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July 27/01 2:23 am - Wendy's Classic, Team RONA Press Release re: Amy Jarvis

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/01

Wendy's Cycling Classic: Race 3
The Worthington Criterium

Race # 3 was set in neighborhoods of Worthington, Ohio. The 1.1 mile course was flat on the start/finish stretch, but immediately following the first turn was a long downhill. At the bottom of the hill the riders would intertwine through the neighborhood streets only to find themselves climbing back to the start/finish area, which was the only place for any sort of recovery. However, with the prime bell ringing frequently, there was little time for any rest.

The field was content to ride as 1 pack for the first 10 laps of the 32 lap race. But after repetitive times up the climb, the hill began to take its toll on riders. With 22 laps to go, a break of 13 riders escaped the main peleton. This break contained all the major teams, including riders, Tina Mayolo and Katrina Berger. The break, content with who was present, worked together and instantly gained 30 seconds. It appeared this would be the winning break, but 5 laps later, a group of 6 riders broke free from that lead break. Present in this lead break was Berger (, Laura Van Gilder (VeriZon), Pia Sunstendt (Intersport), Nicole DeMars (, Clara Hughes and Kristy Scrygmore (both Saturn). The six riders worked together and headed toward victory. With 2 laps to go, Sunstendt launched a rocket from the small group and soloed to victory. Van Gilder won the sprint between the remaining 5 leaders, while Hughes took the 3rd top spot on the podium's Katrina Berger finished 5th.

It was a photo finish for 7th place, as the second half of the original break of 13 came to the line. It looked as though Tina Mayolo was going to take the sprint, but sadly enough, she got nipped at the line by Saturn's Kim Davidge.

1. Pia Sunstendt - Intersports
2. Laura Van Gilder - VeriZon
3. Clara Hughes - Saturn
4. Kristy Scrygmore - Saturn
5. Katrina Berger -
6. Nicole DeMars -
7. Kim Davidge - Saturn

8. Tina Mayolo -
9. Cheryl Binney - P&G
10. Catherine Marsal - Intersports

Amy Jarvis Should be Back in the Saddle in Six Months
Courtesy Team Rona

Amy Jarvis should be able to resume her elite-level training in about six months, after her injuries are completely healed and after extensive physiotherapy.

The Team RONA athlete, who has managed to hold on to her smile and her sunny attitude, is being treated at the Georges-L.-Dumont regional hospital, near the University of Moncton. Amy has recovered from the shock of the accident, but she remembers almost nothing of the events that led to her being rushed to the hospital Wednesday during the Canadian National Elite Women‚s time-trial event. Amy was struck by a truck crossing the track as she was speeding along Champlain Boulevard, the busiest street in Dieppe, where this year‚s championships are being held.

Dr. Alban Haché, an orthopedic surgeon at Georges-Dumont hospital, operated on Jarvis last night to repair her left quadriceps, which was deeply lacerated in the accident. She should be released from the hospital in a few days. She will have to wear a cast for the next six weeks and after that she will be allowed to start reconditioning her muscles. „The doctor said that I won‚t be able to begin training hard for at least six months,‰ she lamented. This is especially unfortunate since Amy has had an extremely productive season with Team RONA, making impressive strides in her performance.

Amy is trying to look at the bright side: at least she‚ll be out of the cast in time for her wedding, which is to take place in September


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