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July 18/01 10:19 am - CC Store, Climate Change Caravan

Posted by Editor on 07/18/01

CC Store

We have added a bunch of clothing to the store (including Tour team jerseys) and videos for the Spring Classics.

The Climate Change Caravan is Cycling Across Canada!!!

A group of approximately 30 cyclists left Tofino B.C. on May 7, 2001 with a plan to bike about 100 kilometers per day, for a total of 9000 kilometers! Their trip will end in Halifax on September 20th, 2001, after visiting 10 provinces and reaching out to thousands of Canadians to spread their message. Not only will the Climate Change Caravan give climate change a face, but it will also provide a very real and concrete example of what can be done to address the issue. They are bringing a red bus fueled by reused vegetable oil with them! (Yep, and it smells like french frys while it's running).

This self-propelled, fossil-fuel free movement across the country is to encourage Canadians that climate change is everyone‚s responsibility. Through uniting the actions of individuals, C3 has made a bet (The BET) with the Canadian government that Canadians can, and will, meet the climate change objectives set by our government in the Kyoto Protocol. C3 was initiated by a group of students from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick who are deeply concerned about the future and are demonstrating their commitment by cycling across Canada and visiting many Canadian communities to promote climate change awareness and individual participation.

The C3 are coming to the University of Waterloo (in Waterloo, ON) on Friday July 27th! I am part of the Host Team that is arranging a public and media event for the riders when they roll into town. You are invited to come out to the forum and meet the riders, hear their stories, get personal interviews, and share their amazing journey! (PS - Waterloo has not one but TWO local brewerys to try!)

For more information on C3, or to contact them personally, check out their web site at

For information on the unique event happening in Waterloo, contact Jeff DeLoyde at or 519-888-4567 x6112.

Waterloo Host Team
Jeff DeLoyde, Bruce Davison & Trish Stadnyk


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