations Of Cyclists lapped
70 Jonathan Blazevic (ON) Team Hamilton lapped
71 Gilles Lepage (AB) Cranked lapped
72 Anton Varabei (ON) Toronto Hustle lapped
73 Lucas Guevremont (QC) Independent lapped
74 Albert Nguyen (AB) Edmonton Road And Track Club lapped
75 David Jackson (YT) Velonorth lapped
76 Caleb Bender (QC) Veloselect-Silber Elite Cycling Team lapped
77 Benjamin Brignall (AB) Independent lapped
78 Yannick Banville (ON) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme lapped
DNF Zola Mehlomakulu (ON) Ascent Cycling
DNF Gavin Broadhead (AB) Cranked
DNF Tom Perkins (ON) Teseract Racing
DNS Guillaume Boivin (QC) Israel Premier Tech
DNS Jeremy Obrand (QC) Toronto Hustle
DNS William Goodfellow (QC) Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4mind
DNS Nick Kleban (BC) Team Skyline
DNS Declan Kelly (BC) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNS Andrew Arnold (AB) Peloton Racing p/b Momentum Cycling
DNS Patrick Riddell (BC) Redkilo
DNS David Drouin (QC) Independent
DNS Jude Szabo (ON) Team Ontario
DNS Evan Haddock (AB) Team Alberta
DNS Jack Ciotlos (ON) United Nations of Cyclists
DNS Logan O'Krafka (ON) United Nations of Cyclists
DNS Eric Inkster (BC) Zappi Racing Team



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