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May 27/01 5:43 am - Race of Future Champions Women's Results

Posted by Editor on 05/27/01

Race of Future Champions - Ontario
Courtesy Cobourg CC

Ontario Canada Summer Games final selection event.


Stage 1
PlaceRiderTeamCategoryPointsBonus Total
1Susan TrimbleGears RacingElite501060
2Paula GrabhamBicycles PlusElite46551
3Angela MawdsleyBay CycleElite44852
4Melissa LunsteadSpeed Queens Elite43548
5Lynn WolfsonOttawa15116
6Helena ConeyTeam HardwoodJunior1515
7Ingrid ConeyNewmarket EaglesMasters1515
8Chatherine VipondBay CycleJunior1515
9Tara MulderTeam AsteriaElite1515
10Celine ForehtSkis & BikesElite1515
11Mary EdgarIndJunior1515
Allison LampiTrue North11
Jenn MountenayBicycles PlusElite0
Amanda KelletTeam AsteriaElite0
Stage 2
PlaceRider TeamCategoryTimePoints
1Susan TrimbleGears RacingElite25.1650
2Paula GrabhamBicycles PlusElite27.2346
3Melissa LunsteadSpeed Queens Elite27.3144
4Angela MawdsleyBay CycleElite27.3943
5Ingrid ConeyNewmarket EaglesMaster27.4242
6Amanda KelletTeam AsteriaElite28.0141
7Allison LampiTrue North28.0440
8Lynn WolfsonOttawa28.0939
9Tara MulderTeam AsteriaElite28.3538
10Chatherine VipondBay CycleJunior28.4537
11Helena ConeyTeam HardwoodJunior29.0236
12Celine ForehtSkis & BikesElite30.0835
13Jenn MountenayBicycles PlusElite30.1334
14Mary EdgarIndJunior33
Stage 3
PlaceRider TeamCategoryPoints
1Angela MawdsleyBay CycleElite50
2Susan TrimbleGears RacingElite46
3Tara MulderTeam AsteriaElite44
4Melissa LunsteadSpeed Queens Elite43
5Paula GrabhamBicycles PlusElite42
6Chatherine VipondBay CycleJunior41
7Allison LampiTrue North40
8Helena ConeyTeam HardwoodJunior39
PlaceRider TeamCatStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Overall
1Susan TrimbleGears RacingElite605046156
2Angela MawdsleyBay CycleElite524350145
3Paula GrabhamBicycles PlusElite514642139
4Melissa LunsteadSpeed Queens Elite484443135
5Tara MulderTeam AsteriaElite15384497
6Chatherine VipondBay CycleJunior15374193
7Helena ConeyTeam HardwoodJunior15363990
8Allison LampiTrue North1404081
9Ingrid ConeyNewmarket EaglesMasters154257
10Lynn WolfsonOttawa163955
11Celine ForehtSkis & BikesElite153550
12Mary EdgarIndJunior153348
13Amanda KelletTeam AsteriaElite04141
14Jenn MountenayBicycles PlusElite03434


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