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July 30/01 7:14 am - Wendy's Classic

Posted by Editoress on 07/30/01

Wendy's Cycling Classic

Race 4: Bexley Street Sprints

The 4th race of the Wendy's Cycling Classic was a very short 250 meter sprint. The peleton was split into several heats of 10 riders. The riders who finished in the top portion of each heat advanced to the next round. The team advanced 3 riders following both the first and second rounds. The team was the only team to have as many as three riders advance to the later rounds. The final heat for the victory was won by Kim Davidge (Saturn). The team placed Tina Mayolo in the Finals where she placed 8th. This top ten result moved Mayolo into 2nd place in the overall points classification.

1. Kim Davidge-Saturn
2. Emily Gloeckner-Veritas
3. Kerry Cohen-Northern District
4. Nicole Friedman-Credit Suisse
5. Laura Van Gilder-VeriZon
6. Stacy Spencer-P&G
7. Shannon Hutchinson-Litespeed
8. Tina
9. Kerry L.Soracz-Schmatz-Boise/Cascade
10. Alison Warfel-Credit Suisse

Race 5: The Columbus Criterium

The 5th race of the Wendy's Cycling Classic series was a flat, four corner criterium located downtown Columbus. The course was 1 mile in length, with two bridge crossings at either end, taking the riders back and forth across the Olentangy River.

The field was aggressive from the start as each of the teams present were looking for a stage win. About the half way mark in the race, Kristy Scrygmore attacked the field and was followed by 3 riders, Pam Schuster (, Kerry L. Sorasz-Schmatz (Boise-Cascade), and Catherine Marsal (Intersports). With 3 top teams present in the break, the peleton was immediately shut down. The breakaway worked consistently together and by the race end found themselves nearly lapping the pack. With one lap to go, the break of four was attacked by Scrygmore. Schuster, who was quick to respond, latched onto the Saturn wheel and the two gained a 10 second gap from Marsal and Sorasz-Schmatz. Heading for the home stretch, Schuster found herself first into the last corner, leading out the sprint for the win. It was neck and neck all the way to the line, where it was a photo finish. Sadly enough, the rider got nipped at the line and Scrygmore took the victory. Sorasz-Schmatz out sprinted Marsal for 3rd place. Meanwhile back in the field, the team was setting up their train to contest the field sprint. First out of the turn, it was all blue, orange and white with's Katrina Berger leading Tina Mayolo to the line. Mayolo won the field sprint with teammate Berger finishing directly behind.

1. Kristy Scrygmore-Saturn
2. Pam
3. Kerry L.Soracz-Schmatz-Boise/Cascade
4. Catherine Marsal-Intersports
5. Tina
6. Katrina
7. Shannon Hutchinson-Litespeed
8. Laura Van Gilder-VeriZon
9. Tania Duff-Miller
10. Emily Gloeckner
11. Julie

Race 6: Wendy's International Criterium

The final stage of the Wendy's Cycling Classic was 32 laps on a 1 mile course through the rolling neighborhood streets of Grandview, Ohio. The start/finish line was situated on top of a long gradual climb which made for a grueling sprint to the finish.

The race began with a moderate pace off the line. However, only 5 laps into the event a break of 5 riders escaped the field. The riders in the break represented all the major teams and once again, the field shut down. Present in the breakaway was Pam Schuster (, Jessica Phillips (Intersports), Cheryl Binney (P&G), Kristy Scrygmore, and Andrea Ratkovic ( The break worked well together and managed to put over a minute on the field by the race end. With 2 laps to go in the race,'s Pam Schuster attacked the group of 5 on the climb in effort to solo to victory. She was chased down and caught and then counter attacked by Phillips, who soloed the final lap to victory. Andrea Ratkovic won the sprint for 2nd, while Cheryl Binney came in 3rd place.'s Tina Mayolo finished the days event in 10th place and completed the overall series in 2nd place.

1. Jessica Phillips-Intersports
2. Andrea
3. Cheryl Binney-P&G
4. Kristy Scrygmore-Saturn
5. Pam
6. Nicole Friedman-Credit Suisse
7. Laura Van Gilder-VeriZon
8. Shannon Hutchinson-Litespeed
9. Kim Davidge-Saturn
10. Tina
11. Julie Young

17. Katrina Berger
20. Amber Neben

Final GC
1. Van Gilder
2. Mayolo
3. Binney
4. Hutchinson
5. Scrygmore
6. Davidge
7. Glueckner
8. Soracz-Schmatz
9. Marsal
10. Hughes


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