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July 12/01 11:08 am - Track Nats Round-Up, Mississauga & Hamilton Midweeks, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 07/12/01

Tim Hortons Track Nationals Review
Courtesy Kris Westwood - CCA

The 2001 Tim Hortons National Track Championships were a success for everybody involved. According to organizer Dave Embury, "these were the best nationals in a long time: everything ran smoothly, and most important, there were no crashes."

The athletes benefited from a smooth organization, excellent facilities, good weather and outstanding competition. The organizers enjoyed four great days of track racing, and the Canadian Cycling Association saw current champions confirm their positions on the national team, while there were excellent performances from several younger riders.

National sprint coach Kurt Innes was impressed with the level of competition this year, pointing out that, "because it's a post-Olympic year, this is a building year for the elite track athletes, but everybody was super competitive out there."

Lori-Ann Muenzer confirmed her position as Canada's best female sprinter, winning both the 500 m and the sprint well in front of her nearest rival. The existing group of top male sprinters, Jim Fisher, Doug Baron and Lars Madsen, were joined by Edmonton's Steen Madsen, who took both the sprint and Keirin titles. "Steen is definitely the dominant sprinter now," said Innes. There were also promising performances by younger athletes such as Alex Maurais of Quebec.

As expected, in the women's endurance events Erin Carter and Mandy Poitras dominated the pursuit, with Carter qualifying fastest but losing out in the final to Poitras. The points race produced a surprise winner in Julia Bradley of Toronto, who seized the right moment to take a lap on the field.

There was less surprise in the men's endurance events, dominated by Vancouver's excellent Mark Ernsting. Ernsting won the pursuit by five seconds over last year's champion, Ste-Foy's Alex Cloutier, and took the points race as well. Cloutier chose the wrong gear in the points race and finished a distant 10th, but picked up gold medals in the team time trial (riding on the Quebec team) and in the Madison, teamed with Martin Gilbert. It was also interesting to see mountain biker Bill Hurley finish fourth in the Madison, teamed with Murray Carter of Manitoba.

For Innes, the best performances of the championships were those of the five juniors who met the CCA standards to attend the junior World Championships in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania at the end of this month. Laura Yoisten (Calgary) dominated the junior women's events - indeed, her 500 m time would have placed her 3rd in the women's field - and will represent Canada in the match sprint, 500m and the points race. The winners of the junior Olympic sprint (Cameron Mackinnon, Ryan McKenzie and Nick Corcoran, all from Calgary) qualified as well, along with pursuiter Cameron Evans (Delta, BC). In fact, the times set by our junior athletes were very close to those being set at the US trials events, which should bode well for our prospects in Trexlertown.

The upcoming projects for our elite athletes include the Mexico World Cup, which will be attended by a small delegation, and the Pan American championships in Medellin, Colombia. The selections for the Pan Ams will be announced shortly.

The next Tim Horton's Canadian National Championship is the Road nationals, which will be held July 25 - 29 in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

Complete medal results

Points Race - Junior Women
Gold - Laura Yoisten, AB 24
Silver - Genevieve Leblanc, QC 19
Bronze - Magalie Boulay, QC 13

500 ITT ˆ Master B Men
Gold - Rob Good, ON in 37.39
Silver - Mark Emery, BC in 39.95
Bronze - Ted Ritter, BC in 40.49

Kilo -Junior Men
Gold - Ryan McKenzie, AB in 1.10.56
Silver- Cameron Evans, BC in 1.12.79
Bronze- Nick Corcoran, AB in 1.14.34

Kilo ˆ Master A Men
Gold - Gary Alexamder, AB in 1.13.36
Silver- Jay Murray, BC in 1.15.02
Bronze-Colin Walsh, AB in 1.15.48

Kilo - Senior Men
Gold - Jim Fisher, AB in 1.06.79
Silver- Tyler Hansen, BC in 1.08.87
Bronze- Keith Bruneay, BC in 1.09.99

Points Race ˆ Junior Men
Gold - Cameron Evans, BC: 31 points
Silver- Olivier Trempe, QC: 27 points
Bronze- Ryan Macnamara, BC: 6 points

Individual Pursuit - Senior Men
Gold - Mark Ernsting, BC in 4.51.666
Silver-Alex Cloutier, QC
Bronze- Robert Veroba, AB

Individual Pursuit - Junior Women
Gold - Laura Yoisten, AB in 2.51.23
Silver-Genevieve Leblanc, QC in 3.01.88
Bronze- Magalie Boulay, QC in 3.00.82

Individual Pursuit - Master B Men
Gold - Ted Ritter, BC in 2.39.138
Silver- Mark Emery, BC
Bronze- Tom McKee, AB

Olympic Sprint - Junior Men
Gold - Alberta in 1.08.344 (Cameron MacKinnon, Ryan McKenzie, Nick Corcoran)
Silver- Quebec: (Frederick Millette, Olivier Trempe, Pascal Tetreault)
Bronze- Olympic Oval: (Eric Holland, Andrew Davidson, Spencer Atkinson)

Olympic Sprint ˆ Senior Men
Gold - Alberta in 1.05.963 (Paulo Ongaro, Jim Fisher, Doug Baron, Lars Madson)
Silver- Composite Team: (Brooks Rapley, Mike McCorkell, Travis Smith)

Team Pursuit ˆ Senior Men
*Gold ˆ Quebec in 4.48.310: (Alex Cloutier, Cedric Giroux, Pierre-Olivier Boily, Martin Gilbert)
*Only 2 teams were entered for this event.

Sprint ˆ Master A Men
G- Jeremie Storie, BC
S- Colin Walsh, AB
B-Dan Hunka, AB

Sprint - Master B Men
G- Rob Good, ON
S- Ted Ritter, BC
B- Will Andersen, AB

Sprint - Junior Women
G- Cynthia Beaulieu, PQ
S- Laura Yoisten, AB
B- Genevieve Leblanc, PQ

Sprint ˆ Junior Men
G- Ryan McKenzie, AB
S- Nick Corcoran, AB
B- Cameron Mackinnon, AB

Sprint ˆ Senior Women
G- Lori-Ann Muenzer, AB in
S- Jenny Trew, AB
B- Michelle Perrier-Martinen, ON

Sprint ˆ Senior Men
G- Steen Madsen, AB
S- Doug Baron, AB
B- Paul Ongaro, AB

IP3000 ˆ Master A Men
G- Gary Alexander, AB in 3.52.223
S- Jeremie Storie, BC in 3.57.294
B- Colin Walsh, AB in 4.04.073

IP3000 ˆ Junior Men
G- Cameron Evans, BC in 3.43.733
S- Andrew Davidson, AB  in 3.57.082
B- Olivier Trempe, QC in 3.59.604

G- Mandy Poitras, BC in 3.56.668
S- Erin Carter, MB in 3.57.438
B- Stephanie Hannos, BC in 4.00.010

Points Race ˆ Senior Men
G- Mark Ernsting, BC in 42.46
S- Sam Whittingham, BC,
B- Glen Rendall, ON

Points Race ˆ Senior Women
G- Julia Bradley, ON in 23.41
S- Erin Carter, MB
B- Mandy Poitras, BC

Points Race ˆ Master A Men
G- Colin Walsh, AB in 17.14
S- Jay Murray, BC
B- Gary Alexander, AB

500 ITT - Junior Women
Gold- Laura Yoisten, AB in 39.224
Silver- Cynthia Beaulieu, QC in 41.287
Bronze- Genevieve Leblanc, QC in 42.448

500 ITT - Senior Women
G- Lori-Ann Muenzer, AB in 36.332
S- Mandy Poitras, BC in 38.038
B- Jenny Trew, AB in 40.084

Team Pursuit ˆ Junior Men
G- Quebec team in 5.08.004
S- Alberta team in 5.13.234
B- Devo/Escape/Velocity team in 5.15.840

Madison ˆ Senior Men
Goldˆ Martin Gilbert & Alexandre Cloutier, QC in 41.480
Silverˆ Sam Whittingham & Murray Solem, BC
Bronze- Mark Ernsting & Glen Rendall, team Snow Valley

Keirin ˆ Senior Men
Gold- Steen Madsen, AB in 11.054
Silver- Doug Baron, AB
Bronze- Lars Madsen, AB

La Bicicletta Midweek Series 2001

Event # 13 Prestige # 3 Scratch Race
29 laps of regular 2.05 km circuit 60.6 km
42.8 kph

Craig Webster Ind. Master A 1:24:57
Heath Cockburn Jet Fuel Sympatico Cat. 1 At 0:02
Barry Reid Maple Leaf Cat. 1 s.t.
Joe Giuliano Jet Fuel Sympatico Cat. 1 At 0:04
Shannon Hunt RNH Cat. 2 At 0:25
Bruce Krip RNH Cat. 2 At 0:28
David Fry RNH Cat. 1 s.t.
Andrew Hickman Gears Cat. 2 s.t.
Ed. Makarchuk HRT Master A s.t.
Brent Aquino Ind Master A At 0:33
Mike Ybanez RNH Cat. 1 s.t.
Darko Ficko Woodbridge Italia Cat. 1 s.t.
Chris Kiziak HRT Master A At 0:39
Steve Lessey Ind. Cat. 2 s.t.
Don Zuck Pavan Master B s.t.
Stirling McArthur Gears Cat. 2 s.t..
Dave Britnell Hummingbirds Cat. 2 s.t.
Eric Kameka HRT Cat. 3 s.t.
Paul Hornak Gears Cat. 2 At 0:49
Garnet Abbey HRT Master A At 1:22
Mark Shaw Ind Master B s.t.

Series Standings
Morse, Peter GO 94
Hansen, Jeff Ital Pasta 84
Cockburn, Heath Jet Fuel Sympatico 73
Reid, Barry Maple Leaf 65
Webster, Craig Ind. 61
Zucchetto, Roy Pavan 48
Makarchuk, Ed. HRT 47
Fry, David RNH 43
Zuck, Don Pavan 43
Rego, Paul Ital Pasta 41
Hornak, Paul Gears 40
Giuliano, Joe Jet Fuel Sympatico 37
Shaw, Mark Ind 36
Polsinelli, Mark Pavan 34
Zierfuss, Marcel Racer Sportif 34
Traini, Enrico Toronto C.C. 33
Kameka, Eric HRT 30
Ybanez, Mike RNH 30
Greene, Paul Chain Reaction 29
Speacht, Kevin GO 28
Veil, Mike Pavan 26
Cavanagh, Greg Oakville / Cyclepath 25
Abbey, Garnet HRT 24
Ficko, Darko Woodbridge Italia 24
Krip, Bruce RNH 21

Hamilton Cycling Club Tuesday Crit Series
Courtesy Sandy Cheskey

July 10th, 2001

So far we've had a total of 94 participants in the Hamilton Cycling Club's Tuesday Night Criterium Training Ride. The ride consists of 36 laps of the course, which totals about 40 kilometres, and the registration fee is $2.00 per week. It's great training, hot competition and fun, too....and we always go to Tim Horton's after. Come on out and join us!

Tonight (July 10th), we had 45 riders. ZOLTAN WIGHARDT had his best Tuesday Race yet - way to go Zoltan! GARNETT ABBEY was unable to attend due to a corporate golf tournament so he had to break his prime-winning streak of the last two weeks.

1. With 24 laps to go, we awarded a $5.00 prime which was won by PETER MAZUR who was able to give an all-out effort for the first time since his knee surgery. Great race, Peter!

2. With 12 laps to go, we awarded a 3-point prime which was won by JASON VALENTI this week.

The finishing order for July 10th was:

1st Brendan Duff
2nd Jason Valenti
3rd Piers Davidge
4th Greg Cavanagh
5th Chris Paton

The OVERALL STANDINGS as of July 10th are:

1st Brendan Duff 38 points
2nd Mirek Mazur 35 points
3rd Jason Valenti 29 points
4th tie Greg Cavanagh 22 points
4th tie Paul Rego 22 points
5th Michael Moore 21 points

Each week points are awarded thus:

1st 6 points
2nd 5 points
3rd 4 points
4th 3 points
5th 2 points
participation 1 point
prime with 12 laps to go 3 points

We'll award prizes at the end of the summer!

Happy Birthday To...

Saturn pro Kim Davidge, today.


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