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August 1/22 16:58 pm - Canada Wins Two Bronze Medal on Final Day of Track at Commonwealth Games

Posted by Editoress on 08/1/22

Canada finished off the track portion of cycling competition on Monday with two bronze medals, bringing the total number of medals won to five - three silver and two bronze. Kelsey Mitchell, who has already won three silver medals took a bronze medal in the Keirin, while Maggie Coles-Lyster won bronze in the Scratch Race.

Women's Keirin
Canada had three riders entered in the Keirin - Mitchell, Lauriane Genest and Sarah Orban. Mitchell and Genest went straight through to the second round, while Orban had to qualify through the repechage. In the second round, only Mitchel was able to finish in the top-3 in her heat to move on to the medal round. Genest won the 7-12 small final, with Orban finishing ninth overall. In the medal final, Mitchell had to come from the back. She challenged front runners Ellesse Andrews (New Zealand) and Sophie Capewell (England), but could not get by either rider, with Andrews taking the title.




Women Keirin

"Medals in four different events ... I'm happy with how my Games went," said Mitchell. "I gave it my all in every event and was able to get on the podium every time. Obviously, I wanted to hear the national anthem and see the flag go up in the middle, but I'm happy with what I accomplished."

"I usually like to go to the front in the Keirin; there's a lot that goes on in the back, and I don't want to get mixed up in that, it's riskier back there. My legs are definitely starting to feel it, so starting at the back, I knew there was some riders that were wanting to go long, so I was hoping to grab a wheel and come around at the end. I just wasn't able to do it, but happy to walk away with bronze. It was my first Commonwealth Games, and I'm happy to walk away with four medals."

Women's Scratch Race
After finishing fourth in the Points Race the day before, Coles-Lyster was very much hoping to move onto the podium. The race mostly stayed together, until Laura Kenny (England) attacked with two laps to go, stringing out the field. Michaela Drummond (New Zealand) was able to get onto Kenny's wheel and the duo opened a slight gap on the rest of the field. Coles-Lyster moved to the front of the chasers in the last 200 metres and was able to hold off Neah Evans (Scotland) and Alice Sharpe (Northern Ireland) in the bunch sprint for the final medal. Ariane Bonhomme was tenth and Devaney Collier 11th.

"I've had some pretty good luck with Scratch Races over the past year," said Coles-Lyster, "especially after winning the first one in the Champions League. So I know this is my bread and butter; I know it and can go in with confidence that I can do well at it. So I just wanted to show this audience and the world what I can do, and I think I did that."

"Third place is only one better than yesterday, but it got me on the podium, standing next to Laura Kenny, who I've admired since I started racing. So going from admiring riders like that to standing on the podium is an amazing feeling."

"When we had to restart after the crash halfway my legs felt like absolute trash, so 'this was not a good sign'. But I had a good feeling that it was going to come down to a sprint, and it was just a matter of surviving those last 20 laps. It was a long sprint at that, and a hang on for dear life situation. Neah Evans really lit it up, which strung everything out, but once I was around her it was just about chasing those in front of me."

Men's Kilo
Canada had three men in this race of truth, with Matthew Glaetzer (Australia) coming within a few tenths of breaking the Games record, and winning gold, the only rider to go under a minute at 59.505 seconds. Nick Wammes was the top Canadian in ninth at 1:01.443, followed by Ryan Dodyk (1:01.786) in 11th and Riley Pickrell (1:03.627) in 15th.

Men's Points Race
The New Zealand team dominated this race, finishing 1-2 with Aaron Gate and Campbell Stewart. None of the three Canadian entries (Michael Foley, Mathias Guillemette and Riley Pickrell) finished; indeed only nine riders did finish in the final event of the track program.


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Results from the fourth day of racing

Women Keirin
First Round
Heat 1
1 Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)
2 Alessia McCaig (Australia)
3 Lauren Bell (Scotland)
4 Anis Rosidi (Malaysia)
5 Eleanor Victoria Coster (Wales)
Heat 2
1 Ellesse Andrews (New Zealand)
2 Breanna Hargrave (Australia)
3 Sarah Orban (Canada)
4 Millicent Tanner (England)
5 Izzah Asri (Malaysia)
Heat 3
1 Lauriane Genest (Canada)
2 Emma Finucane (Wales)
3 Lusia Steele (Scotland)
4 Dahlia Palmer (Jamaica)
5 Blaine Ridge-Davis (England)
6 Triyasha Paul (India)
Heat 4
1 Sophie Capewell (England)
2 Kristina Clonan (Australia)
3 Rhian Edmunds (Wales)
4 Olivia King (New Zealand)
5 Iona Moir (Scotland)
6 Shushikala Agashe (India)
The first two riders in each heat advance to the Second Round,
all others to the Repechages.
First Round Repechages
Heat 1
1 Lauren Bell (Scotland)
2 Olivia King (New Zealand)
3 Blaine Ridge-Davis (England)
Heat 2
1 Sarah Orban (Canada)
2 Dahlia Palmer (Jamaica)
3 Izzah Asri (Malaysia)
Heat 3
1 Millicent Tanner (England)
2 Lusia Steele (Scotland)
3 Eleanor Victoria Coster (Wales)
4 Shushikala Agashe (India)
Heat 4
1 Rhian Edmunds (Wales)
2 Anis Rosidi (Malaysia)
3 Triyasha Paul (India)
4 Iona Moir (Scotland)
The first rider in each heat advances to 2nd Round
Second Round
Heat 1
1 Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)
2 Sophie Capewell (England)
3 Emma Finucane (Wales)
4 Breanna Hargrave (Australia)
5 Lauren Bell (Scotland)
6 Sarah Orban (Canada)
Heat 2
1 Ellesse Andrews (New Zealand)
2 Rhian Edmunds (Wales)
3 Millicent Tanner (England)
4 Kristina Clonan (Australia)
5 Lauriane Genest (Canada)
6 Alessia McCaig (Australia)
The first 3 riders in each heat advance to Final 1-6
all others to Final 7-12.
1 Ellesse Andrews (New Zealand)
2 Sophie Capewell (England)
3 Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)
4 Emma Finucane (Wales)
5 Millicent Tanner (England)
6 Rhian Edmunds (Wales)
7 Lauriane Genest (Canada)
8 Kristina Clonan (Australia)
9 Sarah Orban (Canada)
10 Lauren Bell (Scotland)
11 Alessia McCaig (Australia)
12 Breanna Hargrave (Australia)
Men Kilo
1 Matthew Glaetzer (Australia) 0:59.505
2 Thomas Cornish (Australia) 1:00.036
3 Nicholas Paul (Trinidad & Tobago) 1:00.089
4 Matthew Richardson (Australia) 1:00.152
5 Kergozou De La Boessiere (New Zealand) 1:01.076
6 Hayden Norris (England) 1:01.285
7 Ethan Vernon (England) 1:01.418
8 Joe Holt (Wales) 1:01.422
9 Nick Wammes (Canada) 1:01.443
10 Fadhil Zonis (Malaysia) 1:01.734
11 Ryan Dodyk (Canada) 1:01.786
12 Ronaldo Laitonjam (India) 1:02.500
13 Harvey Mcnaughton (Wales) 1:02.659
14 Ridwan Sahrom (Malaysia) 1:03.093
15 Riley Pickrell (Canada) 1:03.627
16 Rhys Pilley (Jersey) 1:05.630
17 Daniel Palmer (Jamaica) 1:11.307
18 Malik Reid (Jamaica) 1:11.944
19 Zoe Boyd (Jamaica) 1:13.681
20 Emmanuel Otokunor Sackey (Ghana) 1:20.526
DNS Joe Truman (England)
DNS Jonny Wale (Scotland)
Women Scratch Race
1 Laura Kenny (England)
2 Michaela Drummond (New Zealand)
3 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Canada)
4 Neah Evans (Scotland)
5 Alice Sharpe (Northern Ireland)
6 Chloe Moran (Australia)
7 Ella Barnwell (Wales)
8 Anna Morris (Wales)
9 Amber Paige M Joseph (Barbados)
10 Ariane Bonhomme (Canada)
11 Devaney Collier (Canada)
12 Megan Barker (Wales)
13 Sophie Lewis (England)
14 Grace Lister (England)
15 Alexi Costa-Ramirez (Trinidad & Tobago)
16 Emily Shearman (New Zealand)
17 Sophie Edwards (Australia)
18 Alyssa Polites (Australia)
19 Meenakshi Meenakshi (India)
19 Bryony Botha (New Zealand)
Men Points Race
1 Aaron Gate (New Zealand) 45 pts
2 Campbell Stewart (New Zealand) 38
3 Oliver Wood (England) 35
4 John Archibald (Scotland) 16
5 Mark Stewart (Scotland) 15
6 Lucas Plapp (Australia) 9
7 Joshua Tarling (Wales) 9
8 Corbin Strong (New Zealand) 5
9 William Perrett (England) 1
DNF Jyme Bridges (ANT)
DNF Graeme Frislie (Australia)
DNF Conor Leahy (Australia)
DNF Jamol Eastmond (Barbados)
DNF Michael Foley (Canada)
DNF Mathias Guillemette (Canada)
DNF Riley Pickrell (Canada)
DNF Red Walters (Grenada)
DNF Naman Kapil (India)
DNF Venkappa Kengalagutti (India)
DNF Akil Campbell (Trinidad & Tobago)
DNF Rhys Britton (Wales)
DNF William Roberts (Wales)
DNS Kyle Gordon (Scotland)



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