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March 13/23 20:57 pm - BC Road Racing Season Opens

Posted by Editoress on 03/13/23

The BC road racing season opened over the past 2 weekends, hosted by Local Ride Racing

Results from the Wix Brown Circuit race held in Langley BC on March 11th

A-Men and Women
1 Campbell Parrish (Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:10:36
2 Alexander Fraser-Maraun (Bicicletta Factory Racing) 2:10:38
3 Braden Kersey (TAG Cycling Race Team) 2:10:46
4 Evan Russell (Saint Piran) 2:10:54
5 Michael van den Ham (Giant x Easton) 2:11:26
6 Aidan Oliphant (Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:13:21
7 Thomas Schellenberg (TaG Cycling Race Team) 2:13:21
8 Amiel Flett-Brown (Pathfinders Project) 2:13:22
9 Cam Fitzmaurice (Lost Boys Book Club) 2:13:22
10 Nigel Kinney (Red Kilo) 2:13:23
11 Marc Sato (TaG Cycling Race Team) 2:13:23
12 Matthew NEY (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 2:13:25
13 Parker Swanstrom (Glotman Simpson/Asfra Racing) 2:13:26
14 Colin Eriks (Red Kilo) 2:13:26
15 Ian Brown (Victoria Wheelers) 2:13:29
16 Declan Kelly (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 2:13:36
17 Phillip Orcic (Red Kilo) 2:13:36
18 Kyle Buckosky (Bicicletta Factory Racing) 2:13:41
19 Jeffrey Werner (Red Kilo) 2:13:49
20 Nicholas Monette (Bicicletta Factory Racing) 2:14:04
DNF Alex Murison (Bicicletta Factory Racing)
DNF Quinn Anderson (Lost Boys Book Club)
DNF Ryan Golbeck (Steed)
DNF Alex Lambert (Diversion)
DNF Jeff Kemp (Lost Boys Book Club)
DNF Luke Hubner (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)
DNF Ariel Dufresne (Ibike)
DNF Myles Lane (Shareholders)
DNF Alexander Hutchinson (Red Kilo)
DNF Helena Coney (InstaFund Womens Pro cycling)
DNF Brendan Cowley (Lost Boys Book Club)
DNS Nicholas Ridenour (Hewdog Racing)
1 Caleb Ney (Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) 2:00:30
2 Ethan Abbott (UBC Cycling Team) 2:00:31
3 Zachary Michaels (Red Kilo) 2:00:33
4 Robin Watson (Diversion) 2:00:34
5 Jonas Cuypers (Future Racing) 2:00:57
6 Max Garvey (UBC Cycling Team) 2:00:59
7 Frederique Lotin (Future Racing) 2:01:02
8 sean Rodgers (Bicicletta Factory Racing) 2:03:35
9 Casey Hill (UBC Cycling Team) 2:04:05
10 Duncan Steele (TSCC) 2:04:08
11 Rhett Bates (Giant Canada Off-Road Team) 2:04:08
12 Alex Timmer (Red Kilo) 2:04:08
13 Sean McBain (Red Kilo) 2:04:10
14 Matt Atkinstall (Diverson) 2:04:20
15 Clayton Toews (Red Kilo) 2:04:21
16 Jesse Bayard (United Velo) 2:04:33
DNF Thomas Ford (UBC Cycling Team)
DNF Brad Cisak (independent)
DNF David Jackson (Capital City Cycling PB Dr Walker Cycling)
DNF Steve Mousseau (RedKilo)
DNF Teru Yoshizawa (Red Kilo)
DNF Devin Morrison (Red Kilo)
DNF Luke Bayard (United Velo)
DNS Taylor Perry (Bici Factory Racing)
DNS Monty Rigby (FaulknerBrowns)
DNS Bartlomiej Sanak (independent)
DNS Jeff Kuby (Future Racing)
B Women
1 Isla Walker (Euipe Primeau Velo) 2:04:06
2 Diane Snobelen (Burnaby Velodrome Club) 2:04:06
3 Ariane Bonhomme (ROXO Racing) 2:04:07
4 Caileigh Filmer (Virginia's Blue Ridge TWENTY24) 2:11:18
5 Astrid Wuerr (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 2:11:18
6 Sidney Swierenga (DEVO) 2:11:19
DNF Pamela Troyer (Mighty Cycling)
DNS Mara Roldan (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
DNS Nadia Gontova (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
1 Edward Wang (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:40:54
2 Ashley Capewell (Red Kilo) 1:40:54
3 Riley Miller (United Velo) 1:42:01
4 David Bellman (independent) 1:42:03
5 Jeremie Stephenson (independent) 1:42:04
6 Sean Conner (RedKilo) 1:42:04
7 Jordan Behan (Bespoke Cycling Club) 1:42:04
8 Noah Chauvin (The Last Drop CC) 1:42:05
9 Jonn Axsen (independent) 1:42:05
10 Rob Pritchard (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:42:06
11 Benjamin Ernewein (UBC Cycling Team) 1:42:07
12 Peter Ferrucci (Red Kilo) 1:42:07
13 Ethan Ashley-Cheetham (UBC Cycling Team) 1:42:11
14 Matt Thompson (Meraloma) 1:42:19
15 Kai Constabel (UBC Cycling Team) 1:42:21
16 James Hawkins (Red Kilo) 1:42:24
17 Cole Gar-Aouy (UBC Cycling Team) 1:47:19
18 Wyatt Schnare (independent) 1:48:28
19 James Spence (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:53:09
DNF Nicolas Lutz (Devo Team) 1:42:05
DNF Darrin Grund (Escape Velocity)
DNF Jonathan Hanvelt (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNS Chad Grice (Fort Street Cycle)
DNS William Rooke
1 Brendan Tai (SCRAM) 1:42:02
2 Marton Soskuthy (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 1:42:05
3 Erik Hauner (The Last Drop Cycling Club) 1:42:06
4 Ben Woodbridge (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:42:07
5 Eric Man (APL Motorsports) 1:42:10
6 Ben Nickerson (Steveston Velo Society) 1:42:17
7 Ryan Nickerson (Escape Velocity Society/DEVO) 1:42:18
8 Daniel Chung (independent) 1:42:22
9 Andrew Do (SCRAM) 1:42:46
10 Derek Keen (United Velo) 1:47:33
11 Wyatt Anton (Bespoke Cycling Club) 1:47:37
12 Mitchael Hamer (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:53:09
DNF Damian Babul (Team DEVO)
DNF Shouting Sun (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
DNF Wil Gomez (United Velo)
DNF Rowan Hunt (Interior Grasslands Cycling Club)
DNF Yihao Xiong (SCRAM)
DNF Andrew Marchand (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Drew Priesnitz (Diversion by
DNS Seiji Inouye (independent)
1 Elliot Kulach (Ruckus Racing) 1:52:42
2 Bridget Meyboom (UBC Cycling Team) 1:55:05
3 Morgan Sherley (Ruckus Racing) 1:55:09
4 Madeleine Pollock (Team Devo) 1:55:09
5 Adele van Wyk (independent) 1:55:09
6 Alice Clarke (Ruckus Racing) 1:55:13
7 Hanna Girndt (UBC Cycling Team) 1:55:14
8 Mikayla Neal (Element Race Team) 1:55:15
9 Hannah Fennell (UBC Cycling Team) 1:55:15
10 Kaelen Coles-Lyster (InstaFund Womens Pro Cycling) 1:55:26
DNF Ella MacPhee (TaG Cycling Race Team)
DNF Helena Sverak (UBC Cycling Team)
DNS Lynda McCue (McCue Engineering)
1 Eleanor Roberts (Red Kilo) 1:52:43
2 Melanie Katcher (Ruckus Racing) 1:55:14
3 Mackenzie Skuce (Red Kilo) 1:55:14
4 Stephanie Brown (Red Kilo) 1:55:14
5 Ashley Visvanathan (independent) 1:55:15
6 Jacie DeHoop (Meraloma) 1:55:15
7 Katlyn Euler (Ruckus Racing) 1:55:17
8 Adel Kuanysheva (Ruckus Racing) 1:56:21
9 Maureen Elworthy (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:59:38
DNF Jacqueline Holmes (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNF Emma Laviolette (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNF Sarah Smith-Tripp (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNF Sofia Bartlett (Ruckus Racing)
DNF Sharon Zwick (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Corinne Kirtland (Ruckus Racing)
DNF Talia Brown (UBC Cycling Team)
DNS Serena Formenti (UBC Cycling Team)
DNS Emma Bowman (Meraloma Race)
DNS Sophie Perry (UBC Cycling Team)
Master 40+
1 Vincent Marcotte (Red Kilo) 2:01:32
2 Michael Wegner (RedKilo) 2:01:33
3 Brent Mussato (United Velo) 2:01:34
4 Michael Martin (independent) 2:01:35
5 Shane Savage (independent) 2:01:42
6 Cameron Johnson (Isetta) 2:01:43
7 Drew Nelson (THRASHERS) 2:01:58
8 Nick Jones (Red Kilo) 2:12:18
9 Emmanuel Sanchez (independent) 2:16:48
10 sebastian Otero (United velo) 2:16:48
DNF Aaron Bennest (Isetta)
DNF Jon Bula (Bicicletta Factory Racing)
DNF Uli Mayer (United Velo)
DNF Pedro Peralta Elgueta (United Velo)
DNF Jonathan Wood (Red Kilo)
DNF Dean Brandt (United Velo)
DNF Jamie Douglas (United Velo)
DNF James Hyndman (United Velo)
DNF William Sheel (Lotus Cycling Club)
DNF Eric Kinskofer (Isetta)
DNF Drew Hemmingson (Bicicletta Factory Racing)
DNF Jay Delaney (Lost Boys Book Club)
DNF Wayne Bradford (United Velo)
DNS Michael Dawson (Victoria Breakaway)
DNS Paul Rigby (Escape Velocity)
DNS Ruslan Gadzhiiev (Hewdog racing)

Results from the Thuderbird circuit race held on March 5th in Langley BC on March 5th

A - Men and Women
1 Braden Kersey (TaG Cycling Race Team) 1:24:22.4
2 Thomas Schellenberg (TaG) 1:25:10.6
3 Nigel Kinney (Red Kilo) 1:25:19.0
4 Alexander Murison (Bicicletta Factory Racing) 1:26:06.7
5 Jacob Schwingboth (Flying Squirrel) 1:28:17.4
6 Cameron Fitzmaurice (Lost Boys Book Club) 1:28:17.7
7 Marc Sato (TaG Cycling Race Team) 1:28:17.9
8 Mitchell Robinson (Ascent Cycling) 1:28:18.7
9 Jeffrey Werner (Red Kilo) 1:28:19.0
10 Alexander Hutchinson (Red Kilo) 1:28:19.4
11 Sherwood Plant (Red Kilo) 1:28:20.2
12 Aidan Oliphant (Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 1:28:21.9
13 Colin Eriks (Red Kilo) 1:28:22.5
14 Philip Sheffield (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 1:28:22.9
15 Ian Brown (Victoria Wheelers) 1:30:45.4
NP Declan Kelly (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)
NP Kyle Buckosky (Bicicletta Factory Racing)
NP Matthew NEY (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
NP Remy Garrison (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
NP Brett Wakefield (Team Giant Vancouver)
NP Manu Moore (TaG Race)
NP Andrew haughian (Bicicletta Factory Racing)
NP Jay Delaney (Lost boys Book Club)
NP Sage Deluce (Lost Boys Book Club)
NP Brendan Cowley (Lost Boys)
NP Cole Glover (Bicicletta Factory Racing)
NP Myles Lane (Shareholders)
DNF Zachary Konings (Hewdog Racing p/b Salita Cyclery)
B - Men & B - Women
1 Taylor Perry (Bici Factory Racing) 1:07:47.3
2 Caleb Ney (Red Truck Racing) 1:07:51.1
3 Mara Roldan (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 1:07:51.2
3 Jacob Prapavessis (Diversion) 1:07:51.2
5 Sean McBain (Red Kilo) 1:07:51.6
5 Frederique Lotin (Future Racing) 1:07:51.6
7 sean Rodgers (Bicicletta Factory Racing) 1:07:51.8
8 Diane Snobelen (Burnaby Velodrome Club) 1:07:52.6
9 Jonas Cuypers (Future Racing) 1:07:53.1
10 Robin Watson (Independent) 1:07:53.9
11 Mark Martone (DIVERSION by Enroute.CC) 1:07:55.2
11 Ethan Abbott (UBC Cycling Team) 1:07:55.2
13 Max Garvey (UBC Cycling Team) 1:07:55.4
14 Zachary Michaels (Redkilo) 1:08:00.4
15 Clayton Toews (Red Kilo) 1:09:02.0
16 Bartlomiej Sanak (Independent) 1:11:50.8
17 Jordan Behan (Bespoke Cycling Club) 1:11:54.5
18 Blake Bowell (Escape Velocity) 1:13:33.4
NP Arielle Coy (Instafund Racing)
NP Monty Rigby (teamDEVO)
NP Larissa Black (Tag Race Team)
NP Helena Coney (Instafund Racing)
NP David Jackson (Capital City Cycling PB Dr Walker Cycling)
NP Alex Timmer (Red Kilo)
NP Cassidy Hickey (Instafund Racing)
NP Paul Rigby (Escape Velocity)
NP Isabella Bertold (Instafund Racing)
NP Kara Lilly (Instafund Racing)
NP Wei Wen Chia (The Last Drop Cycling Club)
NP Steve Mousseau (RedKilo)
NP Caileigh Filmer (Virginia's Blue Ridge TWENTY24)
NP Holly Henry (Instafund Racing)
NP Jaegan Smith (Lions Cyclery)
DNF James Hyndman (United Velo)
DNF Duncan Steele (TSCC)
DNF Teru Yoshizawa (Red Kilo)
DNF Brenna Wrye-Simpson (Instafund Racing)
C-Men & C-Women
1 Casey Hill (UBC Cycling Team) 1:33:30.3
2 Sungyong Baek (Independent) 1:33:30.6
3 Riley Miller (United Velo) 1:33:31.2
4 James Hawkins (Red Kilo) 1:33:32.8
5 Peter Ferrucci (Red Kilo) 1:33:33.3
6 Edward Wang (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:33:40.8
7 Rob Pritchard (Meraloma Cycling Club) 1:34:43.7
8 Ashley Capewill (Red Kilo) 1:38:03.5
9 Charlie Cox (Red Kilo) 1:38:04.3
10 Noah Chauvin (The Last Drop CC) 1:38:04.5
11 Josh Woods (Red Kilo) 1:38:04.6
12 Cesar Higoy (PVR-ACTFast) 1:38:05.8
13 Charlotte Churnside (Red Kilo) 1:38:05.9
14 Chad Grice (Fort Street Cycle) 1:38:06.1
15 Bridget Meyboom (UBC Cycling Team) 1:38:06.7
16 Helena Sverak (UBC Cycling Team) 1:38:07.1
17 Jonn Axsen (Independent) 1:38:07.4
18 Emily Neill (DIVERSION) 1:38:07.9
19 Oliver Boucher (UBC Cycling Team) 1:38:08.0
20 Ian Herbranson (Independent) 1:38:08.7
20 Benjamin Ernewein (UBC Cycling Team) 1:38:08.7
20 Ryan Wong (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:38:08.7
23 Conor Dimmick (Red Kilo Racing) 1:38:09.1
23 David Bellman (independent) 1:38:09.1
25 Kai Constabel (UBC Cycling Team) 1:38:09.6
26 Ethan Ashley-Cheetham (UBC Cycling Team) 1:41:28.0
NP Adele van Wyk (Independent)
NP Megan O'Boyle (Ruckus Racing)
NP Eleanor Roberts (Red Kilo)
NP Justine Calder (Element Race Team)
NP Morgan Sherley (Ruckus Racing)
NP Kaelen Coles-Lyster (InstaFund)
NP Ella MacPhee (TaG Cycling Race Team)
NP Mikayla Neal (Element Race Team)
NP Lindsay Burgess (Fort Street Cycle)
NP Bronwyn Posynick (UBC Cycling Team)
NP Stephanie Brown (RedKilo)
NP Brittany K (Bespoke)
NP Hannah Fennell (UBC Cycling Team)
NP Emma Bowman (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNF Jacqueline Holmes (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNF Reed Askey (Steed Cycles)
DNF Jeremy Gourd (Independent)
DNF Jomar Layco (PVR-ACTFast)
DNF Lachlan Hotchkiss (
DNF Nathan Tessier (Gastown Cycling)
DNS Mehrdad Banaei (Independent)
DNS Brendan Cade (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNS Jonathan Hanvelt (Meraloma Bike Club)
DNS Jacob Stubbs (UBC Cycling Team)
D-Men & D-Women
1 Mark Evangelista (PVR-ActFast / Black Bear Cycling) 1:07:14.8
2 Raphael Samaniego (The Last Drop) 1:07:15.1
3 Phil Mitchell (Meraloma Racing) 1:07:15.2
4 Phil Birchard (Meraloma Racing) 1:07:15.5
5 Todd Hystad (United Velo) 1:07:15.7
6 Ernest Chao (The Last Drop CC) 1:07:15.9
6 Joey Luceno (PVR - Actfast) 1:07:15.9
8 Dustin Corpuz (The Last Drop Cycling Club) 1:07:16.0
9 Ben Woodbridge (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:07:16.2
9 Regis Denefle (Glotman Simpson) 1:07:16.2
11 Erik Hauner (The Last Drop Cycling Club) 1:07:16.3
12 Derek Keen (United Velo) 1:07:16.6
12 Stephen Doyle (The Last Drop Cycling Club) 1:07:16.6
12 Ryan Nickerson (Escape Velocity Society/DEVO) 1:07:16.6
15 Samuel Harrison (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:07:17.2
16 Brendan Tai (Independent) 1:07:17.5
16 CangShi Gu (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 1:07:17.5
18 Chris Wong (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:07:17.7
19 Eric Man (APL Motorsports) 1:07:17.8
20 Ben Nickerson (Steveston Velo Society) 1:07:22.0
21 Diego Eleazar Pagayonan (Black Bear) 1:07:23.2
22 Shouting Sun (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 1:07:23.4
23 Xavier Fell (Team Devo) 1:07:25.3
24 Wyatt Anton (Bespoke Cycling Club) 1:10:02.8
25 Paddy Carty (Bespoke CC) 1:10:02.9
26 John Vigna (Independent) 1:15:31.7
27 Seiji Inouye (Independent) 1:18:40.9
28 Sarah Swallow (United Velo) 1:18:42.8
29 Sean O'Brien (Independent) 1:21:15.9
30 Sarah Smith-Tripp (Meraloma Bike Club) 1:21:23.5
31 Jacie DeHoop (Meraloma) 1:21:23.6
32 Aleah Wielinga (Meraloma) 1:23:04.0
DNF Damian Babul (Team DEVO)
DNF Sharon Zwick (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Julian Bear (TEAM devo)
DNF Tongkai Qian (Independent)
DNF Irvin Hoover (United Velo)
DNF Sophie Perry (UBC Cycling Team)
DNS Andrew Do (Independent)
DNS Ben Dove (Independent)
DNS Sebastian Grund (Team DEVO)
DNS Allison Goodwin-Wilson (Red Kilo)
DNS Cynthia Pham (UBC Cycling Team)
Master 40+ Cat 1,2,3
1 Nick Jones (Red Kilo) 1:12:23.1
2 Wayne Bradford (United Velo) 1:12:24.9
3 Jon Bula (Bicicletta Factory Racing) 1:12:38.7
4 Dean Brandt (United Velo) 1:12:39.0
5 Vincent Marcotte (Red Kilo) 1:12:40.2
6 Brent Mussato (United Velo) 1:12:40.7
7 Pedro Peralta Elgueta (United Velo) 1:12:41.2
8 Drew Nelson (THRASHERS) 1:12:41.8
9 Cameron Johnson (Isetta) 1:12:43.8
10 Aaron Bennest (Isetta) 1:12:44.1
11 Michael Wegner (RedKilo) 1:12:46.5
NP Darin Bentley (United Velo)
NP albert chan (United Velo)
NP Quinn Anderson (Lost Boys book club)
NP Nicholas Milton (Independent)
DNF Kevin de Visser (ISETTA)
DNF Jonathan Wood (Red Kilo)
DNF Uli Mayer (United Velo)
DNF Noel Naucaili (United Velo)


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