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June 23/24 23:24 pm - Olivia Baril Wins Elite Women's National Road Title

Posted by Editoress on 06/23/24

After finishing second last year, European professional Olivia Baril (Movistar) is the new Canadian elite women's road race champion. Mara Roldan (Cynisca Cycling) won the Under-23 title, while Jayden McMullen (KW Cycling Academy) won the Junior men's title and Zachari Moreau (Équipe du Québec) took the Under-17 men's jersey. National road titles were also awarded across the Para categories.

Unlike Saturday, when riders were blessed with near perfect weather conditions, Sunday's races were held in wet and cold conditions, with sometimes torrential downpours. The Under-17/Junior men's race had to be delayed and shortened by a lap because of fears of lightning and hail that, thankfully, did not appear. The women raced the full two circuits.




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The women's race was animated on the early climbs by Magdeleine Vallieres Mill (EF Education Cannondale), with the peloton losing bunches of riders every time she upped the pace. By the 20 kilometre mark, 11 riders had gone clear, including all the favourites - Baril, Vallieres Mill and her teammate, the defending champion, Alison Jackson, plus Roldan, three DNA riders (Sarah van Dam, Sara Poidevin and Nadia Gontova), Ava and Isabella Holmgren (both Lidl-Trek), Lucy Hempstead (Cyclery) and Eloise Camire (Skyline).

The reduced bunch came back together at the halfway point of the first lap, just in time for the Lac Etchemin climb (a KoM a week earlier at Tour de Beauce)., where Vallieres Mill once again went to the front. This time, Jackson could not match the pace, and the front group disintegrated into smaller ones, with three survivors at the front at the end of Lap 1 - Vallieres Mill, Baril and Roldan. The rain was torrential at this point, flowing down the climbs in small rivers and reducing visibility.

While Vallieres Mill kept trying to put her remaining two rivals under pressure, she could not shake them. Behind, the three DNA riders were working together, but gradually losing ground, followed by Camire (the second Under-23 rider) and Hempstead, and then Ava Holmgren on her own (the third Under-23 rider). The peloton was over six minutes down.

The lead three came around the last corner with 250 metres to go for the uphill sprint to the line, and Baril launched off the front to easily win. Vallieres Mill was second and Roldan third, and the Under-23 champion.



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In the Under-17/Junior men's race, it was mainly attrition that broke up the peloton, with the lead group down to 17 riders with 25 kilometres to go. McMullen took the title by a couple of bike lengths after opening a small gap in the final corner, with Mikael Guilbault (Équipe du Québec) beating Tristan Drews (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) in the bunch sprint. Moreau was the top Under-17 rider in the chase group nearly three minutes back, three seconds ahead of Sagan Goertz (Stimulus Next Wave) and six seconds in front of Ryan Nickerson (Escape Velocity / dEVo).

Road Nationals: Junior and U17 Men Road Race results


Elite Women, 115 km
1 Olivia Baril (Movistar Team) 3:11:40
2 Magdeleine Vallieres Mill (EF Education Cannondale) at 0:03
3 Sarah van Dam (DNA Pro Cycling Team) 1:29
4 Nadia Gontova (DNA Pro Elite) 1:37
5 Sara Poidevin (DNA Pro Cycling) 1:37
6 Lucy Hempstead (Cyclery Racing) 4:30
7 Camille Desrochers Laflamme (LA SWEAT) 10:27
8 Alexandrine Obrand (Terun Elite)
9 Skyler Goudswaard (The Cyclery Racing) both s.t.
10 Alison Jackson (EF Education Cannondale) 10:31
11 Victoria Dupont (UVCA Troyes)
12 Larissa Black (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes)
13 Émilie Fortin (Cynisca Cycling)
14 Emily Driedger (Team Valley Velo)
15 Anne-Sophie Hébert (ECF p/p Golden Sport) all s.t.
16 Kaitlyn Rauwerda (DNA Pro Cycling) 10:38
17 Cynthia Pham (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 10:41
18 Jenna Nestman (GoldmanSachs EFTs, Tesseract Racing) 10:43
19 Katelyn Walcroft (Competitive Edge Racing Team) 14:03
20 Elizabeth Vaags (Independent) 21:56
21 Camille Primeau (Primeau Vélo - Groupe Abadie) 22:01
22 Ivanie Blondin (Goldman Sachs ETFs Racing) 28:50
23 Raylan Stroud (The Cyclery) 28:52
24 Holly Simonson (LA Sweat) s.t.
25 Sara Everson (The Cyclery Racing) 28:54
26 Samantha Hargreaves (Team Alberta) s.t.
27 Emma Dressler (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 28:57
28 Fanny Brosseau (Team Skyline-Cadence) 34:10
29 Elizabeth Archbold (Team Valley Velo) s.t.
30 Jessy Carveth (Pro-Noctis - 200 Degrees Coffee - Hargre3a4ves) 38:22
31 Anna Staruszkiewicz (Racer Sportif-Mattamy Homes CC) 39:06
32 Sophie MacDonald (UBC Cycling) s.t.
DNF Emily Marcolini (Boneshaker Porjet)
DNF Lily Plante (VC Morteau Montbenoit)
DNF Paula Findlay (Indépendant)
DNF Josephine Peloquin (Komugi / Grand Est)
DNF Emily Flynn (LA Sweat)
DNF Valérie Lamantia (IBIKE)
DNF Whitney Surgenor (Cyclery Racing)
DNF Julissa Alvarado (Team Valley Velo)
DNS Kelsey Duffield (Peloton Racing)
DNS Catherine Santerre (ecf Golden Sport)
DNS Devon Clarke (CHALKS)
U23 Women, 115 km
1 Mara Roldan (Cynisca Cycling) 3:11:43
2 Éloïse Camiré (Team Skyline cadence) at 4:27
3 Ava Holmgren (Lidl-Trek) 9:06
4 Katja Verkerk (Physical Culture Straight Up Cycles) 10:25
5 Kiara Lylyk (Boneshaker Projet)
6 Jazmine Lavergne (Primeau Vélo - Groupe Abadie)
7 Madeline Lebreton (Cyclery Racing)
8 Ngaire Barraclough (Boneshaker Projet)
9 Coralie Houde (Primeau Vélo - Groupe Abadie)
10 Mairen Lawson (Independent) all s.t.
11 Anabelle Thomas (Primeau Vélo - Groupe Abadie) 10:28
12 Isabella Holmgren (Lidl-Trek) s.t.
13 Vanessa Montrichard (Team Valley Velo) 15:57
14 Valerie Laroche (Primeau Vélo - Groupe Abadie) 16:29
15 Kathryn Ayroud (Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 16:39
16 Zoe Adam (Milton Revolution Cycling Club) 17:01
17 Britanie Cauchon (Équipe du Québec) 17:49
18 Mackenzie Watson (Milton Revolution Cycling Club) 18:00
19 Taylor Tompkins (Milton Revolution Cycling Club) 21:53
20 Daphnée Beauchamp (Bike) 24:10
21 Dylan Baker (Milton Revolution Cycling Club) 28:49
22 Eva Gabelier (Team Skyline Cadence) s.t.
23 Kristen Taylor (Milton Revolution Cycling Club) 28:57
24 Elissa Proulx (ECF p/p Golden Sports) 29:54
25 Annie Scott (Cyclery Racing) 34:07
26 Léa Gauthier (ECF p/p Golden Sports) 38:39
27 Madeleine Pollock (TaG Cycling Race Team) 39:03
28 Sarah-Ève Perreault (Independent) 39:03
29 Evaelle Fortier (Independent) 48:57
DNF Allyson Webb Charland (ECF p/p Golden Sports)
DNF Florence Normand (Winspace)
DNF Skye Pellerin (UVCA Troyes)
DNF Éliane Wauthier (Independent)
DNF Justine Thomas (Goldman Sachs ETFs Racing)
DNF Iris Gabelier (AAJ Blois Cyclisme)
DNS Jenaya Francis (TAG Cycling)
DNS Mathilde Huot (Primeau Vélo - Groupe Abadie)
DNS Emma-Jeanne Marchand (Independent)


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