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August 10/01 2:35 am - Ontario Provincial (Road & MTB), Birthday, Atlantic Championships

Posted by Editor on 08/10/01

Ontario Provincial Road Race Championship
Courtesy OCA

August 19th, 2001 - Pelham, ON

8:30 AM Master B 96 km 6laps 3 hr
8:35 Junior Men/Cadet Men 96 km 6 laps 3 hr

8:40 Master C 80 km 5 laps 2.5 hr
8:40 Master D 64 km 4 laps 2 hr

12:00 PM Senior Men*/Espoir Men 160 km 10 laps 4.2 hr

12:05 Master A 96 km 6 laps 3 hr
12:10 Senior Women 96 km 6 laps 3.2 hr

12:10 Junior Women/Master Women 80 km 5 2.75 hr

Registration Opens at 7:30 AM

Cadet $20, Junior $25, All Others $30

* Sr 1, 2 and 3 Men will all race in Senior Men at 12:00 PM

1day Racing Permits will be available (except for Sr 1 and 2) from the OCA

Profile of Course: 16 km which includes 2 km of hills. Start/Finish is a 500 m 11% grade hill.

Ontario Mountain Bike Provincials

Registration for the Ontario provincials is now posted in our Online Event Registration area.

Happy Birthday To...

Leigh Hobson and Mike Strickland, today.

Atlantic Mountain Bike Championships
Courtesy Velo NB

Held August 4-5, 2001 at Mt Poley New Brunswick.

Cross-country Results

Beginner Men (17+)
1Gallant, StephenNS0:35:050:00:00100
2Hall, RandyNB0:36:100:01:0597
Junior Expert Men(17-18)
1Lamb, JamieNS1:38:550:00:00100
2Caissie, JeremyNBBungay's Bike Shop1:43:560:05:0195.17
3Pilote, Jean-LucNBUnion Cycliste 1:43:570:05:0295.16
4Crook-Hanna, BenPEI1:44:030:05:0895.07
5St Onge, JustinNS1:48:570:10:0290.79
6Theriault, MartinNBBungay's Bike Shop1:51:280:12:3388.74
7Rodd, TylerPEI1:54:450:15:5086.2
8De Gier, CraigNS1:58:110:19:1683.7
9Russell, JefferyNBSki Wolf2:02:580:24:0380.44
10Graham, ChrisNS
11MacLeod, AndrewPEIDNF
12Belliveau, RemiNBRadical Edge M'tonDNF
Junior Sport Men(17-18)
1Dryer, BradleyNBBike Works1:28:260:00:00100
2Davidson, NeilNB1:30:020:01:3698.22
3VanHelvoort, ZachoryNS1:30:050:01:3998.17
4Carroll, StephenNBMike's Bike Shop1:48:440:20:1881.33
5Lemire, MarcNSDNF
Master Expert Men (40+)
1Campbell, PeterNS1:23:180:00:00100
2George, IanNBRadical Edge F'ton1:29:530:06:3592.68
3Palmer, RobertNBRadical Edge F'ton1:37:410:14:2385.28
4Melanson, VitalNBcenter du Cyclisme1:39:380:16:2083.61
5Mallet, DonaldNBUnion Cycliste 1:48:220:25:0476.87
6Beal, JohnNBRadical Edge F'tonDNF
Master Expert Men(30-39)
1LeBlanc, MichaelNBRadical Edge M'ton1:53:570:00:00100
2Stachon, David2:04:330:10:3691.49
3Kosloff, LeePEISchurman2:18:110:24:1482.46
Master Men (40+)
1Hall, MarkNBDarlings Island1:12:300:00:00100
2Benson, RickNBDarlings Island1:24:300:12:0085.8
3Consolvo, BillNBDarlings Island1:42:300:30:0070.73
Master Sport Men(30-39)
1Gingles, ErikNB1:30:500:00:00100
2Violette, GregNB1:33:260:02:3697.22
3Martin, StephenNBAlternatives1:34:530:04:0395.73
4Ritchie, SeanNBMike's Bike Shop1:35:520:05:0294.75
5Messenger, StephenNS1:43:190:12:2987.92
6Vergara, PabloNBMike's Bike Shop1:44:000:13:1087.34
7Gaudet, MichelNBMike's Bike Shop1:56:570:26:0777.67
8Siebcasse, NormNBDNS
9Fulford, BradNBKings Co WheelersDNS
Master Woman(30+))
1Broeren, WilliNBRadical Edge F'ton1:23:220:00:00100
2Lloyd, JillNBDarlings Island1:26:520:03:3095.97
Senior Expert Men (19+)
1MacBurnie, DustinNS2:00:290:00:00100
2Eagles, JasonNS2:03:140:02:4597.77
3Foster, MarkNS2:07:130:06:4494.71
4Rushton, EdNS2:09:280:08:5993.06
5Clow, DamionPEI2:12:330:12:0490.9
6Noils, KevinNS2:18:150:17:4687.15
7St Onge, NathanNS2:18:540:18:2586.74
8Lawrence, MichaelNS2:19:140:18:4586.53
9Gash, ColinNS2:24:440:24:1583.25
10Vautour, MarcelNBMike's Bike Shop2:25:150:24:4682.95
11Wong, WillNS2:31:450:31:1679.4
12Trites, GlennNBAlternativesDNF
13Marshall, ShawnNBSki WolfDNF
14Gonsalves, RoryNSDNF
15Smith, MarkNBHigh Voltage RacingDNF
16Leger, LucNBMike's Bike ShopDNF
Senior Expert Woman(age19+)
1Dewolfe, KarenNS1:23:280:00:00100
2Healy, AnnaNBRadical Edge F'ton1:24:270:00:5998.84
3Pendrel, CatharineNBRadical Edge F'ton1:26:540:03:2696.05
4Huybers, SherryNS1:41:050:17:3782.57
5Scallion, KateNSDNF
Senior Sport Men(19-29)
1Scallien, ConorNS1:19:350:00:00100
2Barry, GrantNBDarlings Island1:21:190:01:4497.87
3Charette, ChristianNBMike's Bike Shop1:24:400:05:0594
4Barry, CraigNBDarlings Island1:31:340:11:5986.91
5Price, ChrisNS1:32:560:13:2185.63
6McNair, JohnKings Co Wheelers1:33:010:13:2685.56
7Arsenault, DeanNBMike's Bike Shop1:33:460:14:1184.87
8Bourque, TrevorNBMike's Bike Shop1:34:020:14:2784.63
9Cheney, PeterNBKings Co Wheelers1:35:270:15:5283.38
10Breau, BernardNB1:37:290:17:5481.64
11Julien, ReneNBMike's Bike Shop1:38:170:18:4280.97
12Vinci, SteveNBRadical Edge F'ton1:42:370:23:0277.55
13Arsenault, MathieuNBMike's Bike ShopDNF
14Robinson, HutchNBSki WolfDNF
15Sweezy, KentNBDNF
Senior Sport Woman(age17-29)
1Hodgson, AngieNBRadical Edge F'ton1:13:180:00:00100
2Jardine, MelanieNS1:16:020:02:4496.41
3Kindervater, LauraNS1:44:350:31:1770.09
4McInnis, LisaNS1:44:370:31:1970.07
5Jardine, DawnNSDNF
6Friolet, ReneeNBRadical Edge M'tonDNS
Under 13 Open(10-12)
1McPhee, CraigNBBungay's Bike Shop0:31:090:00:00100
2Hall, CoryNBDarlings Island0:32:400:01:3195.36
3Gallant, KyleNB0:35:090:04:0088.62
4Saulnier, EdouardNB0:36:000:04:5186.53
5Wood, JasonNB0:38:490:07:4080.25
6Benson, BrendanNBDarlings Island0:59:350:28:2652.28
Under 15 Men(13-14)
1Leger, JustinNBBungay's Bike Shop0:24:250:00:00100
2McAvity, IanNBDarlings Island0:26:110:01:4693.25
3Leger, MichelNBBungay's Bike Shop0:26:500:02:2590.99
4Olscamp, DavidNBTeam Xtreme0:28:150:03:5086.43
5Barnaby, RogerPQ0:30:570:06:3278.89
6Rousseau, SebastianNB0:37:360:13:1164.94
7Kennedy, JonathanNB0:42:560:18:3156.87
8Consolvo, BenNBDarlings Island0:56:120:31:4743.45
Under 17 Expert Men(15-16)
1Caron, DominicNBRadical Edge M'ton1:18:590:00:00100
2Emery, KirkNBKings Co Wheelers1:19:110:00:1299.75
3Dooley, RyanNS1:28:510:09:5288.9
4Sweezey, JonathanNBSoutheast MTB Club1:32:540:13:5585.02
5Leger, JoelNBRadical Edge M'tonDNF
Under 17 Sport Men(15-16)
1Comeau, DanielNS0:50:130:00:00100
2Sturgeon, MattNBThe Mulisha0:59:250:09:1284.52
3Belliveau, RyanNBTeam Xtreme1:00:110:09:5883.44
4McGivery, KyleKings Co Wheelers1:01:310:11:1881.63
5VonHelvoort, AlexNS1:03:340:13:2179
6Hennessey, BobbyPEISporting Intentions1:08:250:18:1273.4
7Comeau, RealNSDNF
8Lovely, BlakeNBSki WolfDNF
Woman Age(13-16)
1Driscoll, KelsiNBDarlings Island0:46:480:00:00100


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