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September 16/23 19:56 pm - Le Tour de Gatineau: road race results and photos

Posted by Editoress on 09/16/23

Results from the road race at Le Tour de Gatineau in Aylmer (Gatineau) QC


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Aylmer circuit, 112 km
1 Megan Jastrab (USA) Team USA 2:46:52
2 Alison Jackson (Can) Team Canada
3 Skylar Schneider (USA) Team USA
4 Kiara Lylyk (Can) The Cyclery Racing
5 Laury Milette (Can) Grand-Est Komugi La Fabrique
6 Josephine Peloquin (Can) Grand-Est Komugi La Fabrique
7 Shayna Powless (USA) DNA Pro Cycling all s.t.
8 Heidi Franz (USA) DNA Pro Cycling 0:03
9 Sarah van Dam (Can) DNA Pro Cycling
10 Rylee McMullen (NZl) Instafund Racing both s.t.
11 Antri Christoforou (Cyp) Cyprus National Team 0:05
12 Victoria Dupont (Can) ECF - communimed p/p Davelo
13 Skyler Goudswaard (Can) The Cyclery Racing
14 Camille Primeau (Can) Primeau Velo Racing Team
15 Stephanie Halamek (USA) LA Sweat
16 Camille Desrochers Laflamme (Can) ECF - communimed p/p Davelo all s.t.
17 Megan Poulin (Can) Ride with Rendall 0:08
18 Fabienne Buri (Sui) Grand-Est Komugi La Fabrique
19 Elizabeth Gin (Can) Primeau Velo Racing Team
20 Penelope Primeau (Can) Primeau Velo Racing Team
21 Mathilde Huot (Can) Grand-Est Komugi La Fabrique
22 Lauren Stephens (USA) Team USA all s.t.
23 Iris Gabelier (Can) Primeau Velo Racing Team 0:11
24 Marjie Bemis (USA) Roxo Racing
25 Eva Gabelier (Can) PVD Castelli
26 Anna Gabrielle Traxler (Can) Grand-Est Komugi La Fabrique all s.t.
27 Julie Lacourciere (Can) Ibike 0:13
28 Samantha Schneider (USA) Team USA
29 Valerie Laroche (Can) PVD Castelli
30 Britanie Cauchon (Can) Equipe du Québec
31 Julie Gagnon (Can) ECF - communimed p/p Davelo
32 Brenna Pauly (Can) Redtruck Racing
33 Adele Normand (Can) Team Canada
34 Kathryn Aman (USA) Ride with Rendall
35 Adelaide Jacqueline Larouche (USA) Roxo Racing
36 Elizabeth Archbold (Can) Team Valley Velo
37 Elissa Proulx (Can) ECF - communimed p/p Davelo
38 Jenna Nestman (Can) Team Canada all s.t.
39 Ngaire Barraclough (Can) Team Canada 0:24
40 Holly Breck (USA) DNA Pro Cycling 0:26
41 Kaitlyn Rauwerda (Can) DNA Pro Cycling s.t.
42 Mariana Valadez Ortiz (Mex) LA Sweat 0:34
43 Amber Leone Neben (USA) Team USA 1:38
44 Emily Ehrlich (USA) Team USA 1:47
45 Astrid Wuerr (Can) Redtruck Racing s.t.
46 Brenna Wrye-Simpson (USA) Instafund Racing 5:25
47 Jazmine Lavergne (Can) Primeau Velo Racing Team 8:36
DNF Nadia Gontova (Can) Roxo Racing
DNF Kira Payer (USA) Roxo Racing
DNF Haley Smith (USA) Roxo Racing
DNF Ariane Bonhomme (Can) Roxo Racing
DNF Helena Coney (Can) Instafund Racing
DNF Cassidy Hickey (USA) Instafund Racing
DNF Coralie Houde (Can) Primeau Velo Racing Team
DNF Dimitra Koukouma (Cyp) Cyprus National Team
DNF Eleni Koukouma (Cyp) Cyprus National Team
DNF Constantina Georgiou (Cyp) Cyprus National Team
DNF Justine Thomas (Can) Equipe du Québec
DNF Sarah Hamel (Can) Equipe du Québec
DNF Emilie Bouchard (Can) Equipe du Québec
DNF Skye Pellerin (Can) Ride with Rendall
DNF Hannah Rydlo (Can) Ride with Rendall
DNF Jessica Law (Can) Ride with Rendall
DNF Fanny Brosseau (Can) Ibike
DNF Catherine Boily-Daoust (Can) Ibike
DNF Kasha Bonneville (Can) Ibike
DNF Valerie Lamantia (Can) Ibike
DNF Isabelle Mayrand (Can) ECF - communimed p/p Davelo
DNF Anne-Sophie Hébert (Can) ECF - communimed p/p Davelo
DNF Weaver  (USA) LA Sweat
DNF Emily Flynn (Can) LA Sweat
DNF Monica Merced (USA) LA Sweat
DNF Eliane Wauthier (Can) PVD Castelli
DNF Sajedeh Siyahian (Iri) PVD Castelli
DNF Eve Tremblay (Can) PVD Castelli
DNF Raylan Stroud (Can) Redtruck Racing
DNF Katelyn Walcroft (Can) Redtruck Racing
DNF Larrissa Black (Can) Redtruck Racing
DNF Emma Dressler (Can) Redtruck Racing
DNF Julissa Alvaredo (Col) Team Valley Velo
DNF Aderyn Fraser (Can) Team Valley Velo
DNF Yasmin Jackson (Can) Team Valley Velo
DNF Alison Merner (USA) Team Valley Velo
DNF Sara Everson (Can) The Cyclery Racing
DNF Madeline Lebreton (Can) The Cyclery Racing
DNF Serena Grodski (Can) The Cyclery Racing
DNF Whitney Surgenor (Can) The Cyclery Racing
DNS Myriam Paquet (Can) Ibike


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