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July 15/01 3:03 am - Canada Cup DH #3: Top 10 Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/15/01

Canada Cup DH #3 - Fernie BC
July 14/01

RankLast/First NameProvClub/Sponsor
SR Elite Women
1Boon, CassandraBCGiant/Smith3:36.34
2Walton, AnneBCJohn Henry3:38.71
3Allen, SylvieBCRocky Mountain3:39.94
4Horlor, Lisa NZl3:40.47
5Mackillop, DebraBCNorco3:43.82
6Bisson, AnnieBC3:46.34
7Huard, KimPQBalfa Cycles3:46.90
8Kraft, AndreaBCFox Racing3:49.50
9Sims, WendyBCSteed Cycle3:55.19
10Haley, BarbBCNorco3:56.60
SR Elite Men
1Adams, DustinBCGiant/Smith3:09.64
2Hewitt, RobBCRoyal Orange3:09.77
3Lyon, BrantBCGiant3:10.31
4Jones, MichaelBCOak Bay Cycles3:10.41
5Colbeck, ChrisBCStorm BC/Specialized3:12.72
6May, LeonBCBalfa Cycles3:13.6
7Wood, KevinBCSpeed Cycles/Dirt Works3:14.28
8Eller, BrianBCNorco 3:14.29
9MacEwen, BillONCove Bike Shop3:15.95
10Laurin, MathieuPQSentier Plien Air / GT3:16.10
Jr Expert M
1Beatty, JeffBCStorm BC/Specialized3:20.73
2Fergusan, ShaneBCRocky Mountain3:21.11
3Donais, HugoPQ3:22.63
4Vanderham, ThomasBCRocky Mountain/Sombrio3:24.64
5Redston, GilwsBCKelown Cycle3:26.33
6Sherstobitif, TimBCFresh Air Experience3:28.11
7Danyluk, AndrewONTeam Ontario3:33.44
8Walker, JeremiahBC3:35.93
9Dube, Charles-AntoinePQClinique SOS Velo3:38.01
10Fyke, BradBCJava Racing/kona3:39.08
Junior Women
1Turenne, DarcyBC4:15.11
Master Expert 30-39 M
1Plummer, ErinBCCove Bike Shop3:31.71
2Savoie, JeffABPink Bike3:34.22
3Porter, Michael ABPink Bike3:46.87
4Costain, PeteMTBMBA3:49.03
5Pageau, JeromeABThe Bike Shop3:56.04
6Ingham, JeffABThe Bike Shop/Rocky Mountain3:58.24


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