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June 3/23 12:08 pm - Canada Cup #1 Short Track results

Posted by Editoress on 06/3/23

Results from the Canada Cup #1 Short Track races at Hardwood Ski and Bike in Oro, Ontario

19-34 Senior Women
1 Juliette Tetreault (QC) Independent 0:20:27.4
2 Mara Roldan (YK) Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 0:20:35.6
3 Dana Gilligan (NB) Project Dialed In 0:21:30.8
4 Catryana Marcotte (QC) Independent 0:21:41.7
5 Julianne Sarrazin (QC) Independent 0:21:47.6
6 Katelyn Walcroft (ON) Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes 0:21:54.4
7 Emilie Chloe McIntyre (NB) Mike's Bike Shop 0:22:12.2
U19 Junior Women
1 Ava Holmgren (ON) Stimulus Orbea 0:20:20.0
2 Marin Lowe (BC) Stimulus Orbea 0:20:27.4
3 Isabella Holmgren (ON) Stimulus Orbea 0:20:28.4
4 Madeleine Pollock (BC) DEVO/Cycling BC 0:21:46.5
5 Laura Gagnon (QC) SIBOIRE QuiRoule 0:22:15.7
6 Ayana Gagne (QC) SIBOIRE QuiRoule 0:22:20.9
7 Mia De Martin (QC) Velo Pays D’en Haut/S4 Suspension 0:22:57.1
8 Samuelle Courcelles (QC) Velo pays d'en Haut/ S4 Suspension 0:23:00.4
9 Geza Rodgers (BC) Liv Canada Off-Road team 0:23:02.1
10 Candide Guillemette (QC) VO2-Blackburn 0:23:07.3
11 Mathilde Roldan (YY) Charge BC XC Racing 0:23:16.6
U19 Junior Men
1 Jacob Roy (QC) PONSSE MTB Team 0:20:38.2
2 Ian Ackert (ON) Stimulus Orbea Racing Team 0:20:38.6
3 Felix-Antoine Leclair (QC) SIBOIRE QUIROULE 0:20:47.2
4 Miles Mattern (USA) Bear National Team 0:20:51.1
5 Charles Bergeron (ON) Ignite Junior Cycling 0:20:51.5
6 Owen Deale (USA) Bicycle Express Racing 0:20:54.3
7 Arnaud Belzile (QC) Siboire QuiRoule 0:21:17.6
8 Mika Comaniuk (QC) Independent 0:21:19.7
9 Noah Rubuliak (BC) Giant Canada Off Road Team 0:21:22.1
10 Julien Desjardins (QC) Independent 0:21:24.9
11 Alix Brunelle (QC) SIBOIRE QuiRoule 0:21:32.9
12 Ulric Doyon (QC) Velo pays d’en haut 0:21:34.5
13 Ethan Vandenberg (MB) Team Manitoba 0:21:35.0
14 Maxime St-Onge (QC) Stimulus Orbea racing team 0:21:40.8
15 Soren Weselake (MB) Prairie Fire Racing NOBL wheels 0:21:42.4
16 Lucas Goertz (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:21:55.1
17 Nathan Hauber (ON) Durham Shredders MTB Club 0:22:03.9
18 Jayden McMullen (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:22:27.8
19 Noah Terris (QC) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme 0:22:27.9
20 Conner Richardson (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:22:28.8
21 Jason Elisei (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:22:57.1
22 Mathis Duval (QC) cvm sigma assurance 0:23:00.9
23 remi brisebois (QC) Ride with Rendall 0:23:27.4
DNF Ismael Lessard (QC) Club Cyclisme de l'academie
DNF Reid MacKinnon (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling
DNS Cam Mccallum (BC) CHARGE BC XC Racing
DNS Brady Stewart (ON) Skookum Bike & Ski
DNS Alessandro Polloni (ON) KW Cycling Academy
DNS Matteo Polloni (ON) KW Cycling Academy
19-34 Senior Men
1 William Cote (QC) Siboire QuiRoule 0:20:37.8
2 Xavier Roy (QC) PONSSE MTB TEAM 0:20:47.3
3 Edward Walsh (NS) Project Dialed In 0:20:58.1
4 Anthony Arseneau (NB) Project Dialed In 0:21:40.6
5 Marc-Andre Genest (QC) Velo Pays D'e, Haut/S4 Suspension 0:21:55.7
6 francisco montoya (ON) Independent 0:21:56.0
7 Ben Sweet (ON) Ascent Cycling 0:21:56.4
8 Marc-Antoine Tremblay (QC) Club Cycliste de l'Academie 0:21:58.2
9 Robin Horsfield (ON) Independent 0:22:11.4
DNF Sid Slotegraaf (ON) Independent
DNF Thomas Hoshizaki (ON) KW Cycling Academy
DNF James Lindsay (ON) Tacos and Tequila/ Big Creek Bicycles
DNF Vidal Ramlagan (ON) [object Object]
DNF Steven Anderson (ON) Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club
DNS Logan Cobham (ON) Skookum Bike & Ski
U15 Minime Girls
1 Alexa Haviland (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:15:35.6
2 Anna-Liisa Vurma (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling 0:15:42.9
3 Clare Hauber (ON) Durham Shredders MTB Club 0:15:47.9
4 Julia Lehmann (ON) Independent 0:16:12.9
5 Claire MacKinnon (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling 0:17:04.2
6 Marley Bibb (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:17:26.3
7 Emily Samuelson (ON) Hardwood Next Wave 0:17:41.6
8 Josephine Brooks (ON) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme 0:18:07.1
9 Kate Thiebaud (ON) Durham Shredders 0:18:07.9
10 Avery Rankl (ON) KWCA 0:19:08.3
DNF Caisey Hallahan (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling
DNS Kinley Mahood (ON) Hardwood Next Wave
U13/U11 Peewee/Squirt Girls
1 Nicole Haviland (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:16:35.7
2 Addison Marcynuk (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:11.1
3 Megan Ruelland (QC) cvm sigma assurance 0:17:50.6
DNF Hannah Lehmann (ON) Collingwood Collective
DNF Kaelyn Gawne (ON) KW Cycling Academy
DNF Luka Franks (ON) Independent
DNF Lucy Pye (ON) Peterborough Cycling Club
DNF Breeze Biskaborn (ON) Independent
DNF Rebecca Dief (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling
DNF Mackenzie Gawne (ON) KW Cycling Academy
DNF Kinsley Biskaborn (ON) Independent
DNF Vienna Biskaborn (ON) Independent
DNS Lyra Mahood (ON) Hardwood Next Wave
U13/U11 Peewee/Squirt Boys
1 Tomas Liska-Gardiner (ON) Attack Racing 0:16:24.3
2 Henry Weigel (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:06.7
3 Iain Bliss (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:17:23.6
4 Walter Weigel (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:34.6
5 Karl Thiebaud (ON) Durham Shredders 0:17:35.3
6 Dylan Lambourn (ON) Attack Racing 0:18:43.0
7 Emmett Jewiss (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:19:17.8
8 Mike Lawson (ON) Independent 0:19:56.3
9 Shawn Bibb (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:20:10.8
DNF Paul Ciesla (ON) Attack Racing
DNF Charlie Rowaan (ON) Independent
DNF Kaleb Yoon (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling
DNF Wesley Rowaan (ON) Independent
DNF Maddox List (ON) Hardwood Newt Wave Cycline
DNF Kaelen Betts (ON) AWI Racing
DNF Connor Betts (ON) AWI Racing
DNF Adex Villeneuve (QC) Independant
DNF Connor Tolmie (ON) Hardwood Next Wave
DNS Cooper Scott (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club
U15 Minime Boys
1 Joshua Tyers (ON) Peterborough Cycling Club 0:14:45.2
2 Liam McFarlane (ON) Hardwood Next Wave 0:14:49.3
3 Asher Bensimon (ON) Independent 0:15:32.1
4 Benjamin Glover (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:15:55.0
5 Hayden Rowaan (ON) Independent 0:15:56.3
6 Logan Yeung (ON) Independent 0:16:04.6
7 Jacob Kemper (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:16:14.4
8 Peyton Bonney (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling 0:16:19.6
9 Evan Tattle (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling 0:16:33.2
10 Vail Nicoletta (ON) Hardwood Nextwave 0:16:37.0
11 Tom Lawson (ON) Independent 0:16:53.0
12 Ethan Lambourn (ON) Forest City Velodrome 0:17:08.2
13 Jackson Ross (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:37.5
14 Bailey Merlin (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:38.2
15 Nolan Whitteker (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:48.6
DNF Elliot Verheyen (ON) AWI Racing p/b The Crank & Sprocket
DNF Mateo Giles (ON) Hardwood Race
DNS Grayson Jewiss (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club
U17 Cadet Women
1 Rafaelle carrier (QC) CVM SIGMA ASSURANCE 0:15:29.2
2 Lily-Rose Marois (QC) CVM Sigma Assurance 0:15:37.5
3 Eve-Marie Belzile (QC) CVM Sigma Assurance 0:15:41.1
4 Aislin Hallahan (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling 0:15:46.7
5 Maude Ruelland (QC) cvm sigma assurance 0:15:55.2
6 Elly Moore (ON) Collingwood Collective 0:15:59.8
7 Eleanor Winchell (BC) Powtown RAD 0:16:09.0
8 Amelie Leclair (QC) DALBIX 0:16:27.2
9 Elodie Malois (QC) Club cycliste de l'ACQ ( ACQ ) 0:16:38.9
10 Teagan Gawne (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:02.2
11 Emma Elisei (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:28.7
12 Sophia Szafranski (ON) Hardwood Nextwave 0:19:28.7
DNS Alexia Harel (QC) SIBOIRE QuiRoule
DNF Ellamarie Belcourt (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling
DNS Riley Scott (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club
35+ Master Women
1 Sue Haviland (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:16:09.5
2 Roxy Slotegraaf (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:17:22.5
3 Amy Maher (ON) KW Cycling Academy, Opus Elite Cycling pb Cyclepath Oakville 0:17:35.8
DNF Kim Crumpton (ON) Independent
35-49 Master Men
1 Brian Rowaan (ON) Independent 0:21:11.7
2 Keith MacKinnon (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling 0:21:24.1
DNS Marc Larochelle (ON) Independent
DNS Robert Meneguzzi (ON) Midweek Cycling Club (MWCC)
DNS Mathieu Villeneuve (QC) Independant
DNS Chris Durand (ON) Independent
50+ Master Men
1 Craig Linton (ON) Forest City Velodrome, Attack Racing 0:20:51.1
2 John Malois (QC) Club cycliste de l'ACQ ( ACQ ) 0:21:22.8
3 Bruce McCurry (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:22:38.8
4 Albert Kleinikkink (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:22:59.4
5 Matt Saunders (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling 0:23:23.5
DNS Ondrej Benjik (ON) Independent
DNS Alistair Scott (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club
U17 Cadet Men
1 Nicolas Gauthier (QC) ride with rendall p/b Biemme 0:21:09.2
2 Émilien Belzile (QC) Siboire QuiRoule 0:21:53.1
3 Tristan Taillefer (QC) SIBOIRE QuiRoule 0:21:53.5
4 Evan Moore (ON) Collingwood Collective 0:21:55.3
5 Antoine Bergeron (ON) Ignite Junior Cycling 0:21:55.4
6 Farland Lamont (ON) AWI Racing p/b The Crank & Sprocket 0:21:55.7
7 Eliot Courcelles (QC) Velo pays d'en Haut/ S4 Suspension 0:22:04.8
9 Sagan Goertz (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:22:06.1
10 Antoine Desjardins (QC) Ride With Rendall p/b Biemme 0:22:08.3
11 arnaud Lajoie (QC) Velo pays d’en hauts/S4 0:22:09.6
12 Tristan Genier (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club 0:22:12.8
13 Thomas Langevin (QC) Independent 0:22:47.3
14 Leo Chicoine (ON) AWI Racing 0:22:47.5
15 Maxim Wojciechowski (ON) Ignite junior cycling 0:23:11.7
16 Grayson Franks (ON) Independent 0:23:11.9
17 Gabriel Latendresse (QC) Ponsse 0:23:25.3
18 Matthew Payne (ON) Independent 0:23:30.2
19 Alex McCabe (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:23:34.3
20 Finnley Cureton (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club 0:23:34.6
21 Brendan Hopkins (ON) KW Cycling Academy 0:23:34.9
22 Ronin Riddell (ON) Collingwood Collective 0:23:53.9
DNF Samuel Bliss (ON) Durham Shredders Mountain Bike Club
DNF Luke Hune (ON) Hardwood next wave
DNF Jordon Milburn-Tai (ON) Independent
DNF Callum Irwin (ON) Hardwood Next wave
DNF Hunter Mott (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling
DNF Jaxson Van Den Bosch (ON) Independent
DNF Matthew Monaco (ON) Halton MTB Racing
DNF Alex Matei (ON) Independent
DNF Sam Marcynuk (ON) KW Cycling Academy
DNS Drew Osinga (ON) Independent
DNS Mathias Lin (ON) Hardwood Next Wave Cycling


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