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August 3/01 8:11 am - Tour de `Toona: Stage 3

Posted by Editoress on 08/3/01

Tour de `Toona: Stage 3 - Martinsburg Road Race
Men's reports courtesy Mercury

For the 4th year in a row, Mercury's Gord Fraser took the victory in the 80 mile, third stage of the Tour de 'Toona which was held in Martinsburg. From the start, a break was formed with 16 riders. Mercury was well represented with Derek Bouchard-Hall, Chris Pic & Mike Sayers all in the move. Along with the Mercury boys were GC leader Jansen with teammates Klasna & Wohlberg of Saturn. The break was well represented by most major teams Mercury, Saturn, 7UP & Lombardi Sports, with the exception of the Navigators who only had one rider in the move.

Not being well represented at the front, the Navigators, with help from Lombardi Sports took it upon themselves to bring it back. With 20 miles to go, the break was reeled back in, and it would be up to the team sprinters to fight it out in the bunch sprint. At 1K Saturn decided to go, but unfortunately took Mercury fastmen Bouchard-Hall and Fraser with them. At 600 meters Derek Bouchard-Hall took over, leading out Fraser who ended up with the win. Bouchard-Hall was able to hang on and finish third on the stage.

With the stage win Fraser moved up to second on the Overall GC standings. Mercury rider Mike Sayers remains the leader in the Mountain points jersey and took over the Sprint point jersey from teammate Fraser. Stage 4 of the Tour de 'Toona will prove to be the decisive stage in determining the final GC of the race, as the newly revised circuit boasts one of America's toughest climbs.

With the stage victory, the Mercury Cycling Team has racked up its 73rd victory of the 2001 season. With Mercury also holding the top spot on GC at the Regione Wallone in Belgium, it appears the Mercury men are dominating on both continents.

Men - 80 miles/128.8km
1. Gord Fraser Mercury
2. Harm Jansen Saturn
3. Derek Bouchard-Hall Mercury

1. Harm Jansen Saturn
2. Gord Fraser Mercury at 0:13
3. Eric Wohlberg Saturn s.t.

Courtesy RONA
Women - 80 miles/128.8km
1. Nicole Freedman (USA) Crédit Suisse First Boston 3:19:26
2. Geneviève Jeanson (Can) RONA at 0:02
3. Sandy Espeseth (Can) Intersports

4. Becky Conzelman Talgo
5. Christina Redden (Can) Jane Cosmetics
6. Gail Longenecker (USA) Boise Cascade Office Products)
7. Kori Kelly Procter & Gamble
8. Andrea Hannos (Can) Verizon Wireless
9. Jessica Phillips Intersports
10. Laura Van Gilder (Verizon Wireless
12. Mélanie Dorion (CAN) UPMC Pittsburgh Cycling
17. Meshy Holt (NZL) RONA
28. Anke Erlank (SA) Saturn Timex
35. Gabriela Gonzalez de Ferrat (Mex) RONA
80. Manon Jutras (CAN) RONA
81. Lyne Bessette ( (CAN) Saturn Timex all s.t.

1. Anke Erlank (SA) Saturn Timex 8:50:31
2. Amber Neben (USA) at 0:22
3. Jessica Phillips (CAN) Intersports 0:24
4. Geneviève Jeanson (CAN) RONA 0:45
5. Lyne Bessette (CAN) Saturn Timex 0:52

6. Nicole Freedman (USA) Crédit Suisse First Boston 0:53
7. Sandy Espeseth (CAN) Intersports 1:06
8. Katrina Berger (USA) 1:07
9. Tina Mayolo-Pic (USA) 1:10
10. Cathy Marsal (FRA) Intersports 1:13
27. Mélanie Dorion (CAN) UPMC Pittsburgh Cycling 1:40
48. Gabriela Gonzalez de Ferrat (MEX) RONA 2:17
50. Sophie St-Jacques (CAN) Trek 2:19
52. Meshy Holt (NZL) RONA 2:36

59. Manon Jutras (CAN) RONA 7:02


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