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June 2/01 3:26 am - Montreal World Cup

Posted by Editoress on 06/2/01

Women's World Cup #5 - Montreal June 2

These reports brought to you with the assistance of Gatorade

June 2/01 11:20am EDT - World Cup in Montreal about to start

Current standings leader Anna Millward (Aus) Saturn and 2nd place Mirjam Melchers(Ned) Acca Due O are both in attendance. Last year's winning team GAS is not and neither is Fabiana Luperini. Of course, local star, Geneviève Jeanson and her Team Rona along with the other local favourite Lyne Bessette (recently home from her Tour de L'Aude win).

Racing is scheduled to start at 11:30 (local time) in Montreal. A weather front has moved into Montreal bringing rain, more of a drizzle actually, but it will make the course slippery in spots. The temperature is about 12 Celsius and there is a slight wind.

June 2/01 12:00pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal -End of Lap 1

The first of 12 laps has just been completed. It remains wet but no rain is actually falling.

Team Rona has a rider attempting to go off the front (not Jeanson), she has about 20 metres of space between her and the pack. Saturn is busy controlling and watching, ready to react to anything serious. The climb has already started to put the hurt on. 15 riders have already been dropped of the back of the pack.

June 2/01 12:10pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal-end of lap 1 top 5 riders

First 5 riders across the line - end of lap 1

JUTRAS Manon (CAN) Team Rona
BRUCKNER Kimberly (USA) Saturn
PALMER Susan (CAN) Janes Cosmetics
SONYE Suzanne (USA) Saturn

June 2/01 12:30pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 3

Jeanson has just attacked of the front of the pack and is bridging up to her teammate Manon Jutras. Jeanson is about 8 seconds off Jutras wheel. Hard on her wheel is Bessette and Melchers, just 3 seconds is the gap between them. At another 5 seconds is Saturn rider Suzanne Sonye. Just behind her is Susan Ljungskog (Swe) Vlaaderen.

The pack is another 5 seconds back is is being led by Millward.

June 2/01 12:40pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 4

Jeanson has taken over the lead. She has dropped Jutras (now 30 seconds back). Bessette is chasing hard at 45 seconds. Just behind Bessette (8 seconds) is a group of 12 with Longo, Melchers, Sonye, Millward .......

June 2/01 1:00pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 5

Jeanson now has 2 minutes on a lone chaser, Vera Hohlfeld (Ger) Acca Due O. A small group of riders being led by Melchers and Bessette are just behind her.

June 2/01 1:10pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 6

An estimated 10,000 people are on the side of the climb at the finishing area watching Jeanson as she decimates all contenders in Montreal today. At the end of lap 6 (with 6 to go) she has 4 minutes on the pack of 18 'chasers' who seem now content to race for 2nd place.

At the end of Lap 5, this was the order through the finish:
JEANSON Geneviève (CAN) RON 1:08:22
LONGO Jeannie (FRA)
BESSETTE Lyne (CAN) SAT all s.t.

June 2/01 1:20pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 6 order of riders

This is the order the riders went through the finishing area as they started Lap 7

JEANSON Geneviève 1:21:51
LJUNGSKOG Susanne at 4:17
PIETERS Cindy 4:18
CREUX Sophie all s.t.

June 2/01 1:30pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 7

Jeanson is still putting time on any would be chasers as Lap 7 ends. The group behind her is nearly 5 minutes back getting smaller all the time, as Millward drops off. Melchers seems to be statying at the front and working the hardest. The remaining riders are Bessette, Longo, Ljungskog,and Symington (Gbr). The rest of the riders in this race are now well strung out along the course.

June 2/01 1:50pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 8

While it has been predetermined that Jeanson will take the win today (she now has a 6 minute gap), the race for 2nd is starting to heat up. Millward (Current World Cup leader) has joined back in with the chase group which now number 8 riders. Melchers (2nd place in World Cup) , Longo (the legend) , Bessette (recent Tour de L'Aude winner) , Bruckner (US Champion) , Gilfillian & Ljungskog ( very aggressive riders). The remainder of the riders behind them seem to have formed a rather cohesive pack and are just a minute back. We may actually begin to see some real racing today.

June 2/01 2:10pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 9

Jeanson is looking as strong as ever up the climb and has now a 7 minute lead. The chase group are looking a little livelier. With 3 laps to go they should be thinking about attacks as they race for 2nd place now.

JEANSON Geneviève 2:03:00
LONGO Jeannie at 6:55
PIETERS Cindy all s.t.

June 2/01 2:25pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 10

JEANSON Geneviève 2:16:55
MELCHERS Mirjam at 7:24
LONGO Jeannie FRA all s.t.

June 2/01 2:35pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - End of Lap 11

The race for 2nd is now on. During lap 11, 4 riders ( Bessette, Melchers, Gilfillian & Ljungskog) attempted to get away. They made a good attempt, but were caught . As the chase group start their final lap, 2 riders (Bessette and Ljungskog) have attacked off the front.

June 2/01 2:45pm EDT - World Cup in Montreal - Jeanson Wins It!

Jeanson rolled across the line to take the win. Behind her the sprint for 2nd between Lyne Bessette (Can) Saturn and Susanne Ljungskog (SWE) Acca Due O - was taken by Ljungskog.

The sprint for 4th between Melchers, Longo & Gilfillian was won by Melchers.

1. Jeanson
2. Ljungskog
3. Bessette
4. Melchers
5. Gilfillian
6. Longo


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