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June 6/97 17:08 pm - New Brunswick Results, PEI News, Giro

Posted by Editor on 06/6/97

Canada Cup #2 in l'Anse St-Jean, Quebec starts tomorrow. We will provide results for both the cross-country and the downhill through the weekend. Results from last Sunday‚s Velo NB MTB Series # 2 cross country race. - thanks to Dave Macfarlane Velo NB MTB # 2 - Edmundston - Cross Country Senior Expert Women (Partial Results) 1. Vanessa Philips Radical Edge 2. Elizabeth Johnson Radical Edge Senior Expert/Elite Men 1. Marc Kasmerski Radical Edge 2. Louis Francois Guimont 3. Dana Hamm Alternatives 4. Marc Boudreau Moncton M.B.C. 5. Peter Dyker Saint John Bicycle Group 6. Michel LeBlanc Eastern Sports 7. Mathieu Bastien Velo Acadie 8. Jeff Sparks Radical Edge 9. Rob McNair K.C.Wheelers 10. Marc Leger Eastern Sports 11. Andre Melanson Edmundston M.B.C. 12 Malcolm Toynbee Alternatives Senior Sport Women 1. Patricia Hebert 2. Willi Breoren Radical Edge Senior Sport Men 1. Andrew Mills 2. Chris Day Les Montagnards 3. Sebastien Boudreau U.C. Chaleur 4. Jason Jensen Radical Edge 5. Andre Leger 6. Jeremy Meyers 7. Toby Bourque Alternatives 8. Kevin White Moncton M.B.C. 9. Mark White 10. Pablo Vergara Moncton M.B.C. 11. Benoit Chamberland 12. Sean Ritchie Moncton M.B.C. 13. Marc-Emile Dionne 14. John McLean Sunpoke 15. Brad Fulford Junior Sport Men 1. Rusty O'Connel Les Montagnards 2. Hutch Robinson Radical Edge 3. David Morin Grand Falls Cycling 4. Andre Guerette Edmundston M.B.C. 5. Alex Gardner 6. Brian MacInnis 7. Shannon Whalen Fredericton Wolf Pack 8. Andre Bernier Junior Expert Men 1. Ross Meriam Radical Edge 2. Greg Grant Moncton M.B.C. 3. Geoff Pendrel Radical Edge 4. Paul Cyr Edmundston M.B.C. 5. Remi Parent U.C. Chaleur 6. Eric Goss Radical Edge 7. Peter Cheney K.C.Wheelers 8. Ben Blaney K.C.Wheelers 9. John McNair K.C.Wheelers 10. Craig Barry Rat Pack Cadet Sport Men 1. Jamie Alscamp Les Montagnards 2. Aaron Lloyd K.C.Wheelers 3. Phil Cortes Les Montagnards 4. Michael Wood Les Montagnards 5. Marc Emile Plourde 6. Scott Hicks Radical Edge 7. David Russell Radical Edge 8. Marc Desjardins 9. Scott Sprott Radical Edge 10. Kerren Laplante 11. Luc Grondin 12 Sean Dodd Cadet Expert Kent Staples Radical Edge Pee Wee 1. Francois Lavasseur 2. Alex LeBlanc Eastern Sports 3. Peter Hicks Radical Edge 4. Kenneth Fox Minime 1. Oliver Arnold 2. Kyle Guthrie 3. Oliver Rioux 4. Dean Robinson Radical Edge 5. Jeff Bartlett 6. Vandine Judd 7. Stepken Gross 8. Torre Farrah Spokes Master Women Jill Lloyd K.C.Wheelers Veteran Sport Men 1. Denis Roy 2. Denis Allain 3. Eric Drumme Wolf Pack 4. Gary McLaughlin 5. Benoit Lizotte Veteran Expert Men 1. Gelnn Trites Spokes 2. Marc-Andre DeLauniere 3. Peter McKinley Eastern Sports 4. Eric Frenette 5. Bill Gooie Eastern Sports 6. Garry McDonald Eastern Sports 7. Robert Palmer Radical Edge 8. Ronald LeBlanc Eastern Sports CANADIANS DIDN'T PASS HELMET LAW By Ernst Poulsen The Canadian Province Prince Edward Island didn't pass the helmet law tabled by the minister of traffic. Yet another province in Canada has chosen not to impose a mandatory helmet law. Last fall cyclists in Quebec fought off a law which was to make bicycle helmets mandatory for everyone on a bicycle. This spring a similar law was tabled in the small Atlantic province of Prince Edward Island. And this time the odd were worse, as there was no local bicycle advocacy group to organize a protest. However, a local cyclist, Bernard Labelle managed to organize protests against the law from around the world. Even the president of the The European Cyclists Federation, Tom Godefroid sent an appeal to the local minister of traffic, urging him not to pass the law. The helmet law was part of a much bigger package of traffic measures, which went straight through the local assembly's first and second hearing. "However, on the final third hearing, the mandatory-helmet part was taken out of the law before it was passed", explains the Committee Clerk to the Legislative Assembly, Charles MacKay in an interview with The Bicycle News Agency. The helmet law is not dead, as the legislative committee will take a new look at the law at hearings in September, but this leaves time for local cyclists to organize. Also, the mere fact that the traffic-law was passed without the helmet-measures, greatly reduces the risk, that a helmet law will ever be passed. This is the third time that a proposed helmet law has been turned down. Quebec avoided a helmet law last fall, and approximately at the same time the former minister of traffic in Denmark, Jan Troejborg publicly stated, that a helmet law was a step in the wrong direction, if the Danish government was to achieve its goal of doubling cycling by year 2005. Bernard Labelle was not available for comment. He is presently on bicycle vacation in Denmark, and is probably not even aware that his hard work did actually make a difference. Further information: Prince Edward Island Minister of Transportation: Mr. Michael Currie Phone: +1 - (902) 368-5100 Fax: +1 - (902) 368-5395 E-mail: Previous article posted at: The Bicycle News Agency and homepage: Editor, Ernst Poulsen Giro d'Italia, Italy Stage 20, Brunico-Passo del Tonale, 176 km: 1. Josi Jaime Gonzalez (Col) Kelme 4:45:03 2. Massimo Podenzana (Ita) Mercatone Uno at 1:43 3. Felice Puttini (Ita) Refin 2:10 4. Gabriele Missaglia (Ita) Mapei 3:02 5. Fausto Dotti (Ita) Ros Mary s.t. 6. Germano Pierdomenico (Ita) Cantina 4:02 7. Bruno Boscardin (Sch) Festina 4:50 8. Evgeni Berzin (Rus) Batik 5:34 9. Alessandro Baronti (Ita) Asics 7:41 10. Andrea Noe (Ita) Asics 10:10 GC 1. Ivan Gotti (Ita) Saeco 91:15:48 2. Pavel Tonkov (Rus) at 1:32 3. Giuseppe Guerini (Ita) 6:00 4. Serguei Gontchar (Ukr) 10:27 5. Nicola Miceli (Ita) 10:40 6. Giuseppe Di Grande (Ita) 11:04 7. Wladimir Belli (Ita) 12:44 8. Marcos Serrano (Spa) 14:00 9. Stefano Garzelli (Ita) 14:42 10. Jose Luis Rubiera (Spa) 17:16


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