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June 17/01 7:01 am - Bessette Extends HP Lead, Saskatchewan Results

Posted by Editor on 06/17/01

HP Women's Challenge

Stage 6 - Saint Alphonsus Road Race from Shoshone to Burley 128.3 km

Approximately 50 kilometres into stage 6, a group of 13 riders broke away, including race leader Lyne Bessette and 4 teammates - Anna Millward, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Petra Rossner and Kimberly Bruckner. Significantly, Jeannie Longo was not there. After a slow start, the group began to pile up a huge lead - over 8 minutes by the finish, where Rossner won the sprint. Bessette now holds, in addition to the leader's jersey, Points and Sprint jerseys.

Unoffical top 10

1. Petra Rossner Saturn 2:55:54
2. Judith Arndt German National
3. Catherine Marsal Intersports
4. Brooke Blackwelder Goldy's/Grove Street Place
5. Vera Hohlfeld Acca Due O-Hewlett-Packard
6. Chantal Beltman Dutch National
7. Sarah Ulmer
8. Rasa Polikeviciute Acca Due O-Hewlett-Packard
9. Angela Hillenga Dutch National
10. Lyne Bessette Saturn

Lumsden Road Race, Briko Cup #3 - Saskatchewan
Courtesy Denise Eberle, SCA

Held June 17, 2001 in Lumsden, Saskatchewan

PlaceCategory 5 Men - 60 kmCity Club
1Justiin WrubleskiReg1day
2Brent CaronRegOFF
3Ron CooleyStnHOR
4Hans RoegerStnHOR
5Carl BunninStnCYL
PlaceCat 5 Women - 60 kmCity Club
1Alex WrubliskiStn1day
2Erica MusyjStnNBR
PlaceCategory 4 Men - 80 kmCity Club
1Adam CoatesStnNBR
2Marc QuinnettRegRCC
3George KokonasRegRCC
Sean KukuraRegRCC
PlaceCat 4 Women - 80 kmCity Club
1Sarah MorrisRegRCC
2Leslie LukanStnCYC
3Chloe GendronRegOFF
Shannon HoodStnCYC
PlaceCategory 2/3 Men - 120 kmCity Club
1Shawn BunninRegRCC
2Derek McMasterMJPav
3Jimmy OneschukStnNBR
4Scott CranstonStnCYC
5Will SchennRegRCC
6Bob HawboldtStnCYC
7Kevin WeberbauerStnCYC
8Brad KerrRegOff
dnfDaniel TomczakRegRCC

Reg = Regina, Stn = Saskatoon, MJ = Moose Jaw


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