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May 27/01 9:38 am - Track World Cup, Price Wins, More Tolmie Results, U.S. Road Nationals

Posted by Editor on 05/27/01

UCI Track World Cup - Cali, Columbia

National coach/manager Kurt Innes is sending in reports from the World Cup.

The final event of the night on day # 2 was the men's points race. Canadian entrant Glen Rendall ended up 11th overall (0 points, + 1 lap). The event was won by Greg Henderson (NZL). The race started with 15 athletes on the line for the 120 lap (30 km) event. The racing was split wide open with just over half the race remaining when Henderson(NZL) , Duque (COL) and Sassone (FRA) lapped the field. These 3 riders totally dominated the field with their speed and endurance as they took a lap. Henderson tallied the most points of all riders, and easily won the event with most points and also 1 lap on the field.

Lori-Ann Muenzer ended up 11th in the women's sprint event. The winner of the 9-12 sprint was Nancy Contreras (MEX). In the women's sprint tournament for the gold medal, reining world champion Natalia Markovnechenko (Belarus) won the event over her training partner Russian rider Svetlana Grankovskia. In the men's sprint Laurent Gane (FRA) was victorious over Matius John (GER).

One day remains for our Canadian team here in Cali. Tomorrow morning is the men's Keirin (Steen Madsen competes), along with the women's 500 metre Time Trial (Lori-ann Muenzer) and the men's Olympic Sprint (J.Fisher, L.Madsen, and T.Hansen). In the afternoon Mandy Poitras and Erin Carter take on the rest of the world in the women's Points Race. Glen Rendall and Alex Cloutier pair up for the men's Madison.

Kurt Innes

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic - Durango, Colorado

Scott Price (Team Landis) won his third consecutive Iron Horse yesterday, outsprinting Federico Ramirez (Cafe de Costa Rica/Pizza Hut) and three-time winner Ned Overend (Specialized).

Ottawa Bicycle Club Grand Prix

Website links for this event are now up at (English) and (French)

Mt Tolmie RR Results - Victoria, B.C.

Non-elite results for Mt Tolmie road race, held May 26, 2001.

Cat.3, Master A & Junior Men - 60 km
1ANDERSON, Quinn RS3 Vancouver 1:49:00
3BEARD, Paul RS3 Vancouver ATOMIC RACING TEAM 1:49:00
4SLATER, Scott A. RS4 West Vancouver DR WALKER CHIROPRACTOR 1:49:00
5TOLKAMP, John RV3 Prince George OLYMPIA CYCLE & SKI 1:49:00
9LAMB, Chris RM3 Victoria Dr Walker Chiropractor 1:49:00
10CARSON, Neil RS3 Victoria PVL-Forte
12BRADLEY, Nicholas RS3 Vancouver 1:53:00
13GATERELL, Scott RS3 Victoria Bike Cellar Victoria
Cat.4, Cadet & Master B/C/D Men - 48 km
1GRACE, Mike RS4 Victoria Schwalbe Cycling Club 1:23:00
2DINNING, Steve RV2 Brentwood Bay Crystall Spin Doctors 1:23:00
3WILLOCK, Martin RV2 Victoria VICTORIA WHEELERS 1:23:00
4MOLGAT-ROY, Daniel RS4 Victoria Bike Cellar 1:23:00
5HAYWOOD, David RS4 Vancouver DEVO 1:23:00
6BERRY, Brian RM2 Victoria Cristaal Spin Doctors 1:23:00
7TSILEMOS, Jim RS4 Vancouver CAMPIONE 1:23:00
8MCNAMARA, Ryan RJ4 Victoria PVL-Forte 1:23:00
13MCQUIGGAN, Gordon RV2 Victoria Schwalbe 1:25:00
14COCHRAN, Clark RS4 Langley BRODIE/EZUP/FLASH5 1:31:16
15FINGLER, Ian RS4 Burnaby KREB'S CYCLING CLUB 1:37:00
Cat. 4, Cadet, Junior & Master Women - 30 km
1WILCOX, Kelly RS4 Vancouver SOLITON 45:00
2EGGER, Pamela RV4 Vancouver 45:50
3GIDNEY, Holland RS4 Vancouver 45:55
4ANDERSON, Jessica RC4 Coquitlam ESCAPE VELOCITY/DEVO 1:02:00
5ANDERSON, Michelle RJ4 Coquitlam SPOKE 1:09:00

2001 USCF National Road Cycling Championships
Courtesy US Cycling

Road Race, May 26, Redding, Calif.

Elite Women 112 km

1 Kimberly Bruckner (Saturn) 3:06:07
2 Amber Neben (Harbour Lights) at 3:54
3 Suzanne Sonye (Saturn) 4:35
4 Dotsie Cowden (Team Earthlink)
5 Kori Kelly (Procter & Gamble Women's Health) both s.t.
6 Laura Charameda (SC Michela Fanini Record Box) 4:36
7 Krystyna Kras (Webcor/Alto Velo)
8 Lauren Smith (Santa Cruz Spokesman)
9 Tina Mayolo (
10 Pam Schuster (
11 Elizabeth Emery (Intersports)
12 Jessica Phillips (Intersports)
13 Sarah Konrad (Boise Cascade Office Products)
14 Mari Holden (Alfa Lum) all s.t.
15 Lysle Wilhelmi ( 4:37
16 Kerry Hellmuth (Carpe Diem Itera) 4:38
17 Catherine Cardwell (Jane Cosmetics)
18 Rhonda Quick (Jane Cosmetics) both s.t.
19 Kim Morrow ( 5:46
20 Caren Spore (Jane Cosmetics) 8:47
21 Andrea Ratkovic ( 10:46
22 Heather Albert (Genessee Valley Cycling) 11:09
23 Charmain Breon ( 11:23
23 Katie Safford (Team Earthlink) s.t.
25 Catherine Powers (Verizon Wireless) 13:27
26 Rosemary Coleman (Genesee Valley Cycling)
27 Mina Pizzini (Procter & Gamble Women's Health)
28 Cheryl Binney (Procter & Gamble Women's Health)
29 Robin Gilmore-Barnes (NEBC/CycleLoft)
30 Emily Thorne (Trek) all s.t.
31 Trish Choo (Jane Cosmetics) 13:28
32 Pam Wolkoff (Team Earthlink)
33 Jenny Eyerman (Jane Cosmetics)
34 Tammy Riggs (Genesis Scuba/FFCC)
35 Sandra Kolb (Genessee Valley Cycling)
36 Lisa Hunt (The Olympic Club) all s.t.
37 Meredith Miller (Santa Cruz Spokesman) 13:29
38 Kristin Drumm (Napa Valley Velo)
39 Laura Shuford (Trek)
40 Marjon Marik ( all s.t.
41 Kristine Oesterling ( 19:16
42 Katrina Davis (Trek) 19:17
43 Jody Kosinski (Genesis Scuba/FFCC) 19:18
44 Nicole Freedman (Credit Suisse First Boston) 19:22
45 Jennifer Cooper (Genesis Scuba/FFCC) 19:26
46 Tina Skelley-Kunstbeck ( 20:23
47 Rebecca Conzelman ( 20:24
48 Kelly Yoder ( 20:25
49 Wendy Stone (NEBC/CycleLoft) s.t.
50 Andrea Foster (GS Ficonseils) 27:14
51 Kelly Bartholomew (Napa Valley Velo) 32:11
52 Melissa Erion (Paradise Homes) 32:12

U23 Women

1 Larssyn Staley (Saturn Development) 3:19:33
2 Alice Pennington (Gentle Lovers/OSU) at 0:02
3 Allie Warfel (Genesee Valley Cycling) 18:43
4 Allison Beall (Unattached) 18:44
5 Alicia Genest (Trek) 30:27

Elite Men

1 Remi McManus (Boise Stars) 4:45:40
2 Patrick Heaney (G.S.Lombardi) s.t.
3 Tim Unkert (Capital Velo Club) at 0:01
4 Chris Walker (Triathlete Zombies) s.t.
5 Brice Jones (Mercy Cycling Team) 0:04
6 Alex Candelario (THF Racing) 0:10
7 Ryan Lane (Triathlete Zombies)
8 Jonathan Wirsing (Team Snow Valley)
9 Russell Hamby (Park City Mtn: Resort)
10 Steve Cate (Mercy Cycling Team)
11 Heinrich Wiebe (Boise Stars)
12 George Menard (Team Snow Valley)
13 Ken Toman (Schroeder Iron) all s.t.
14 David Smith (G.S. Lombardi/ 0:11
15 Daniel Doornbos (Zia Velo/NMBRA)
16 Jackson Stewart (Olympic Club)
17 Bradley Saul (YMCA/Sun & Ski Sports)
18 Sandy Perrins (Logan Race Club)
19 Ian Dille (Mercy Cycling Team)
20 Andrew Bajadali (Excel Sports)
21 Eric Pardyjak (Team Hanseatic/Ochsner)
22 Peter Knudsen (Jane Cosmetics)
23 Billy Innes (Kissena Cycling Team)
24 Donny Lopez (Saturn Development)
25 John Hunt (G.S. Lombardi) all s.t.
26 James Mattis (Webcor/Alto Velo) 0:12
27 John De Long (Saturn Development)
28 John Green (YMCA/Sun & Ski Sports)
29 Steven Tibbitts (X-Men/La Pasch) all s.t.
30 Alex Gardner (Boise Stars) 0:13
31 Sean Nealy (Kissena Cycling Team) s.t.
32 Scott Konicki (Mercy Cycling Team) 0:14
33 Larry Shannon (Taylor Made)
34 Dario Falquier (WEBCOR/Alto Velo) both s.t.
35 Gareth Jones (Team Hanseatic/Ochsner) 0:15
36 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Santa Cruz Spokesman) 0:16
37 David King (Marathon Racing Team) 0:20
38 Jonathan Heidemann (Monsoon/Rock & Road) 0:21
39 Peter Baker (Cannondale/Wheelworks) 0:25
40 Matthew Svatek (Cannondale/Wheelworks) 0:40
41 Mike Zingaro (Mercy Cycling Team) 7:59
42 John Kelly (Kissena Cycling Team) s.t.
43 Jacob Rosenbarger (Rio Grande) 10:37
44 Chris Baumann (Park City Mtn: Resort)
45 Dave Wenger (Mercy Cycling Team)
46 Shawn Mitchell (NutraFig) all s.t.
47 Richard Del Valle (GS Cyclesport) 10:38
48 Calvin Allan (Boise Stars)
49 John Osguthorpe (Boise Cycling Club/Nutrafig) both s.t.
50 Rob Campbell (Broadmark Capital) 10:40
51 Dale Suttle (Mercy Cycling Team) s.t.
52 John Cipolla (Jamis/Access Healthcare) 10:41
53 Andy Clark (Monsoon/Rock & Road) 10:54
54 Tim Carolan (Bianchi/Turkey Store) 10:55
55 Chris Mc Govern (Rhodes/K2/Time) s.t.
56 Kenneth Zimmerman ( 15:29
57 Udo Shart (Zombies/Natural Solutions) 15:38
58 Jon Retseck (Mercury) 15:38
59 Chad Fischer (NutraFig) 24:14
60 Chuck Coyle (THF Racing) 28:34
61 Kevin Klein (Alto Velo/Webcor) s.t.
62 Jeff Prinz (Simple Green/Mazda) 49:20


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