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July 31/01 1:11 am - Mississauga Midweek, BC Road Championships

Posted by Editor on 07/31/01

La Bicicletta Midweek Novice Series 2001

Sponsors: Schwinn Canada, Trillium Foundation, City of Mississauga
Event # 12 01 07 30 Hershey Centre 47.6 km avg:36.0 km/h
Conditions: Sunny, Warm 24 deg C, Wind: SE 9 km/h

1. Shane Ferreira - Madonna Cat. 3 1:19:00
2. Danny Kahan Cat. 3 st.
3. Andre Agate - Uxbridge Cat. 3 st.
4. Geoff Sale - D'Ornellas Cat. 3 st.
5. Colin Campbell Cat. 3 st.
6. Steve Hamilton - Madonna Master C st.
7. Hank Verhoven - Madonna Cat. 3 st.
8. Daniel Rafique - CRCA Cat. 3 st.
9. Dan Thompson - Madonna Cat. 3 st.
10.Anita Lagler Women st.
11.Bruce Telfer - Midweek CC Master A st.
12.Ben Beneditz Master D st.
12.Malcolm Eade - D'Ornellas Master A st.
12.Mike Rutledge Cat. 3 st.
12.Grant Buyar Cat. 3 st.
12.Hugh Carter - Madonna (?) Cat. 3 st.
17.Chris Balestri - Midweek CC Cadet at 5"
18.Cathy Amadeo Women st.
19.John Grootveld Cat. 3 st.
20.Domenic Rocca - Midweek CC Master B at 7"
21.John Sharpe Cat. 3 at 55"
22.Peter McCaffery - Midweek CC Master C st.
23.Samera Fares - D'Ornellas Women st.

Primes (3pt, 2pt, 1pt):
1) Malcolm Eade 2) Bruce Telfer 3) Shane Ferreira
1) Bruce Telfer 2) Hank Verhoven 3) Vick Urban
29 Starters - 24 Finishers

Race 12: Conditions were perfect for the twelfth race of the Midweek Novice Series and we were fortunate to welcome some more newcomers to the sport. Fairly calm conditions made for a fast race with speeds exceeding 45 kph on the downwind straight. Strong attacks from Mike Rutledge and the Madonna boys failed to break up the main pack but kept the pace high.

Midweek CC rider Bruce Telfer took a long flyer for the second prime but his effort cost him in the finale. Anita Lagler strung out the field with two laps to go with a strong attack but the group came back together for the final sprint. Madonna's Shane Ferreira edged out Uxbridge's Andre Agate for his second win in two weeks and remains the overall leader of the series.

(Note: Placings 1.-11. are to my knowledge accurate, but I failed to place the riders in the latter half of the main group. Corrections are welcome but won't affect points standings.)

Thanks to rider coach Pierre Perrin and to Peter McCaffery for help with putting on the race and to the riders and volunteers from Madonna Wheelers, Lorne Thompson and the spectators for helping set up and take down the course and acting as lap counters course sweepers and bell-ringers.

A call is also being put out to the more experienced racers in the area to come out to the Hershey Centre on Monday nights to help out as rider coaches for some of the newer riders.

Thanks to Sponsors La Bicicletta and Schwinn Canada for prizes and continued support.

**Note: The will be NO NOVICE RACE August 6th and Aug 13th. A Novice race will be held WEDNESDAY Aug 15th 6:00 pm BEFORE the regular Wednesday night race. **

Check: under 'News Flash' for updates and announcements.

B.C. Road Championships

Road Race
Open Women/Masters
1Stinson, Joanne2:22
2Adams, Shelley
3Johnson, LauraEscape Velocity
4Chardon, MartineGruppo Sportivo Campione2:23
5Phillips, NoelleEscape Velocity
6Cole, Deirdre
7Yeung, Andrea
8Webb, Allison
Senior Women
1Laurie, SelenaTeam Soliton3:10:50
2Berg, DawnSpeed Queens3:10:50
3Prazsky, MarniTrek VW3:12:11
4Krack, NinaPeninsula Cycle3:12:11
5Hannah, JessicaSpoke 'n Motion3:13:32
6Berg, TanyaSpeed Queens3:13:32
7Bialokoz, BarbaraCook Pandora Physiotherapy3:13:32
8Beattie, Moriah JoKreb's Cycle3:15:47
9Hawthorne-Allen, TanyaGerick Cycle/Kinetosports3:17:29
DNFSweeney, LisaSpeed Queens
Junior Men
1Cooper, MarshParo/Ryders/Powerbar2:35:14
2Holloway, IsaacTeam Yukon2:42
3Harriman, MatthewBike Cellar2:48
4Owen, MartinTeam Yukon3:05
5Ernst, PatrickTeam Yukon3:07
Open Men/Masters
1Stewart, TomTeam Soliton3:24
2LeBlanc, JacquesBicisport
3Van Gaans, GerryCampione
4Ewanchook, DaleUrban Cycle
5Johnson, KennethEscape Velocity
6Favell, AlanEscape Velocity
7Koncz, JeffBadlands
8Scott, OwenAtomic Racing
9Meyer, StephenAtomic Racing
10McGillivray, Richard
11Craig, Simon
12Hellyer, Daniel
13Desjardin, Chris
14Link, Alex
15Lewis, Roy
16Schroeder, Ken
17Poire, JeromeSummit Cycle
18Ceccon, Allan
Ryan, MichaelChampione
Evans, TomSummit Cycle
Hebert, Bryant
Aguilera, CarlosBicisport
Simpson, Jared
Senior Men
1Tuft, SveinBroadmark Capital
2Vogler, DarrenTrek VW
3Larson, AdamOGC/Freedom
4Segato, LucaPart One International
5Clement, BassePeninsula Cycle
6Dawson, SeanSoliton/Texacana Rice
7Shandro, MattTantalus Bike Shop
8Howard, AlistairTrek VW
9Blanchette, PaulTeam Soliton
10Savage, ShaneEcaps/Hammergel
11Elzinga, Adrian
12Pratt, WillBike Barn
13Elliot, AdamSkookum Cycle
14Gaterell, ScottBike Cellar
15Prazsky, AllanTrek VW
16Hewitt, MathewCove Bikes
17Grace, MikeSchwalbe
18McCallum, BryceEcaps
19Lamb, ChrisDr. Walker's Chiropractic
20James, GaryEscape Velocity
21Ellis, WarrenSkookan
22Athanasopoulos, John
24Murray, JayAtomic Racing
25Phillips, RossTeam Yukon
26Pianarosa, DenisPVL-Forte
DNFBorman, BobTeam Yukon
DNFMcDonald, EwanTeam Yukon
DNFPipkey, StephenEscape Velocity
DNFHaywood, DaviddEvo/Ryders/Powerbar
DNFHiltz, Clayton
DNFFaulkner, AdamEcaps/Hammergel
DNFIrvine, JohnTantalus Bike Shop
DNFEmmerzael, PeterGreen Mtn Cycle
DNFKeefer, JesseBroadmark Capital
DNFGerman, StephenSkookum Cycle
Time Trial
JR Men
1Cooper, MarshParo/Ryders/Powerbar
2Holloway, IsaacTeam Yukon
3Owen, MartinTeam Yukon
4Ernst, PatrickTeam Yukon
Harriman, MatthewBike Cellar
JR Women
1Webb, Allison
SR Women
2Bialokoz, BarbaraCook Pandora Physiotherapy
3Hannah, JessicaSpoke 'n Motion
4Krack, NinaPeninsula Cycle
5Beattie, Moriah JoKreb's Cycle
6Sweeney, LisaSpeed Queens
7Phillips, NoelleEscape Velocity
8Yeung, Andrea
Berg, DawnSpeed Queens
Berg, TanyaSpeed Queens
SR Men
1Tuft, SveinBroadmark Capital
2Keefer, JesseBroadmark Capital
3Blanchette, PaulTeam Soliton
4Murray, JayAtomic Racing
5McDirmid, AndrewPettit Oil
6Dawson, SeanSoliton/Texacana Rice
7Stevens, ScottTeam Yukon
8Evans, TomSummit Cycle
9Hiltz, Clayton
10Haywood, DaviddEvo/Ryders/Powerbar
11Prazsky, AllanTrek VW
12Shandro, MattTantalus Bike Shop
13Faulkner, AdamEcaps/Hammergel
14Larson, AdamOGC/Freedom
15Pianarosa, DenisPVL-Forte
16Elzinga, Adrian
17Irvine, JohnTantalus Bike Shop
18Ellis, WarrenSkookan
19Lamb, ChrisDr. Walker's Chiropractic
20Savage, ShaneEcaps/Hammergel
21LeBlanc, JacquesBicisport
22Pratt, WillBike Barn
23Elliot, AdamSkookum Cycle
24Phillips, RossTeam Yukon
25Pipkey, StephenEscape Velocity
26Scott, OwenAtomic Racing
27McDonald, EwanTeam Yukon
28Lewis, Roy
29Emmerzael, PeterGreen Mtn Cycle
30Lear, Scott
Gaterell, ScottBike Cellar
Grace, MikeSchwalbe
Aguilera, CarlosBicisport
Masters Men
1Van Gaans, GerryCampione
2Stevens, BruceFresh Air Experience
3Johnson, KennethEscape Velocity
4Ewanchook, DaleUrban Cycle
5Koncz, JeffBadlands
6Desjardin, Chris
7Hellyer, DanielSlocan Valley Cycling Club
8McGillivray, Richard
9Meyer, StephenAtomic Racing
10Waterreus, MarcusTeam Yukon
11Craig, Simon
12Poire, JeromeSummit Cycle
13Ceccon, Allan
Masters Women
1Jaffary, LisaFresh Air Experience
2Johnson, LauraEscape Velocity
Pro, Cat 1/2 Women
2Sweeney, LisaSpeed Queens
3Prazsky, MarniTrek VW
4Bialokoz, BarbaraCook Pandora Physiotherapy
5Berg, DawnSpeed Queens
6Berg, TanyaSpeed Queens
7Beattie, Moriah JoKreb's Cycle
Pro, Cat 1/2 Men
1Keefer, JesseBroadmark Capital
2McDirmid, AndrewPettit Oil
3Segato, LucaPart One International
4Tuft, SveinBroadmark Capital
5Hiltz, Clayton
7Stevens, ScottTeam Yukon
8Larson, AdamOGC/Freedom
9Howard, AlistairTrek VW
10Pratt, WillBike Barn
DNFMurray, JayAtomic Racing
Faulkner, AdamEcaps/Hammergel
James, GaryEscape Velocity
Cat 3 Men
1Grace, MikeSchwalbe
2Ellis, WarrenSkookan
3Cooper, MarshParo/Ryders/Powerbar
4Haywood, DaviddEvo/Ryders/Powerbar
5Gaterell, ScottBike Cellar
6Elzinga, Adrian
7Pianarosa, DenisPVL-Forte
8Holloway, IsaacTeam Yukon
9Scott, OwenAtomic Racing
10Harriman, MatthewBike Cellar
11Borman, BobTeam Yukon
12Owen, MartinTeam Yukon
13McDonald, EwanTeam Yukon
14Phillips, RossTeam Yukon
15Ernst, PatrickTeam Yukon
Cat 3/4/M30+ Women
1Krack, NinaPeninsula Cycle
2Hannah, JessicaSpoke 'n Motion
3Johnson, LauraEscape Velocity
4Phillips, NoelleEscape Velocity
5Yeung, Andrea
6Webb, Allison
Cat 4/5/M30+ Men
1Van Gaans, GerryCampione
2Johnson, KennethEscape Velocity
3Elliot, AdamSkookum Cycle
4LeBlanc, JacquesBicisport
5Emmerzael, PeterGreen Mtn Cycle
6Pipkey, StephenEscape Velocity
7Hebert, Bryant
8Ewanchook, DaleUrban Cycle
9Koncz, JeffBadlands
10Desjardin, Chris
11Evans, TomSummit Cycle
12Aguilera, CarlosBicisport
13Lear, Scott
DNFMeyer, StephenAtomic Racing
DNFLewis, Roy


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