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February 20/98 22:06 pm - Merger, Recall, World Cup

Posted by Editor on 02/20/98

Bell Sports Merger

This may not be of interest (unless you are into the stock market), but it is a bicycle related announcement.

Bell Sports Corp. (NASDAQ: BSPTand BSPTG) announced that it has entered into a definitive recapitalization and merger agreement with HB Aquisition Corporation (followed by a bunch of stuff relating to a cash merger). What it seems to boil down to is a bunch of paper transactions that will quote: „enhance stockholder value‰, unquote. So, does it mean that there will be any change in the Bell or Giro helmet that you put on your noggin? No. Does it mean that a bunch of people will (on paper) get richer? Probably Yes. End of story.

Norco Recall

We just received a recall notice from Norco, regarding their bicycle trailers. Specifically, it says that bicycle trailers imported and sold by Norco from January 1997 to the present are subject to a recall due to a potential for metal fatigue and failure in the towing or hitch arm mounting area. The models affected are the Norco Stagecoach, Norco Rambler, Axiom Firefly, Tot Taxi, Renegade or Bike Mate. All of these models were supplied with the affected folding towing arm feature.

This is a voluntary recall that only affects the models with this folding towing arm feature (ie, prior to 1997 models are perfectly fine). If you have a trailer that fits this description, then Norco asks that you take the trailer back to the dealer for a free safety upgrade (the upgrade is also available as a free mailout directly to the consumer).

Contact your local dealer for more information.

Women‚s World Cup

If you have been following Daily News (and we know you do...), then you will have seen a brief mention of a Road World Cup for women to be held in Canada this season. Originally it was listed as taking place in Ottawa, but it is actually going to take place in Montreal - on the (in)famous Mont Royal circuit. The race will take place June 13th on a 10 km course that is to be covered 9 times. We hope to have a map of the circuit to post for you shortly.


We are still gathering team info, and have decided that we will publish a complete list of the team info that we receive by February 23rd. So get your team in by e-mailing the team name, sponsors, riders (with ages) and focus (road, mountain, etc.) to us ASAP!


We will be ending the CC website survey soon, but we still want to hear what you have to say - so go to the Website Survey. The information that we are gathering from the survey is extremely helpful in fine-tuning the site. So, if you have filled out the survey, thanks - and if you haven‚t, we would appreciate it if you could take just a minute to do so.


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