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May 27/01 4:16 am - McQuaid Wins Bastion Crit, Track World Cup

Posted by Editor on 05/27/01

McQuaid Takes Bastion Crit - Victoria

We just received a report that Melanie McQuaid has won the womens' Bastion Square criterium in downtown Victoria. McQuaid, Clare Hall-Patch and Marnie Prazsky broke away almost from the start of the 45 lap race, and lapped the field with 3 laps to go. McQuaid: "Clare did a really strong attack early in the race, then Marni went, and then I attacked and bridged up to Marni and we both went up to Clare." Just as the trio were catching the bunch, Alison Sydor and Gina Grain attacked off the front - meaning that they were the only two riders that were not a lap down. McQuaid took the win, ahead of Hall-Patch and Prazsky, with Grain outsprinting Sydor for fourth. "Clare had a really good line down the right side of the field, and I followed her and then went by in the last 100 metres." said McQuaid. The men's race is just about to get underway.

UCI Track World Cup #1 - Cali, Columbia

Men's Sprint

200 m qualifying time trial
1 Laurent Gane (Fra) 10.334
2 Jens Fiedler (Ger) 10.335
3 Matthias John (Ger) 10.443
4 Michael Bourgain (Fra) 10.541
5 Jose A.Villanueva (Esp) 10.544

1/4 Finals
Laurent Gane (Fra) defeats Pavel Buran (Cze) 2-0
Michael Bourgain (Fra) defeats Jens Fiedler (Ger) 2-1
Matthias John (Ger) defeats Jobie Dajka (Aus) 2-0
Jose Villanueva (Esp) defeat Jeff Labauve (USA) 2-0

1 Laurent Gane (Fra)
2 Matthias John (Ger)
3 Jose Villanueva (Esp)

Men's 1000m Time Trial
1 Chris Hoy (GBR) 1:02.499
2 Herve Thuet (Fra) 1:02.501
3 Carsten Bergemann (Ger) 1:03.612
4 Mark Renshaw (Aus) 1:03.671
5 Dimitris Georgalis (Gre) 1:04.694

Women's Sprint

1/4 finals
Natalia Markovnichenko (Blr) defeats Ulrike Weichelt (Ger) 2-0
Tanya Lindemuth (USA) defeats Kerrie Meares (Aus) 2-0
Svetlana Grankoskaia (Rus) defeats Jennie Reed (USA) 2-0
Susan Panzer (Ger) defeats Magali Faure (Fra) 2-1

1 Natalia Markanichanka (Blr)
2 Svetlana Grankovskaia (Rus)
3 Tanya Lindenmuth (USA)

Men's 4000m Individual Pursuit

1 Stefan Steinweg (Ger) 4:25.34
2 Hayden Godfrey (NZL) 4:28.40

Bronze Rideoff
3 Damien Pommereau (Fra) 4:29.02
4 Sergio Escobar (Esp) 4:31.11

Women's 3000m Individual Pursuit

1 Emma Davies (GBR) 3:38.12
2 Maria Calle (Col) 3:38.22
3 Elena Tchalykh (Rus) 3:40.96
4 Kate Bates (Aus) 3:42.21

Gold - Maria Calle (Col) 3:36.792
Silver - Emma Davies (GBR) 3:37.866
Bronze - Elena Tchalykh (Rus) 3:40.319

Men's 4000m Team Pursuit

1 New Zealand 4:12.01
2 Colombia 4:15.17
3 Spain 4:18.12
4 Australia 4:21.36

1 New Zealand 4:08.304
2 Colombia 4:12.748
3 Spain 3:55.901

Men's Points Race

1 Greg Henderson (NZL) 32 pts
2 Leonardo Duque (Col) 13
3 Robert Sassone (Fra) 11


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