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February 3/24 9:03 am - Top-10 for Maghalie Rochette, van Empel Defends

Posted by Editoress on 02/3/24

Canada's Maghalie Rochette had one of her strongest races of the season on Saturday at the Cyclo-cross World Championships in Tabor, Czechia, finishing tenth in the Elite women. Defending champion Fem van Empel of the Netherlands dominated, leading from start to finish, with the Dutch taking the top four spots.

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Rochette started on the second row and had a strong start, immediately moving into the top-10. She manage to ride as high as fifth, battling with Dutch, French, Belgian and U.S. riders. In the third of four laps, she slipped and fell on one of the sets of stairs, and then had to contend with other riders who were moving up. In the finishing straight she was 11th with 100 metres to go, but continued to sprint, catching Hélène Clauzel (Fra) on the line. Sidney McGill had a strong start, riding up to 12th, but fell back into the 20s before recovering in the second half of the race to finish 18th. Christiane Bilodeau was 30th and Katelyn Walcroft was 31st.

At the front, the battle was for second between Dutch riders Puck Pieterse, Lucinda Brand and Ceylin Alvarado - all former world champions. Alvarado fell back, leaving Pieterse and Brand to battle for second and third. Initially, Pieterse looked to have it, but faded in the last lap and a half, and had to settle for bronze.

Elite Women, 4 laps
1 Fem van Empel (Netherlands) 0:46:19
2 Lucinda Brand (Netherlands) at 1:20
3 Puck Pieterse (Netherlands) 1:54
4 Ceylin Alvarado (Netherlands) 2:37
5 Laura Verdonschot (Belgium) 2:52
6 Sara Casasola (Italy) 2:59
7 Annemarie Worst (Netherlands) 3:40
8 Clara Honsinger (United States of America) 3:45
9 Inge Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) 3:49
10 Maghalie Rochette (Canada) 3:52
11 Hélène Clauzel (France) 3:52
12 Aniek Van Alphen (Netherlands) 4:00
13 Manon Bakker (Netherlands) 4:09
14 Sanne Cant (Belgium) 4:19
15 Denise Betsema (Netherlands) 4:32
16 Marion Norbert Riberolle (Belgium) 4:56
17 Anna Kay (Great Britain) 5:17
18 Sidney McGill (Canada) 5:51
19 Amandine Fouquenet (France) 6:13
20 Alicia Franck (Belgium) 6:17
21 Elisabeth Brandau (Germany) 6:46
22 Lucia Gonzalez Blanco (Spain) 7:25
23 Judith Krahl (Germany) 7:45
24 Sofia Rodriguez Revert (Spain) 7:58
25 Antonina Bialek (Poland) 8:42
26 Raylyn Nuss (United States of America) 9:51
27 Nadja Heigl (Austria) 11:06
28 Tereza Tvaruzkova (Czechia) -1 Lap
29 Tereza Vanickova (Czechia) -1 Lap
30 Christiane Bilodeau (Canada) -1 Lap
31 Katelyn Walcroft (Canada) -1 Lap
32 Fiona Morris (Australia) -1 Lap
DNF Nikola Noskova (Czechia)

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