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June 3/01 9:23 am - Fraser 5th in US, Quebec & Alberta News, Birthday

Posted by Editoress on 06/3/01

The US Postal Service Capital Cup
Courtesy Team Mercury

Mercury-Viatel's "Killer V", Leon Van Bon won today's Capital Cup circuit race held in Washington, D.C. His first victory of the season.

The 2k circuit featured a very bumpy road with tight turns. The 45 lap event saw lots of attacks, but not much of a chance for riders to get free. With 15 laps to go, the only serious move of the day saw Saturn and Team DeFeet each put a rider up the road and the duo soon had a maximum gap of 25 seconds.

With strong teams like US Postal, Mercury-Viatel and Navigators in the main group, everyone was looking to see who would take charge of the race. At 11 laps to go, the Green Wave took command. It was Sayers, Horner, Pic, and Van Bondt rotating at the front. The 10 man team took the front and rode down the gap to 15 seconds. The duo stubbornly tried to hold on in the faint hopes they could stay away to the finish. At 5 laps to go, the Navigators took over and the break was over. The problem was they only brought 3 men and soon 4 or 5 teams were trying to take control of the race.

At 2 laps to go, it was all Green Wave as Henk Vogels and Fabrizio Guidi took it to the line. Leon Van Bon attacked out of the last 2 turns and held on for the victory. Teammate Jans Koerts brought home the field for 2nd and Gord Fraser was 5th. It was a total team effort.

1. Van Bon, Mercury-Viatel
2. Jans Koerts, Mercury-Viatel
3. Julian Dean, US Postal
4.Jonas Carney, Prime Alliance
5. Gord Fraser, Mercury-Viatel

Grand Prix de L'Amiante - Thetford-Mines, Quebec

Criterium - 60 km - Seniors 1-2

1.- Dominique Rollin (Sympatico) 1:08;58
2.- Martin Gilbert (Volkswagen-Les Ailes) s.t.
3.- Alexandre Cloutier (Volkswagen-Les Ailes) s.t.
4.- Osmond Bakker (Disotec TTE) s.t.
5.- Czeslaw Lukascewicz (Servisco) s.t.

Criterium- 54 km - JUNIOR

1.- Maxime Vives (Espoirs Laval) 1:16;34
2.- Jean-Philippe Marion (V.B. Saeco)
3.- François Sztuke (Contrecoeur)
4.- Olivier Trempe (Centre du bicycle Ste-Foy)
5.- Pascal Tétreault (Espoirs Laval) all s.t.

Bikeshevik day # 1 - Calgary Alberta
Courtesy Kurt Innes

Quick summary of some "notable results " from day # 1 of the Bikeshevik Grand Prix track meet held in Calgary.

The weather was normal for Calgary at the start of June, with sun and gusty winds off and on during the day. Racing got under way at 9:00 am sharp, with an air temp just above 13 degrees Celsius.

By mid afternoon the temp had risen above 20 degrees Celsius, and sunny skies remained, creating many sun burned athletes !!!

Mens 200 Meter Time Trial
1. Doug Baron 10.873
2. Jim FIsher 10.963
3. Neal Thebau 11.306
4. Ryan McKenzie 11.499 * Junior rider, exceeding the CCA standard for Junior worlds qualification.

Mens 4000 Meter Pursuit
1. Bob Veroba 4.49

Junior Mens 3000 Meter Pursuit
1. Cameron Evans 3:45.606
2. Ryan McKenzie 3:51.693

Open Mens 10 Lap scratch
1. Bob Veroba
2. Ryan McKenzie
3. Doug Baron

Open Mens Miss and OUt
1. Ryan McKenzie
2. Chris Bentley
3. Cameron Evans

Doug Baron was victorious over Jim Fisher in the men's sprint finals. The other sprint finals will be held tomorrow morning, along with the men's 1000 metre and the women's 500 metres.
Also on the schedule tomorrow are points races for all 4 different categories.

Congratulations to Colin Walsh and his team of hard working volunteers for their hard work during the days events.

More news tomorrow after day # 2.

Belated Birthday Greetings to..... Downhiller Chad Onyschuk, Friday June 1st. Sorry Chad! been so busy I forgot to flip over the calendar.


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