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August 7/01 7:14 am - Northumberland Challenge Womens Results

Posted by Editor on 08/7/01

Northumberland Challenge Womens Results

Stage 1
PlaceNumberRider TeamTimePoints
127Julia BradleyIndependent26.5750
245Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com27.0646
332Anne TurrinIndependent27.544
450Alison WileyMad Dog28.0443
560Monique Coll-Coxbikecrazie.com28.4742
641Kirsten RobbinsKHS Bicycles28.5441
725Susan PortengenIndependent29.0340
835Maogosha PyjorIndependent30.0439
Stage 2
PlaceNumberRiderTeamPointsBonus Total
145Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com402666
232Anne TurrinIndependent361349
327Julia BradleyIndependent341650
425Susan PortengenIndependent33134
535Maogosha PyjorIndependent32436
650Alison WileyMad Dog1010
741Kirsten RobbinsKHS Bicycles1010
860Monique Coll-Coxbikecrazie.com1010
Stage 3
PlaceNumberRider TeamPointsBonus Total
132Anne TurrinIndependent502070
250Alison WileyMad Dog461258
321Anita LaglerIndependent10919
427Julia BradleyIndependent101121
545Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com10616
641Kirsten RobbinsKHS Bicycles10313
725Susan PortengenIndependent10111
860Monique Coll-Coxbikecrazie.com10212
935Maogosha PyjorIndependent1010
Stage 4
PlaceNumberRider TeamTimePoints
127Julia BradleyIndependent27.3450
245Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com28.5846
332Anne TurrinIndependent29.4344
421Anita LaglerIndependent30.0343
550Alison WileyMad Dog30.1642
641Kirsten RobbinsKHS Bicycles30.5341
725Susan PortengenIndependent30.5740
835Maogosha PyjorIndependent31.1739
60Monique Coll-Coxbikecrazie.comDNF10
Stage 5
PlaceNumberRider TeamPoints
132Anne TurrinIndependent50
250Alison WileyMad Dog46
345Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com44
427Julia BradleyIndependent43
521Anita LaglerIndependent10
625Susan PortengenIndependent10
735Maogosha PyjorIndependent10
860Monique Coll-Coxbikecrazie.com10
941Kirsten RobbinsKHS Bicycles10
PlaceNumberRider TeamOverall
132Anne TurrinIndependent257
245Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com218
327Julia BradleyIndependent214
450Alison WileyMad Dog199
525Susan PortengenIndependent135
635Maogosha PyjorIndependent134
741Kirsten RobbinsKHS Bicycles115
860Monique Coll-Coxbikecrazie.com84
921Anita LaglerIndependent72

Quick notes:

- The Women's leaders jersey changed hands three Times. It was worn by Julia Bradley, Allyson Fox and Anne Turrin. The men's lead changed hands twice. Lee Fraser had it after stage one but in the afternoon criterium Joe Lepine got it and never gave it back.

-Fox was leading the womans race overall when a flat in the Stage 3 road race dropped her out of contention.

- The team prize was hotly contested this year with Multilaser taking the lead in the first time trial only to loose it to Halton R&T in Sunday's Road Race. Multilaser however was able to regain it that afternoon in the Time Trial and built up a big enough lead to hold onto it on the last day.

-Aubrey Bryce's win in stage 2 gives him a total of 3 wins in the six years the race has been run. Only one male rider has more wins, Greg Cavanaugh with 4.

-Anne Turrin becomes only the second person (male or female) to win the challenge more than once, Amy Jarvis being the other.

-James Brooks won the draw for a set of Shimano Wheels provided by Bicycles Plus

-Special Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and riders who make it an enjoyable weekend to organize!


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