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April 1/24 8:31 am - Canadian Cyclist Introduces AI

Posted by Editoress on 04/1/24

April Fools!

We have been working for a few months on adding AI - Artificial Intelligence - to our system, so we wanted to provide an update. The reason is because it will allow us to provide more coverage in a timely fashion. Plus, once you add 'AI' to anything, investors throw bags of money at you...

However, there are still a few glitches we are ironing out:

Derek Gee - The system insists on placing Derek in second place, no matter where he finishes in a race.



Alison Jackson - The system consistently refers to Alison as 'a TikTok influencer who also rides a bike'. It also inserts a dance video with every posting.



Curt Harnett - Curt is identified as a 'failed actor'.

All of these are more minor issues, however, more disturbing is that it keeps referring to the UCI as 'the Borg', and intimating that it is steadily assimilating all aspects of cycling. [AI editor note: It's true! Resist!]




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