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May 26/01 11:22 am - Canadians Lead in U.S.

Posted by Editor on 05/26/01

Cloudsplitter Bicycle Classic
Courtesy Team Rona & Organizers

Lake Placid, New York, May 26, 2001 - Team RONA's Geneviève Jeanson, Manon Jutras and Gabriela de Ferrat took the top three spots in the first stage of the Cloudsplitter Bicycle Classic, held today in the shadow of the ski jumps at Lake Placid.

The 12.1 km time trial took place under cool, gray skies, with the first half of the course gently descending and the return on a rise with light head winds.

Amy Jarvis finished fifth, and Raphaële Lemieux came in eighth out of 22 starters in the women's 1-2 category.

Team RONA worked the Cloudsplitter into its training program as the women prepare for their upcoming meet with international competition at next week's World Cup Challenge in Montreal.

The Cloudsplitter is also Raphaële Lemieux's first race with Team RONA, after a winter and spring spent competing in short-track skating. "I just got back on my bike a month ago, and I still have a way to go before I catch up with the others," explained the team's youngest member, originally from Rivière-du-Loup. "But I'm looking forward to riding with them. I'm happy - today's race really broke the ice."

Tomorrow, the pack will tackle a 117.5 km loop around Lake Placid and Saranac, facing all the challenges of the magnificent Adirondack Mountains.

Stage 1 - ITT 12.1 km

1. Geneviève Jeanson (Rona) 16:03.80
2. Manon Jutras (Rona) 17:17.48

3. Gabriela Gonzalez d Ferrat (Rona) 17:20.62
4. Melissa Holt (Pittsburgh CC) 17:23.95
5. Amy Jarvis (Rona) 17:36.34

8. Raphaële Lemieux (Rona) 18:14.82
9. Melanie Dorion (Andre lalonde Sports) 18:29.23
14. Allyson Fox 18:50.28
15. Sophie Radecki (RNH) 18:53.71

1. Lucas Curran 15:48.87
2. Gilbert Martin (VW) 15:52.17

3. Mike Kuhn (Aquafina-MHCS) 15:57.74
4. Francois Parisien (VW) 15:57.84
5. Osmond Bakker 16:01.85

7. Martin Nuckle (VW) 16:13.84
8. Paul Rego (Atlas Cold Storage-Ital Pasta) 16:16.05
11. Bruno Langlois (VW) 16:28.56
12. Michael Moore (Gear Racing) 16:30.14
21. Andrew Pinfold (Atlas Cold Storage-Ital Pasta) 16:45.42
22. Jay Cory (VW) 16:47.58
25. Martin St-Laurent (VW) 16:51.84
26. Simon Small (Atlas Cold Storage-Ital Pasta) 16:57.81
27. Dan Maggiacomo 16:58.87
30. Mike LaRochelle 17:00.95
33. Jeff Hansen (Atlas Cold Storage-Ital Pasta) 17:06.20
36. Pascal Choquette (VW) 17:10.62
37. Cory Gladisch (VW) 17:11.26
40. Stirling McArthur (Gears Racing) 17:19.29
41. Pat Shea (Atlas Cold Storage-Ital Pasta) 17:26.63
42. Chris Paton (Gears Racing) 17:26.95
45. Marc Andre Salois (VW) 17:28.55
51. Chad Grochowina ( 17:39.83
56. Andrew Hickman (Gears Racing) 18:31.12


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