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March 13/23 18:01 pm - Adam de Vos 3rd at Ronde van Drenthe

Posted by Editoress on 03/13/23

Per Strand Hagenes  (Jumbo-Visma) won the Ronde van Drenthe Sunday in the Netherlands. After a cold and shortened edition of the one-day race, the young Norwegian was the first to finish in Hoogeveen. He finished solo, after breaking away from a leading group of four in the closing stages.

Although the race was shortened due to adverse weather conditions, the classic lost very little of its potency with crosswinds whipping across many open roads around the race center point, the imperious VAM berg climb.

Former Canadian National Champion Adam de Vos (Human Powered Health) sprinted to third place, having spent much of the day in the early breakaway.

“It feels great both personally and for the team,” he said afterward. “Hopefully it can create some momentum for us.”

Dde Vos displayed his strong classics credentials when after initially being caught, he attacked again along with Florian Vermeersch (Lotto Dstny), Tobias Lund Andresen (Team DSM) and solo victor Per Strand Hagenes (Jumbo-Visma).



Emmen to Hoogeveen, 143.2 k
1 Per Strand Hagenes (Jumbo-Visma) 3:07:00
2 Tobias Lund Andresen (Team DSM) at 0:08
3 Adam de Vos (Human Powered Health)
4 Florian Vermeersch (Lotto Dstny) both s.t.
5 Sam Welsford (Team DSM) 0:32
6 Milan Menten (Lotto Dstny)
7 Jenthe Biermans (Team Arkéa Samsic)
8 Gerben Thijssen (Intermarché - Circus - Wanty)
9 Casper Van Uden (Team DSM)
10 Vito Braet (Team Flanders - Baloise)
11 Dries van Gestel (TotalEnergies)
12 Hugo Hofstetter (Team Arkéa Samsic)
13 Rory Townsend (Bolton Equities Black Spoke)
14 Lindsay de Vylder (Team Flanders - Baloise)
15 Victor Broex (Metec - SOLARWATT p/b Mantel)
16 Matyás Kopecky (Team Novo Nordisk)
17 Lars Loohuis (ABLOC CT)
18 Simon Dehairs (Alpecin-Deceuninck)
19 Nick Van Der Meer (VolkerWessels Cycling Team)
20 Rüdiger Selig (Lotto Dstny)
21 Alec Segaert (Lotto Dstny)
22 Madis Mihkels (Intermarché - Circus - Wanty)
23 Gil D'heygere (BEAT Cycling Club)
24 Tim Torn Teutenberg (Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling)
25 Ceriel Desal (Bingoal WB)
26 Joren Bloem (TDT-Unibet Cycling Team)
27 Aaron van Poucke (Team Flanders - Baloise)
28 Nathan Vandepitte (Bingoal WB)
29 Colin Joyce (Human Powered Health)
30 Victor Campenaerts (Lotto Dstny)
31 Ward Vanhoof (Team Flanders - Baloise)
32 Timo Roosen (Jumbo-Visma)
33 Gage Hecht (Human Powered Health)
34 Roy Hoogendoorn (Metec - SOLARWATT p/b Mantel)
35 Andreas Stokbro (Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling)
36 James Fouché (Bolton Equities Black Spoke)
37 Geoffrey Soupe (TotalEnergies)
38 Sander de Pestel (Team Flanders - Baloise)
39 Andrii Ponomar (Team Arkéa Samsic)
40 Frederik Frison (Lotto Dstny)
41 Stijn Daemen (BEAT Cycling Club)
42 Sean Flynn (Team DSM)
43 Niklas Märkl (Team DSM)
44 Lars Loohuis (ABLOC CT)
45 Tijmen Eising (VolkerWessels Cycling Team)
46 Tosh van der Sande (Jumbo-Visma)
47 Sebastian Schönberger (Human Powered Health)
48 Jos Van Emden (Jumbo-Visma)
49 Cedric Pries (Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling)
50 Luke Mudgway (Bolton Equities Black Spoke)
51 Lennard Hofstede (Jumbo-Visma)
52 Michel Hessmann (Jumbo-Visma)
53 Arjen Livyns (Lotto Dstny)
54 Alex Colman (Team Flanders - Baloise)
55 Charles-Étienne Chrétien (Human Powered Health)
56 Tibor Del Grosso (Metec - SOLARWATT p/b Mantel)
57 Vincent Hoppezak (BEAT Cycling Club) all s.t.
58 Bert-Jan Lindeman (VolkerWessels Cycling Team) 0:44
59 Luca Mozzato (Team Arkéa Samsic) 0:53
60 Rick Ottema (Allinq Continental Cycling Team) 1:01
61 Tim Marsman (Metec - SOLARWATT p/b Mantel)
62 Dorian de Maeght (Bingoal WB) both s.t.
63 Dries de Pooter (Intermarché - Circus - Wanty) 1:03
64 Stephen Bassett (Human Powered Health) 1:06
65 Abram Stockman (TDT-Unibet Cycling Team) 1:15
66 Lorrenzo Manzin (TotalEnergies)
67 Emilien Jeannière (TotalEnergies)
68 Jelle Johannink (ABLOC CT)
69 Andrea Peron (Team Novo Nordisk) all s.t.
70 Ayco Bastiaens (Alpecin-Deceuninck) 2:41
71 Jesse Kramer (Jumbo-Visma) s.t.
72 Kasper Viberg Søgaard (Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling) 3:09
73 Nils Sinschek (ABLOC CT)
74 Karl Patrick Lauk (Bingoal WB)
75 Boy Van Poppel (Intermarché - Circus - Wanty)
76 Matthijs Büchli (BEAT Cycling Club)
77 Tomás Kopecky (TDT-Unibet Cycling Team)
78 August Jensen (Human Powered Health)
79 Alexander Krieger (Alpecin-Deceuninck)
80 Alan Riou (Team Arkéa Samsic)
81 Mathis Le Berre (Team Arkéa Samsic)
82 Mathias Bregnhøj (Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling)
83 Axel Van Der Tuuk (Metec - SOLARWATT p/b Mantel)
84 Thomas Bonnet (TotalEnergies)
85 Timo Kielich (Alpecin-Deceuninck)
86 Jacob Scott (Bolton Equities Black Spoke)
87 Ludovic Robeet (Bingoal WB)
88 Julius Johansen (Intermarché - Circus - Wanty) all s.t.
89 Declan Irvine (Team Novo Nordisk) 5:21
90 Robin Löwik (Allinq Continental Cycling Team)
91 Thimo Willems (VolkerWessels Cycling Team)
92 Bjorn Koster (Netherlands)
93 Péter Kusztor (Team Novo Nordisk)
94 Redmar Dijkman (Netherlands)
95 Bram Dissel (BEAT Cycling Club)
96 Adne Koster (Netherlands)
97 Luca de Meester (Bingoal WB)
98 Arne Peters (Allinq Continental Cycling Team)
99 Elmar Abma (Allinq Continental Cycling Team)
100 Sam Gademan (Allinq Continental Cycling Team)
101 Wessel Lange (Netherlands)
102 Stijn Appel (ABLOC CT)
103 Jordan Habets (Metec - SOLARWATT p/b Mantel) all s.t.
104 Leon Heinschke (Team DSM) 5:24
105 Tom Paquot (Intermarché - Circus - Wanty) s.t.
106 Frank Van Den Broek (ABLOC CT) 5:25
107 Marceli Boguslawski (Alpecin-Deceuninck)
108 Antti-Jussi Juntunen (ABLOC CT) both s.t.
109 Coen Vermeltfoort (VolkerWessels Cycling Team) 5:28
110 Roel Van Sintmaartensdijk (Intermarché - Circus - Wanty)
111 Wouter Toussaint (TDT-Unibet Cycling Team)
112 Tim Naberman (Team DSM)
113 Jason Tesson (TotalEnergies)
114 Yentl Vandevelde (TDT-Unibet Cycling Team) all s.t.
115 Louis Blouwe (Bingoal WB) 8:37
116 Bart Hordijk (Metec - SOLARWATT p/b Mantel)
117 Harry Tanfield (TDT-Unibet Cycling Team)
118 Joonas Henttala (Team Novo Nordisk)
119 Logan Phippen (Team Novo Nordisk)
120 Guillaume Visser (BEAT Cycling Club) all s.t.
121 Jasper Schouten (Allinq Continental Cycling Team) 8:41
122 Sjors Dekker (Netherlands)
123 Rideon De Vries (Netherlands)
124 Jarno Mobach (VolkerWessels Cycling Team) all s.t.
125 Matthew Bostock (Bolton Equities Black Spoke) 8:44
DNF Fabien Grellier (TotalEnergies)
DNF Timo De Jong (VolkerWessels Cycling Team)
DNF Aden Paterson (Allinq Continental Cycling Team)
DNF Paul Wright (Bolton Equities Black Spoke)
DNF Dries de Bondt (Alpecin-Deceuninck)
DNF Jaap Voogel (Netherlands)
DNF Mads Østergaard Kristensen (Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling)
DNF Gerd De Keijzer (Team Novo Nordisk)
DNF Jensen Plowright (Alpecin-Deceuninck)
DNS Jules De Cock (BEAT Cycling Club)
DNS Ryan Christensen (Bolton Equities Black Spoke)


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