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August 1/01 10:39 am - Northumberland Challenge Info, Tour de Toona, Ontario and Alberta News

Posted by Editoress on 08/1/01

Tour of the 'Toona: Stage 1
Courtesy Team RONA

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, - Bonus seconds pulled the yellow jersey away from Geneviève Jeanson (CAN, RONA), passing it on to Lyne Bessette (CAN, Saturn Timex) today at the Tour of 'Toona in Pennsylvania. Lyne Bessette and Geneviève Jeanson actually finished today's stage in the same time, after a full-out sprint. But since Bessette finished the race half a wheel ahead of Tina Mayolo-Pic (USA, and half a bicycle length ahead of Jeanson, Bessette pocketed a 15-second bonus, 10 more than Jeanson, who only got five.

This means that Bessette dons the yellow jersey with a slim three-second lead over her fellow Quebecer. Katrina Berger kept her third-place standing, and Mayolo-Pic pulled into fourth, thanks to her 10-second bonus today.

Manon Jutras (CAN, RONA) was involved in a fall just before the finish line and finished 3'28" behind the pack.

Jeanson traded her yellow leader's jersey for the green Queen of the Mountain jersey, after winning both of the climbs featured in today's stage. Gail Longenecker (USA, Boise Cascade Office) was awarded the red sprinter's jersey.


Today's stage took place amid stifling heat because the women raced in the afternoon. (The men's race having taken place in the morning.) The race covered a total of 118 km, three laps of a 39.3-km loop around the small industrial city of Johnstown. The course was somewhat hilly, but not tough enough to break up the pack. In fact, the pack stayed together for the whole race, despite numerous attacks launched from the very beginning. The Saturn Timexes, Autotrader.coms and a few Intersports tried to outdistance the pack, but the other cyclists didn't let anyone break through, giving chase immediately whenever anyone tried to pull ahead. This aggressivity made for a very speedy race, with an overall average above 40 kph.

So when the pack came in sight of the finish line, they were still in a bunch. At 200 meters, Bessette sounded the charge, with Mayolo-Pic at her right and Jeanson right on her wheel. Jeanson tried to pass on Bessette's left in the last 50 meters, but she couldn't manage to close the last bicycle length that separated them.

"I wouldn't say it's a catastrophe," said Jeanson after the race. "I won't have the added pressure of defending the yellow jersey, and there are still 4 stages to go, and three of them are road races." Even though she hasn't had time to check out the courses ahead, Jeanson feels they will be more challenging than today's course, which was "not tough enough" for her taste. "And besides, the next stages are long (up to 160 km, for Saturday's race) and I like that. Anything can happen in a race like that."

Tomorrow's stage is 97 km long, three laps of a 32.3-km loop around Hollidaysburg, near Altoona. This course is also hilly, but not really mountainous. The competition begins at 1:00 p.m.

1st stage: closed circuit around Johnstown

1. Lyne Bessette (Saturn Timex) 118.0 km in 2:53:02
2. Tina Mayolo-Pic ( s.t. (bonus 0:10)
3. Geneviève Jeanson (RONA) s.t. (bonus 0:05)
4. Kim Davidge (Saturn Timex)

5. Gail Lingenecker (Boise Cascade Office)
6. Katrina Berger (
7. Christina Underwood (Team Athena)
8. Gina Grain (
9. Becky Conzelman (Talgo
10. Sandy Espeseth (Intersports)
15. Meshy Holt (RONA)
40. Mélanie Dorion (UPMC Pittsburgh Cycling)
54. Sophie Saint-Jacques (Trek)
65. Susan Palmer Kolmar (Jane Cosmetics)

71. Gabriela Gonzalez de Ferrat (RONA) all s.t.
88. Manon Jutras (RONA) 3:28

Les Québécoises sont de la partie au Tour de Toona

Altoona, Pennsylvanie - 1er août 2001. La course par étapes Tour de Toonas' est amorcée mardi, en Pennsylvanie. Plus de 130 coureuses étaient du départ de l'épreuve qui se terminera dimanche prochain. Au sein du peloton, on retrouvait de nombreuses athlètes du Québec dont Sophie St-Jacques de la formation Volkswagen - Les Ailes, Lyne Bessette et Geneviève Jeanson.

Le prologue de 4,8 kilomètres était au programme de la journée de mardi. Geneviève Jeanson (Rona) a été la plus rapide en complétant le parcours en 5min. 39sec. Lyne Bessette (Saturn - Timex) s'est accaparée de la deuxième place, terminant à 7 secondes de la Lachinoise. Quant à Sophie St-Jacques, elle a stoppé le chronomètre à 6min. 20sec qui lui a valu la 72e place. "Je
me passerais bien de ce type d'épreuve", a-t-elle rigolé.

La deuxième étape consistait en un parcours de 39,4 km de type circuit
routier que les cyclistes devaient compléter trois fois. Grâce à cette première place, l'athlète de Knowlton - Lac Brôme a gagné quelques secondes de boni, ce qui en fait donc la nouvelle titulaire du maillot de leader. Quant à Sophie St-Jacques, elle a terminé tout juste derrière dans le peloton.

"Les échappées sont allées nulle part", a expliqué St-Jacques qui, pour l' occasion, fait équipe avec la formation américaine Trek. "Chaque fois qu'un petit groupe tentait de sortir, le peloton revenait. Ça peut se comprendre, car les écarts du prologue étaient minimes. N'importe qui qui s'échappait avait une chance de mettre la main sur le maillot de leader."

Le Tour de Toona se poursuit jeudi avec la présentation d'une course sur
route de 96 kilomètres.

Northumberland Challenge Stage Race
Win a Set of Shimano Wheels!

The Northumberland Challenge Stage race, August 4-6 in and around Cobourg, Ontario will be giving away a set of Shimano Wheels at the end of this year's event. The wheels have been donated by Bicycles Plus located in Oshawa, Ontario. The store has generously sponsored Cobourg Cycling Club events since 1990.

Riders who complete all five stages at this year's event will be entered into a draw for the wheels. The draw and the awards presentation will take place at a post race lunch on Monday.

Racing begins on Saturday with the Proform 16km Time Trial in Cobourg. The course is hilly. After a short break the racing resumes with a 40km criterium also in Cobourg.

Sunday is in Warkworth for the Ontario Insulation 80 km Road Race. In the Afternoon there is a 16km Time Trial in Castleton.

Monday sees the final race of the weekend, the 50km Bicycles Plus Road Race starting and finishing in Warkworth.

After the last stage there will be a lunch for all the riders at a local pub with awards and draw prizes to be handed out.

The overall winner is decided by points and there will also a team prize.

The Challenge is open to Masters A, B, C, D, Senior 3 men and All Women's categories.

Registration will be open on Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. To get to the First Stage take the 401 to Cobourg Exit 474. Turn Left onto Highway 45/Division St. You should be heading south. Take the next road to the left (Densmore). Registration will be in the parking lot just past the Comfort Inn.

We are looking forward to a great weekend of racing (and some great weather too!).

For More Information Please call Dave Naish (905) 372-9502 or Dave Singfield (905) 372-6391 or visit our updated website at:

Northumberland Challenge

or our mirror site a

Northumberland Challenge

Calgary Bicycle Track League
Courtesy Troy Delfs

Here are the top 10 riders in each category from the Calgary Bicycle Track League Thursday night track racing series from June 21 - July 27, 2001.

Anyone interested, there will be a Canada Cup Track Meet on August 24, 25 & 26. For more information check out Canada Cup Track

A - Category

1. Troy Delfs 56pts
2. C.P. Walsh 49
3. Doug Baron 43
4. Bob Veroba 27
5. Travis Smith 24
6. Graeme Thomson 18
7. Joel Regimbald 15
8. Chris Bentley 14
9. Jim Fisher 14
10..Scott Montgomery 13
10. Dale Lussier 13
10.Spencer Atkinson13

B - Category
1. Scott Websdale 61pts
2. Craig Good 33
3. John Plant 25
4. Conan Cooper 21
5. Felix Haspel 17
6. Kevin Bowser 15
7. Tom Amberiadis 15
8. Deter Von Fintel 14
9. Whitney Armstrong 14
10. Andrew Davidson 11

C - Category
1. Karl Wealdele 80 pts
2. Don Reichert 65
3. Jeff Winstanley 38
4. Norm Kalmanovitch 27
5. Vince da Silva 19
6. Denis Gregory 19
7. Nigel Francis 16
8. Keith Adams 12
9. R.M. Brookes 11
10. Robbie Hildebrand 8
10. Jenn Reimer 8

Hamilton CC - Tuesday Night July 31st
Courtesy Frank Morrow

For July 31st, there were 45 riders. The evening was warm with very little breeze - perfect conditions for a large pack.

1. With 24 laps to go, we awarded a $5.00 prime and two Clif Bars to Michael Moore.

2. With 12 laps to go, we awarded a 3-point prime which was also won by Michael Moore this week.

The finishing order for July 31st was:

1st Piers Davidge
2nd Michael Ybanez
3rd Jason Valenti
4th Michael Moore
5th Greg Cavanagh

The OVERALL STANDINGS as of July 31st are:

1st Brendan Duff 40 points
2nd Jason Valenti 37 points
3rd Michael Moore 36 points
4th Mirek Mazur 35 points
5th Greg Cavanagh 29 points

Each week points are awarded thus:

1st 6 points
2nd 5 points
3rd 4 points
4th 3 points
5th 2 points
participation 1 point
prime with 12 laps to go 3 points

We'll award prizes at the end of the summer!


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