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June 18/01 7:35 am - GP de Beauce Update, Secure Server Problems, Alberta Provincial Track Result

Posted by Editoress on 06/18/01

Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce - Update

Seven of the 19 teams have now made their way past the bottom of the final climb on the way to the finish.

Team Nürnberger
7UP - Colorado Cycling
Mercury - Viatel
Navigators Cycling Team
Ville de Charleroi

Navigators has the fastest time to this point.

Secure Server Problems

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our secure server due to some software updates.
If you have tried to register for the Grouse Mountain Junior event at Grouse Mountain and have been having a problem, please wait another 24 hours and try again. Everything should be back to normal by Tuesday evening.

Thank you for your patience.

Alberta Provincial Track Race Result
Courtesy Ricky T of the ABA

We experienced yet another "typical" weekend of track racing in Calgary. Both days started out gorgeous, and started deteriorating by about 2pm. We had to cancel the Team Pursuit, Olympic sprint, and Keirin final, and cut the sprint finals short.

Open Men 200m
PlacingName (first/last)ClubTime
1Doug BaronBicisport10.811
2Jim FisherJuventus11.142
3Lars MadsenJuventus11.274
4Paul OngaroJuventus11.502
5Neil ThebeauOlympic Oval11.545
6Alexandre MauraisIndependent11.6
7Chris BentleyOlympic Oval11.818
8Graeme ThomsonSoma11.939
9Travis SmithJuventus12.127
10Joel RegimbaldOlympic Oval12.188
11Mike McCorkellIndependent12.307
12Mike PattonOlympic Oval13.051
13Rob BrandrickBicisport13.135
14Greg YanickiBicisport13.695
15Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport13.884
16Karl WaeldeleCrankmasters13.922
17Rob OnoderaCrankmasters15.065
Junior Men 200m
PlacingName (first/last)ClubTime
1Ryan MacKenzieOlympic Oval11.8
2Cam MacKinnonOlympic Oval11.96
3Nick CorcoranOlympic Oval11.967
4Spencer AtkinsonOlympic Oval13.17
5Peter deBenedettiOlympic Oval13.41
6Andrew DavidsonOlympic Oval13.5
7Phillippe AbbottOlympic Oval13.86
8Felix HaspelOlympic Oval13.89
9Jamie SparlingOlympic Oval14.04
10Kevin BowserOlympic Oval14.07
11Eric HollandOlympic Oval14.08
12Jeff SparlingOlympic Oval14.57
13Rene RegimbaldOlympic Oval15.37
Women 200m
PlaceName (first/last)club/teamTime
1Jenny TrewOlympic Oval13.68
2Laura YoistenOlympic Oval14.166
3Jenni RubuliakJuventus14.19
4Kathy WhiteCalgary Cycle14.91
5Lysanne DelogneOlympic Oval15.215
6Rachel BoekelRebound Cycle15.949
Junior Men: Sprint Final
goldRyan MacKenzieOlympic Oval
silverNick CorcoranOlympic Oval
bronzeCam MacKinnonOlympic Oval
4Spencer AtkinsonOlympic Oval
5Andrew DavidsonOlympic Oval
6Peter de BenedettiOlympic Oval
7Felix HaspelOlympic Oval
8Phil AbbottOlympic Oval
Open Men: Sprint Final
goldDoug BaronBicisport
silverLars MadsenJuventus
bronzeJim FisherJuventus
4Paul OngaroJuventus
5Neil ThebeauOlympic Oval
6Alex MauraisIndependent
7Chris BentleyOlympic Oval
8Joel RegimbaldOlympic Oval
9Graeme ThomsonSoma Cycle
10Travis SmithJuventus
11Mike McCorkellIndependent
12Mike PattonOlympic Oval
13Rob BrandrickBicisport
14Greg YanickiBicisport
15Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport
16Karl WaeldaleCrankmasters
17Rob OnoderaCrankmasters
Open Women Sprints
goldJenny TrewOlympic Oval
silverLaura YoistenOlympic Oval
bronzeJenni RubuliakJuventus
4Katy WhiteCalgary Cycle
5Lysanne DelogneOlympic Oval
6Rachel BoekelRebound
Jr. Men - Kilo
PlaceName (first/last)ClubTime
goldRyan MacKenzieOlympic Oval01:11.8
silverCam MacKinnonOlympic Oval01:12.0
bronzeNick CorcoranOlympic Oval01:13.4
4Andrew DavidsonOlympic Oval01:17.2
5Spencer AtkinsonOlympic Oval01:18.6
6Peter deBenedettiOlympic Oval01:20.9
7Philippe AbbottOlympic Oval01:21.3
8Eric HollandOlympic Oval01:21.7
9Jamie SparlingOlympic Oval01:22.9
10Kevin BowserOlympic Oval01:24.0
11Jeff SparlingOlympic Oval01:25.9
12Felix HaspelOlympic Oval01:26.5
13Rene RegimbaldOlympic Oval01:28.2
Open Men Kilo
PlaceName (first/last)ClubTime
goldJim FisherJuventus01:06.5
silverDoug BaronBicisport01:06.8
bronzeBob VerobaBicisport01:09.4
4Alexandre MauraisIndependent01:10.0
5Travis SmithJuventus01:12.0
6Neil ThebeauOlympic Oval01:12.0
7Chris BentleyOlympic Oval01:12.2
8Chris RubuliakJuventus01:12.3
9Len ConlinBicisport01:12.7
10Graeme ThomsonSoma01:13.1
11Joel RegimbaldOlympic Oval01:13.9
12cp WalshEurotech01:15.2
13Rob BrandrickBicisport01:15.9
14Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport01:22.4
15Greg YanickiBicisport01:23.7
16Karl WaeldaleCrankmasters01:24.3
17Rob OnoderaCrankmasters01:28.1
Mike PattonOlympic Ovaldnf
Open Women 500m
goldJenny TrewOlympic Oval39.67
silverJenni RubuliakJuventus40.3
3Julia Bradley**Independent41.39
bronzeLaura Yoisten*Olympic Oval41.48
5Allyson Fox**Talgoamerica41.55
6Kathy WhiteCalgary Cycle42.47
7Rachel BoekelRebound44.5
8Lysanne DelogneOlympic Oval45.06
* Junior
** Out of Province
Junior Men - Individual Pursuit Finals
PlacingName (first/last)club/teamTime
GoldRyan MacKenzie Olympic Oval03:54.6
SilverAndrew Davidson Olympic Oval03:58.3
BronzeNick Corcoran Olympic Oval04:03.9
4Cam MacKinnon Olympic Oval04:05.8
Junior Men qualifying times
5Philippe AbbottOlympic Oval04:11.7
6Jamie SparlingOlympic Oval04:14.3
8Peter deBenedettiOlympic Oval04:21.7
9Felix HaspelOlympic Oval04:26.4
11Jeff SparlingOlympic Oval04:34.8
Ryan MacKenzie Olympic Oval03:53.0
Andrew Davidson Olympic Oval03:54.0
Nick Corcoran Olympic Oval04:01.8
Cam MacKinnon Olympic Oval04:05.1
Open Men - Individual Pursuit Finals
PlacingName (first/last)club/teamTime
GoldBob VerobaBicisport04:56.9
SilverLen ConlinBicisport05:10.8
BronzeChris RubuliakJuventus05:20.4
4Rob BrandrickBicisport05:23.6
Open Men - Individual Pursuit Qualifying
including final results 5 - 8.
5Graeme ThomsonSoma Cycle05:23.9
6cp WalshEurotech05:26.4
7Mike PattonOlympic Oval05:42.4
8Greg YanickiBicisport06:24.8
Karl WaeldaleCrankmasters3:03.7**2000m
Rob OnoderaCrankmasters3:11.0**2000m
Bob VerobaBicisport04:54.1
Len ConlinBicisport05:03.0
Chris RubuliakJuventus05:11.0
Rob BrandrickBicisport05:19.5
Junior Women Pursuit
goldLaura YoistenOlympic Ocal02:50.4
Open Women Individual Pursuit Finals
1Julia Bradley*Independent04:12.4
2Jenni RubuliakJuventus04:16.6gold
3Jenny TrewOlympic Oval04:15.6silver
4Allyson Fox*Talgoamerica04:16.5
Open Women qualifying times
5Petrina TulissiGS Campione04:29.3bronze
6Kathy WhiteCalgary Cycle04:41.6
7Lysanne DelogneOlympic Oval04:47.9
8Rachel BoekelRebound04:58.3
Julia Bradley*Independent04:06.0
Jenni RubuliakJuventus04:10.2
Jenny TrewOlympic Oval04:14.3
Allyson Fox*Talgoamerica04:14.9
*out of province rider
NoName (first/last)club/teamPlacing
Heat #1
cp WalshEurotech
Mike PattonOlympic Oval
Joel RegimbaldOlympic Oval
Chris BentleyOlympic Oval3
Neil ThebeauOlympic Oval2
Jim FisherJuventus1
Ryan MacKenzieOlympic Oval4
Heat #2
Chris RubuliakJuventus6
Karl WaeldaleCrankmastersdns
Mike McCorkellIndependent5
Travis SmithJuventus4
Alexandre MauraisIndependent3
Lars MadsenJuventus2
Doug BaronBicisport1
*top four from each heat advance to final
Keirin Final
Jim FisherJuventus
Neil ThebeauOlympic Oval
Chris BentleyOlympic Oval
Ryan MacKenzieOlympic Oval
Doug BaronBicisport
Lars MadsenJuventus
Alex MauraisIndependent
Travis SmithJuventus
Open Men 60 lap Points Race
PlacingName (first/last)club/teamPoints
1Bob VerobaBicisport56
2Len ConlinBicisport42
3Rob BrandrickBicisportlap down
4Chris RubuliakJuventuslap down
5cp WalshEurotechlap down
dnfMike PattonOlympic Oval
dnfSean Huggins-ChanBicisport
dnfGraeme ThomsonSoma Cycle


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