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July 5/01 9:55 am - Grouse Update, Mississauga Midweek

Posted by Editor on 07/5/01

Grouse World Cup

We begin our live coverage from the Grouse World Cup tomorrow, with the Dual Qualifier. Check in through out the weekend for complete, up-to-date info on everything happening throughout the weekend, culminating with the cross-country on Sunday, where we get to see Roland Green become the first Canadian man on the start line in the overall leader's jersey of the World Cup series.

We now have a brief synopsis of the cross-country and downhill courses, just to whet your appetite. The Cross-country course is 4.7 kilometres long, primarily double track with 10%-15% singletrack. Since the snow only came off the mountain 4 weeks ago (it is actually still on the mountain, just not the course), the singletrack sections through wooded areas are very new. The ground in these sections is quite soft and loamy. It is not a particularly technical course, and should be fast - the organizers are anticipating 15 minute laps for the men. The downhill is 1.7 kilometres in length, with 4 major jumps or dropoffs, one approaching 3 metres. Again, not extremely technical, but fast.

One of the biggest difficulties for both courses will be the transitions from open to wooded sections. The fairly dense pine foliage makes the switch from light to dark very abrupt, and could cause problems at speed.

The long range forecast is for low to mid 20s and sunny. If you are planning on attending in person, be advised that it is quite warm on top of Grouse if you are moving, but standing still for any length of time can be chilly - pack a jacket.

We won't neglect the other events happening on the weekend - the Tour de France begins Saturday, and all weekend we will be providing updates on the Track Nationals in Edmonton.

La Bicicletta Midweek Series 2001
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

25 laps of regular 2.05 km circuit 51.26 km
TIME: 1:12:17 / 42.5 kph

TimeSeries points
1 Alan RaienBicycle Depot21:12:1712
2 Greg RaeinGears2At 0:0511
3 Ed. MakarchukHRTMAs.t.10
4 Craig WebsterInd.MAs.t.9
5 Don ZuckPavanMBs.t.8
6 Shannon HuntRNH2s.t.7
7 Roy ZucchettoPavanMB0:386
8 Carlos BarosInd.3s.t.5
9 Rob SuleChain ReactionMBs.t.4
10 Patrick SheaItal Pasta1a.t.3
11 Eric KamekaHRT3s.t.2
12 Chris KiziakHRTMAs.t.2
13 Dave DermontTrue NorthMAs.t.2
14 Dave BritnellHummingbirds20:422
15 Ed MasetPavanMA1:052

In the middle of one of the heaviest downpours of the year, 32 riders somewhat reluctantly rolled away from the start of a shortened event. Many of the top-placed in the series were absent, some off in Buffalo, chasing the big bucks offered in that city's Cobblestone Classic, and others in Holland seeing how the Dutch do crits; so it was a rare opportunity for some new faces to creep into the top ten.

The pack stayed pretty much together for the first 6 laps and then a group of six detached rolled off the front and were to stay there for the remainder of the race. Greg Raein (Gears) and brother Alan riding for Bike Depot , together with Pavan's Don Zuck, Independent Craig Webster, HRT's Ed Makarchuk and visiting Newfie, Shannon Hunt, soon had a 40 second lead and, apart from a chase group of nine, eventually almost lapped the main pack.

As the rain eased, the speed picked up and several stragglers were left struggling off the back of the main pack. Surprisingly, in view of the awful conditions, only two riders packed it in but with the top 14 places spoken for, the bunch was content to ride tempo for the balance of the race.

In the break, Pavan's Don Zuck was trying to get the others to help him bridge to the bunch, as he had several team mates who were sure to be able to lead him out for a win, but the rest of the lead sextette were soon on to his plan and continued to cruise round about twenty seconds behind the main peleton. The chase group made a number of efforts to pull in the leaders but they were somewhat disorganized and were fated to contest seventh place only.

With one lap to go, Alan Raein stole a five second lead on the rest of the break and managed to stay away for his first win of the series. Brother Greg took second from Ed Makarchuk and Craig Webster, with Zuck finishing fifth, half a wheel ahead of Shannon Hunt. Speedy fire chief Roy Zucchetto, still smarting from his crash two weeks ago, easily won the sprint for seventh, showing that masters' B's are a force to be reckoned with!

Thanks to all the riders for coming out on such a dreadful evening. Kudos also to Peter Hurley for marshaling through the storm and to Tina Mayberry and Kit McCaffery for doing registration under the umbrellas - where's your waterproof paper when we need it, Jim DeLellio?

Series Standings
Peter MorseGO94
Jeff HansenItal Pasta84
Heath CockburnJet Fuel Sympatico62
Barry ReidMaple Leaf55
Craig WebsterInd.49
Roy ZucchettoPavan46
Ed. MakarchukHRT42
Paul RegoItal Pasta41
Don ZuckPavan41
Paul HornakGears38
David FryRNH37
Marcel ZierfussRacer Sportif34
Enrico TrainiToronto C.C.33
Mark PolsinelliPavan32
Mark ShawInd31
Joe GiulianoJet Fuel Sympatico28
Kevin SpeachtGO28
Mike YbanezRNH28
Paul GreeneChain Reaction27
Eric KamekaHRT27


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