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July 26/01 10:48 am - Wendy's Cycling Classic Series

Posted by Editoress on 07/26/01

Wendy's Cycling Classic Series
Courtesy Cycling Team

The Powell Cycling Classic - Race 1

The Wendy's Cycling Classic is a 6 race series with an overall General Classification based on the highest cumulative points. Points are awarded to the top 30 riders in each race and are also accumulated by bonuses offered throughout the series.

The Powell Cycling Classic kicked off the series with a 36 mile, 12 lap, 3 mile loop on central Ohio's rolling terrain. Although this course had no major climbs, the extreme heat and humidity played a major roll in the outcome of the race. The Team, along with help from Saturn, Team Intersports and set a hard pace right off the line. Several break attempts were made throughout the race with the team present in each one. However, none were the right combination to succeed. With two laps to go, the prime bell was sounded for a "gamblers prime". On the back side Saturn's Kristy Scrymgeour attacked the field and found herself with a 10 second gap. Scrymgeour rounded the final turn onto the straightaway finish with a 10 second gap but was confused by the prime bell and she mistakenly threw her arms in the air for what she thought was the race victory. She took the prime, but was soon swallowed by the hungry field. With one to go and all the major threats in position, it looked as though the fans were going to see the first field sprint of the series. However, Clara Hughes (Saturn) was solo first out of the last turn. The field was not far behind chasing hard into the sprint. Hughes held off the field by threads as she crossed the line in first with VeriZon's Laura Van Gilder in 2nd. Nicole Friedman rounded out the podium with a 3rd place finish.'s Tina Mayolo was the teams top finisher mixing it up in the sprint for 5th place.

1. Clara Hughes - Saturn
2. Laura Van Gilder - VeriZon
3. Nicole Friedman - Credit Sussie
4. Kerry L.Soracz - Schmatz - Boise/Cascade
5. Tina Mayolo -

Easton Town Center Criterium - Race 2

The second race of the series was a flat, 1.1 mile course with seven wide open turns. The day's race began a soggy one as torrential downpours hit the city of Columbus for most of the day.

From the gun, rider Katrina Berger stretched out the field into single file formation trying to shake any riders who may be nervous racing in the rain. Berger set tempo for the first several laps while the field settled into the wet course. As breakaway's were attempted, the team had each covered. The race was thought to be heading toward a field sprint until Clara Hughes (Saturn) launched an attacked which surprized the pack. rider Marjon Marik responded and immediately latched onto the wheel of the previous nights winner. The two where then joined by 4 other riders; Catherine Marsal (Intersports), Nicole Diemar (, Shannon Hutchinson (Litespeed), and Cheryl Binney (P&G). The field, content with the combination of the break, sat up and the six riders were gone. With 2 laps to go, Marsal attacked the break and was soon accompanied by Diemars. The two road to the finish and crossed the line respectively. Clara Hughes soloed across the line for 3rd place, while the remaining three riders from the break sprinted each other, with Hutchinson taking 4th.'s Tina Mayolo won the field sprint for 7th place. Mayolo also collected several bonus points during the race as she demonstrated her sprint prowess during the bonus prime laps.

1. Catherine Marsal - Intersports
2. Nicole Demars -
3. Clara Hughes - Saturn

4. Shannon Hutchinson - Litespeed
5. Cheryl Binney - P&G
6. Marjon Marik -
7. Tina Mayolo


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