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June 16/01 12:28 pm - Vars Dual Postponed, Junior Camp, Wedge Report, Ontario Races, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 06/16/01

Vars Dual Postponed

Due to poor weather conditions (thunderstorms), the World Cup Dual at Vars, France has been stopped. They hope to continue it tomorrow (after the downhill).

Junior Development Camp
Courtesy CCA

From Jacques Landry, National Development Coach:

Following the upcoming junior nationals road championships in Dieppe, the national team will select 12 riders eligible for the World Championship pool. From that pool, and after partaking in the development camp, 6 riders will be invited to Europe for pre-worlds preparation. From the core of 6 a maximum of 5 competitive riders will be invited to represent Canada at the Junior Road Worlds in Portugal in October.

The selection of the pool of 12 athletes for the camp will be based on combined performances at road nationals and in Abitibi, the willingness to improve and a good overall attitude.

The development camp totalling 12 riders, invited coaches and myself will last from July 26th to August 1st. During this one week period the dozen riders will have the opportunity to learn road and track skills, training and nutritional fundamentals as well as participate in races and learn valuable racing tactics.

For all riders, room and board will be provided free of charge at the National Training Centre in Bromont Quebec. It is to be noted that food expenses should be covered by the athlete himself, province or team in which he belongs.

We at the CCA are aware that some logistical foresight will be necessary when booking tickets for road nationals, Abitibi and possibly the development camp. To avoid any suprises we suggest that when booking your flight arrangements you ask your travel agent for either an open end ticket or the amount of the additional fee that would be charged if a departure date was to be changed.

This development camp opportunity is truly an occasion for aspiring cyclists to learn more about their sport in a good living and training atmosphere.

For more information, please contact me via e-mail at or through the CCA at (613) 248-1353.

PS: I invite all coaches, provincial and club, to come exchange ideas and information anytime during nationals or the Tour of Abitibi.

Jacques Landry
National Development Coach

Wedge Report

Peter Wedge reports on the First Union races during the first week of June.

Lancaster 145km

After the all the recent trips and races, I decided to take it easy at this one. (I think that is a first for me!) The Lancaster course winds through town with criterium style turns, and a good climb on one end. This was also the first glance at what teams we would be riding against all week, and an indication of what we were in for.

Many of Europe's top teams were present, including Saeco, Domo/Farm Frites, Mapei, CSC World Online, Mroz and the strongest US team were there in full force (most of them have Euros on them too). The Italians were especially excited to be there, as they howled, joked and yelled during the US national anthem, and then all dropped out on the first lap. Maybe Commesso hadn't found a local dealer yet, or was suffering from withdrawal after a recent cocaine conviction in Italy.

An early break of five went, powered by John Lieswyn and was out for most of the race before being reeled in by another 12 guys. Leon Van Bon of Mercury won convincingly, setting the stage for what looked like a Mercury dominated week. I did not finish, as planned, I just rode hard enough to open up my legs for the week.

Trenton 141km

Another teaser road race, knocked off in less that 3 hrs. The rough cobbles made me wish I was back in Ireland, and the furious speed made me wish I were in bed. This is the race were I witnessed the Commesso/McCook saga first hand last year, when Commesso though he saw a white line on Dave's back and jumped at it in the race, knocking him into the rhubarb. This time they both stayed up, but water bottles and fists were exchanged, and Commesso out-gesticulated McCook hands down, er, up, whatever. Man, those Italians are angry little men!

Again and early break went and build a lead of 2 minutes. Having missed the move, I was happy to see Mercury go to the front when their rider in the move flatted. A 9 man sea-foam green train went to the front a drove it for two laps, taking back every second with a great show of strength. It did not pay off though, as USPS had an easy ride and brought Julian Dean to the line for the win. I was in the field hanging on for dear life!

Philadelphia USPRO Championships 265km

Undoubtedly the most famous race in the US, it has the Manayunk wall (1km climb with thousands of drunk people), two other climbs (Lemon Hill and Strawberry Mansion), wide open and smooth boulevards and, best of all, it passed the Museum steps that Rocky Balboa climbs at the end of his famous training run through Philly. I can hear the music from the movie now!. We do 10 laps of the big circuit, which includes all the climbs, and a few laps of a smaller circuit at the end.

This was a huge show, with the official start given by the owner of the 76ers, jumbotron video monitors and a reported 700,000 spectators. Yikes! I think it is the coolest race I have ever done.

According to just about everyone, the formula for this race is that the real racing begins at around 150km, but there is usually an early move. I took it easy for the 5 laps, and had decent legs. As per the formula, the break went out and started to fall apart about halfway home. From lap 6 on, I figured the smack would go down, but each lap was pretty tame. On lap 9, I was pretty comfortable on the climb, but slipped a bit too far back. I didn't panic as I was with some good company, or so I though. The elastic broke up front at the top, and a 20 meter gap grew to 20 seconds, then a minute in no time. My race was over, as 35 guys rode away.

Other than some really good race mile this week, I achieved #6 on my life's to do list, which is visit with the Rocky statue. I hope the picture turns out, as it will be a keeper for sure. If you have not seen all five of these great movies, shame on you.

Peter Wedge

Ziggy's Downtown Kitchener Multicultural Festival Criterium - Ontario
Courtesy Keith Peck

Saturday June 23rd, 2001

Registration is on front side of City Hall in public square facing King Street. The course is a 1.3 km circuit with the start / finish line in front of City Hall. Registration opens at 2:00pm. (*$5.00 discount if pre-registered by June 16th, 2001.)

Master B/C/D + Senior Women 3:00pm 40 km (55 minutes + 5 laps) $25.00

Cadets 3:00pm 40 km (55 minutes + 5 laps) $15.00

Senior 3 + Master A Men 4:30pm 40 km (55 minutes + 5 laps) $25.00

Juniors 4:30pm 40 km (55 minutes + 5 laps) $20.00

Senior 1/2 Men 6:00pm 65 km (1.25 hours + 10 laps) $25.00

Kitchener Downtown Criterium map:

Ziggy's K-W Classic O-Cup Road Race - Ontario
Courtesy Keith Peck

Sunday June 24th, 2001.

Held on Hidden-Valley Road: a closed 5 km circuit off Goodrich Drive and Wilson Avenue in South Kitchener. Registration opens at 7:30am. (*$5.00 discount if pre-registered by June 16th, 2001.)

Cadet Men 8:30am 10 50km $15.00

Junior Men 8:30am 16 80km $20.00

Senior 3 Men 8:30am 16 80km $25.00

Master A (30-39) Men 8:32am 16 80km $25.00

Master B,C,D (40+) Men 10:45am 16 80km $25.00

Senior + Master Women 10:47am 16 80km $25.00

Junior Women 10:47am 10 50km $15.00

Senior 1 + 2 Men 1:00pm 26 130km $30.00

Hidden Valley Road O-Cup map:

You can pre-register to the road events using the entry form at: < a href=> Complete the form with a method of payment (cheque or VISA) then mail or fax the form to:

Ziggy's Cycling Club Inc.,
417 King Street West
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2G 1C2
Phone/Fax: (519) 893-2963

For more information, driving directions and eventual results go to:

Happy Birthday To...

Gina Grain, today.


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